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Aqua Medic Scraper
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Aqua Medic Scraper

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Quick Overview

Here's a tool that will help you to freshen up your tank manually without the need for rigorous scrubbing and wiping. The Aqua Medic Scraper from Pet Store is essentially a glass cleaner that is especially manufactured to be use...
Product Description

Aqua Medic Scraper Information

Part #: 70300/66000

Here's a tool that will help you to freshen up your tank manually without the need for rigorous scrubbing and wiping. The Aqua Medic Scraper from Pet Store is essentially a glass cleaner that is especially manufactured to be used on aquariums. It is easy to use, and best of all, you will save more money on your electricity bills when you operate this as your primary cleaning utensil.

The Aqua Medic Scraper is similar in appearance to regular glass cleaners that have been utilized to maintain windows, etc. This product can be used for any type of material that your aquarium is made from, whether it is acrylic, glass, or even plastic. It is simple to operate. All you need to do is place the head of this tool to the surface of your tank, and drag it down, making sure that the scraper is touching the glass at all times.

The Aqua Medic Scraper is quite durable, and its body is adjustable to make you more comfortable while you're using it. It needs to be equipped with a special form of sponge that is meant to fit this product properly. This disposable part is bought separately, but it comes at a very low price.

Cleaning your aquarium will be so much simpler once you have the Aqua Medic Scraper literally on hand.

The scraper is a multiple use blade cleaner. The 5.9" (15cm) wide blade makes it easy to remove even the most resistant calcerous algaes from the aquarium glass. The blades are manufactured from corrosion resistant hardened steel. The removable blade protector also acts as a squeegee for cleaning the outside of the aquarium glass. A unique feature of the scraper is the hinge which allows the blade head to be turned for 180°. This facility allows the user to still clean the aquarium even when the tank decoration - such as rocks or roots, comes very close to the glass.

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Aqua Medic Scraper Reviews

Average Reviews

Customer Reviews

Awesome very sharp wide blade Product Review by GaryFirefish (Posted on 2/26/14)

Comments: This scraper uses a 6" razor blade that peels coraline right off the glass! Be careful around silicone edges, and go to the sprinkler section of your hardware store to find a handle. Rinse after use.

The best Product Review by JIM DEAKINS (Posted on 9/15/12)

Comments: I've tried many scrappers and this stands out to be the best. I've used this for about a year now and its never failed to do less than 110% of the job. Many thumbs up

Great scraper Product Review by TOM W (Posted on 9/7/10)

Comments: I have a 450 gallon custom reef tank and over the years I have used many magnets and scrapers. This is by far the best. Simple to add a long handle and the blades remove ANY type of algea from the glass. High price but worth it when your cleaning time cuts way back.

WOW! Product Review by Mike T (Posted on 11/10/09)

Comments: I'm a lazy person, so this glass cleaning algae scraper simply is amazing! One swipe over the affected part of my marine tank and voila! gone are all the algaes clinging to the glass (including coralline.)

Wish there was a longer handled version of this so I can clean the back part of my tank.

Best scraper for glass Product Review by Jon (Posted on 3/22/08)

Comments: I confess to trying every other glass scraper I could find before finally coming across this one. It is by far the best. 1) The blade is solid and doesn't bend. I really do think you'd break the glass before bending the blade. This provides full contact with the glass and efficient scraping. 2) The blade is extremely sharp. I'm talking almost razor-blade sharp (and I have the scar on my palm to prove it). But as long as you're aware of the sharpness and aren't careless like me, you'll appreciate the ability to almost effortlessly whisk away even the most stubborn algae buildup. 3) The blade can be solidly angled anywhere from 0 to 90 degrees (and locked in position). This allows you to get really good leverage even in tight spots. 4) The blade is about twice as long as most other blades, which means you can scrape more area in less time. Overall, I highly recommend.

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