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175 Watt 14000K Metal Halide Bulb - AquaMaxx, Mogul Base
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175 Watt 14000K Metal Halide Bulb - AquaMaxx, Mogul Base

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Quick Overview

Make your aquarium look more stunningly bright with the 175 Watt 14000K Metal Halide Bulb - Aquamaxx from Pet Store . This is especially made to bring out the fantastic pigments of your corals and their reef life. Nevertheless, i...
Product Description

175 Watt 14000K Metal Halide Bulb - AquaMaxx, Mogul Base Information

Part #: 10355

Make your aquarium look more stunningly bright with the 175 Watt 14000K Metal Halide Bulb - Aquamaxx from Pet Store. This is especially made to bring out the fantastic pigments of your corals and their reef life. Nevertheless, it also enhances the coloration of your fish. It is equipped with its own mogul base fixture, which can withstand any amount of temperature that the lamp emits. It prevents the bulb from overheating due to prolonged use.

This lamp is known for the stark-white beam of light that it emits, which is so powerful that it can penetrate into 24 inches of depth. However, if you look closer, you will see that it also features a tinge of blue hue. This allows you to create a daytime effect that you aquatic inhabitants will truly enjoy. It enables you to develop night and day cycles, which will encourage your fish and corals to breed and spawn regularly.

Your aquatic inhabitants will constantly enjoy a bright home with the 175 Watt 14000K Metal Halide Bulb - Aquamaxx. They will certainly appreciate the effort that youve put in just to provide them with a beautiful and more livable oceanic environment. Best of all, your friends will adore the improvement in their body colors.


The AquaMaxx Mogul Based 14000K metal halide bulb offers excellent coloration and good intensity. It is crisp-white with a blue tint. It brings out the fluorescent pigments in corals nicely. Fluorescent supplementation is usually not necessary, but can be used for added intensity and to simulate dawn and dusk. An excellent choice for reef tanks 24" or deeper. on how the different Kelvin ratings appear and more information on metal halide bulbs.

Common questions/problems concerning metal halide lamps:
  1. Metal halide lamps of the same kind are different colors?
    Metal halide lamps operate by passing an electric arc through an arc tube that excites particles in the arc tube. When the metal particles reach an excited state they emit energy in the form of visible light. It takes 100 hours of operation before the metal particles stabilize and become a consistent color. All metal halides require 100 hours of operation before color and light output stabilize. All metal halides inherently have a slight color variation between individual lamps.
  2. The metal halide lamp fires and then either burns dull or the arc extinguishes?
    Usually the ballast and lamp are not receiving enough power. Metal halides pull a high current. Usually the problem is either there is too great a load on the circuit or the extension cords are of a small wire size and can`t handle the power needed by the ballast. Use only heavy duty extension cords and try running a ballast off a circuit from another part of the house.
  3. Do I need a cover shield between the lamp and the aquarium?
    Metal halide lamps produce a large amount of UV and also have a potential of exploding. The single ended metal halide lamps have an outer jacket which eliminates most of the UV. However, they have an inherent risk of exploding and UL requires metal halide lamps to be enclosed. On double ended lamps there is no UV shield. Double ended lamps must have a glass shield or major eye injuries including blindness may occur.
  4. Can I operate a ballast and lamp together which are designed for different wattages?
    Each wattage lamp and ballast are designed together for optimal performance and safety. If you over drive the lamp it may explode and shorten the life of the ballast and lamps. If you under drive the lamp it will also shorten the life of both components and also may explode. Do not mix different type wattages of lamps and ballasts.
NOTE: The bulb should be handled carefully. Using soft gloves is a good idea to keep finger prints off bulb. This is during installation and replacement.

Bulb Replacement Guide
Bulb TypesLife of Bulb*
Normal Output Fluorescent6-12 months
Very High Output (VHO)6-12 months
Power Compact (PC)9-12 months
T5 High Output (T5HO)9-18 months
+ Display More
- Display Less

175 Watt 14000K Metal Halide Bulb - AquaMaxx, Mogul Base Reviews

Average Reviews

Customer Reviews

Great Bulbs!! Product Review by KIM MARQUIS (Posted on 2/26/14)

Comments: These replaced two Ushios that we had. the color has a nice blue cast and it really makes the livestock pop. The price made this an unbeatable purchase.

Aquamaxx Halide Product Review by DOMINIC WEST (Posted on 2/26/14)

Comments: When I installed these bulbs I was greatly surprised. The color is awesome.
I now how to changed my Actinic VHO'S out.

Would defiantly recommend this product.

Research what your buying :) Product Review by JEFFREY LORBER (Posted on 8/10/12)

Comments: If you do a little research the company lists it as 14k but is comparable to a radium 20k it's a 20k bulb for some reason I didn't get that far but they had to label it as 14 it's blue as radium side by side but less chance of failure plus starts on my magnetic ballast that's why I got it ;) google stuff people ;)

Aquamax hit one out of park! Product Review by JASON DAY (Posted on 2/1/12)

Comments: Well I tried the Aquamax bulbs about two years ago and like the Prodigal son I'm back. The colors are excellent just enough blue and enough white so it doesn't look like your looking at everything through a blue filter.

I'm running my bulbs off of Icecap electronic ballasts and they fire the bulbs and give it just enough umph to make things look great.

The price of these bulbs are excellent. I tried the Phoenix 14K 250 watt bulb and it was just too blue for me on my electronic ballasts. Now I understand if you run the Phoenix on an HQI ballast the color is perfect, but I can definately say it was not perfect with regular electronic ballasts.

I like the Phoenix soo much that I'm also running them on my 40 gallon anemone tank and I can say the anemones love it.

More great service Product Review by BARRY RICE (Posted on 9/5/11)

Comments: I had to ask a question, which was answered immediately. This allowed me to make sure I was ordering the correct item. I also saved about 40% over every other pace I checked. The item shipped and was received just as expected.

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