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Aqua Logic Trimline Cyclone 1/5HP Chiller TLC-2 without Temperature Controller
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Aqua Logic Trimline Cyclone

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Quick Overview

Aqua Logic’s Cyclone and Delta Star models are known worldwide for quality construction and superior performance. Manufactured to the precise standards of the original models the new TRIMELINE series uses the same reliable compone...
Product Description

Aqua Logic Trimline Cyclone Information

Aqua Logic’s Cyclone and Delta Star models are known worldwide for quality construction and superior performance. Manufactured to the precise standards of the original models the new TRIMELINE series uses the same reliable components now in a smaller, more compact design. Engineered for the home or office where noise, space and style are your consideration, the new Trimline is sure to compliment any room decor.

Both models use the original Titanium helical coil design developed by Aqua Logic more then 15 years ago, providing the most efficient heat transfer and consistent temperature control. Titanium is the industries ultimate in corrosion resistance, demanded by professionals for all saltwater applications. The sleek shape of the chiller has a brushed stainless steel enclosure and black plastic panel inserts. The Trimeline has such features as oversized rubber feet and a super quiet Tecumseh compressor to reduce noise.

The TRIMLINE Cyclone coil size and hose length and the Delta Star inlet and outlet connections are the same as the original units. All use ozone friendly refrigerant, remote digital electronic temperature controller , and come with a 2 YEAR WARRANTY.

All Aqua Logic products are designed with your marine life in mind. Your fish and coral matter to you and that means they matter to us. Keep them healthy, disease free, less stressed and full of natural color. CYCLONE and DELTA STAR, the chillers of choice. You can rest easier knowing that Aqua Logic’s unsurpassed factory direct customer service is just a phone call away. Our products are backed by over 15 years of chiller design and manufacturing experience, and still MADE IN THE USA.

  • Horsepower: 1/5hp
  • BTU: 1810
  • Voltage: 115V
  • Amperage: 3.4A
  • Flow Rate: 6-12gpm
  • In/Out FIPT: 3/4"
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 17in x 9in x 20in
  • Min. Flow Past Coil: 6gpm
  • Coil Dimension: 6.25in
  • Coil Length: 7in
  • Coil Riser Height: 7.5"
  • Coil Diameter: 3"
  • Requires Temperature Controller
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Aqua Logic Trimline Cyclone Reviews

Average Ratings:

It's big! Product Review by HORACE LO (Posted on 5/25/13)

Comments: I have a 50 gal reef tank with minor heat issues, so when I went to look for a chiller, rather than going to a in-line chiller, to avoid the additional plumbing (canister, uv sterilizer, etc.). I wanted a drop-in style. Well, it's HUGE, the unit is big, the hose is about 2" in diam, the coil is not just 10" long but about 3.5" wide, outside diam, not including the lead into the coil, which also must be immersed.
Needless to say, this will not fit into my little 50 gal, especially with HOB filter intake/dual output, HOB skimmer, etc. so I have to get a sump to place the chiller in. So I have not actually used it, as I am in the process of switching tanks and sump.
I have been told by other experienced aquarists (once they finish laughing at my predicament) that this is the Cadillac of chillers, (although I don't know if they are referring to the size or the performance), and it's not the fault of the company that I underestimated the specs when looking at my tank. I have high hopes for this monstrosity, since something this big must perform well. I still like the idea of a drop in, both for ease of use as well as avoiding more plumbing.

One cool cucumber! Product Review by navychief (Posted on 11/7/10)

Comments: Purchased this chiller since I was having 82-84 degree temps in my Solana XL60 from a Geisemann Infinity 250 W. Works awesome and is manufactured like a quality piece of USA equipment. I didn't want the hassle of the in-line chiller using a pump, so this fits the bill!

The 1/4 HP chiller brought my temps down from 84 to 76 within 20-25minutes once plugged in. Since then, it has turned on for only 5-10 minutes after many hours of monitoring temps. The chiller is rather large and the coil is 9" in length, so I good size foot print area is needed and a decent size sump is highly recommended.

I don't recommend using this chiller within an even somewhat enclosed space (heat) or an area that you wouldn't want noise. It comes with a accurate temp probe that controls only the chiller and is preset to 76 degree with a deviation of 2 degrees that can be adjusted.

Aqua Logic Trimline Cyclone Product Review by JOHN ALEMAN (Posted on 5/7/10)

Comments: Works great on my 220 gallon reef tank and the installation is a breeeze the only draw back is that the fan can be little loud(it's the loudest piece of tank equipment when it's running) . But it does cool my tank quickly so it's not on very long and the temperature stays dead even.

Aqua Logic Trimline Chiller Product Review by Eddie P (Posted on 7/6/09)

Comments: Although this product is rather expensive, it appears so far to be quite efficient and does not need to run excessively to maintain 77 to 79 degree temperature in my 105 gallon reef tank which has metal halide lighting. There is some fan noise, but that is to be expected and is not particularly annoying.

Very Good Chiller - Low Noise Product Review by RUBEN VEGA (Posted on 4/20/09)

Comments: I bought this chiller and It works perfect with the dual aqualogic controller but, The only thing that I would like to be changed from this chiller is a longer hose and a smaller spiral coil. Overall It is a good Chiller...I will recommended

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