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250 Watt 14000K Metal Halide Bulb - Hamilton, Double Ended
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250 Watt 14000K Metal Halide Bulb - Hamilton, Double Ended

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Quick Overview

If you are looking for an affordable lighting fixture for your tanks and aquaria, you should opt for one that has multiple capabilities and features so your money is well spent. If you are in need of a bulb that can produce an int...

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Product Description

250 Watt 14000K Metal Halide Bulb - Hamilton, Double Ended Information

Part #: A25014D

If you are looking for an affordable lighting fixture for your tanks and aquaria, you should opt for one that has multiple capabilities and features so your money is well spent. If you are in need of a bulb that can produce an intense white light with a tinge of blue, then you should purchase a 14000K Metal Halide Bulb - Hamilton Double Ended Pet Store and works great on 250 watts. This bulb will light up when used with electronic, pulse-start, or magnetic HQI ballasts.

This metal halide bulb will give the intensity to bring out the natural beauty of your aquatic pets. It can capture the fluorescence emitted by your marine corals and other species, even without the use of another bulb. Supplementation is not necessary with this Hamilton pride if you only need intense light, but you may need one should you want to mimic a dusk and dawn scenario within the tank. This light may also emit UV radiation (because most double-ended bulbs do) so the light emitted from the bulb should be filtered with UV-proof lens or you can install it inside a pendant. This light will brighten up tanks 22 to 30 inches deep.

Intense light will bring out your fishes and corals natural fluorescence with 14000K Metal Halide Bulb - Hamilton, double ended.


The double-ended 14000K metal halide bulb offers excellent coloration and good intensity. It is crisp-white with a blue tint. It brings out the fluorescent pigments in corals nicely. Fluorescent supplementation is usually not necessary, but can be used for added intensity and to simulate dawn and dusk. An electronic ballast, magnetic pulse-start ballast or magnetic HQI ballast is required to ignite this bulb. It must also be housed inside a pendant. It cannot be used with simply a reflector in an open application as UV rays emitted by the bulb must first be filtered with a UV-proof lens. An excellent choice for  reef tanks 22"30" deep.

Common questions/problems concerning metal halide lamps:
  1. Metal halide lamps of the same kind are different colors?
    Metal halide lamps operate by passing an electric arc through an arc tube that excites particles in the arc tube. When the metal particles reach an excited state they emit energy in the form of visible light. It takes 100 hours of operation before the metal particles stabilize and become a consistent color. All metal halides require 100 hours of operation before color and light output stabilize. All metal halides inherently have a slight color variation between individual lamps.
  2. The metal halide lamp fires and then either burns dull or the arc extinguishes?
    Usually the ballast and lamp are not receiving enough power. Metal halides pull a high current. Usually the problem is either there is too great a load on the circuit or the extension cords are of a small wire size and can`t handle the power needed by the ballast. Use only heavy duty extension cords and try running a ballast off a circuit from another part of the house.
  3. Do I need a cover shield between the lamp and the aquarium?
    Metal halide lamps produce a large amount of UV and also have a potential of exploding. The single ended metal halide lamps have an outer jacket which eliminates most of the UV. However, they have an inherent risk of exploding and UL requires metal halide lamps to be enclosed. On double ended lamps there is no UV shield. Double ended lamps must have a glass shield or major eye injuries including blindness may occur.
  4. Can I operate a ballast and lamp together which are designed for different wattages?
    Each wattage lamp and ballast are designed together for optimal performance and safety. If you over drive the lamp it may explode and shorten the life of the ballast and lamps. If you under drive the lamp it will also shorten the life of both components and also may explode. Do not mix different type wattages of lamps and ballasts.
NOTE: Double ended bulbs should always be used with the UV shield (supplied with most pendants). You and your corals can suffer from excess UV radiation otherwise. The bulb should be handled carefully as well since it has no outer glass casing. Using soft gloves is a good idea to keep finger prints off bulb. This is during installation and replacement.

Bulb Replacement Guide
Bulb Types Life of Bulb*
Normal Output Fluorescent 6-12 months
+ Display More
- Display Less

250 Watt 14000K Metal Halide Bulb - Hamilton, Double Ended Reviews

Average Reviews

Customer Reviews

Great Light Product Review by GUY VITALE (Posted on 3/6/13)

Comments: This is my second Metal Halide system in the last 20 years of reefkeeping, by far the best lighting sytem I've had, beautiful crisp color, nice shimmer.

Excellent Product Review by CARL PETERSON (Posted on 8/12/12)

Comments: I really like the look of this bulb. I have it over my reef tank and I get good coral growth - SPS has been doing great with this bulb - and nice color. It works best with actinics - right now I am using it in conjunction with 2 - T12 Super Actinic blue bulbs. It is a great combination if you want color and growth.

Great bulb, short life Product Review by EVAN K (Posted on 2/26/14)

Comments: This bulb has a great color to it, but mine only lasted 7 months. Hope the next one lasts longer.

Nice bulb Product Review by Tammy (Posted on 5/3/11)

Comments: I used this bulb to replace an AquaMaxx that burned out on me in a matter of weeks. The Hamilton is a nice blue, but not quite as bright as the AquaMaxx. It certainly is lasting much longer, though! It is more blue than white; it appears closer to a 20,000K than a 10,000k. The colors of the coral are really brought out by this light, especially the greens and purples, but I was hoping for a light more as advertised "crisp white with a blue tint". The coral looks good and grows well under it which is what counts, though.

250 Watt 14000K HQI Product Review by JAMES RENAUD (Posted on 2/7/11)

Comments: I am not really impressed with this bulb due to the weak ceramic base on the sides. I inserted it into my reflector and without to much preasure the top portion of one side broke off. Not that this reflects on the bulb performance, it works great. It could be beefed up a little on the sides. Overall the 14000k color is stunning and the bulb really does work great. Just be careful not to press to hard.