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AquaC Remora Pro Pre-Skimmer For Rio+ 1400 Powerhead
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AquaC Remora Pro Pre-skimmer

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Quick Overview

Aside from a standard filtration system, you can also add more systems in place to keep your aquarium clean and healthy. To remove excess protein in particular, you can use a protein skimmer, which is a system that skims off prote...
Product Description

AquaC Remora Pro Pre-skimmer Information

Aside from a standard filtration system, you can also add more systems in place to keep your aquarium clean and healthy. To remove excess protein in particular, you can use a protein skimmer, which is a system that skims off protein from the surface of the water. The protein skimmer works by forming a lot of bubbles -- sometimes, foam -- to which the protein can stick to. The bubbles travel down a tube in the skimmer. Inside the tube, the bubbles burst and disappear, but the protein remains inside the tube for later disposal.

AquaC and Remora are popular protein kimmers in the market today. They are different from the usual protein skimmers because they are hang-on styles. These kind of skimmers can be enhanced by the AquaC Remora Pro Pre-Skimmer for Rio 1400 from Pet Store. This is a box made to be used with a skimmer pump. It hides the skimmer pump from view to make it less obtrusive and to make the aquarium more appealing in the aesthetic sense.

Aside from making your aquarium look more beautiful, the AquaC Remora Pro Pre-Skimmer for Rio 1400 also improves the performance of the protein skimmer by as much as 20%. It can remove the oily film that normally forms on top of the water surface.


Dimensions (L x W x H): 10" x 8.34" x 3"

What's in the Box

  • pre-skimmer box

  • sponge bubble trap
  • Warranty

    Manufacturers Warranty:  90 days from date of purchase
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    AquaC Remora Pro Pre-skimmer Reviews

    Average Ratings:

    Pre skimmer better than hoped Product Review by MATT PARSONS (Posted on 4/3/14)

    Comments: I have loved the Remora skimmers ever since the first one I bought many years ago. I now have double digit skimmers and the Remoras are the best in my experience considering skim mate, size, value and esthetics. I started a 32 gallon nano reef and for the first time ever I experienced micro bubbles in the effluent water. This stuck to some of the corals, especially the xenias, and caused strings of bubbles to stick to the ends of the xenia. I tried to run the effluent water through a media bag, I tried running it with carbon in the bag with little reduction of the bubbles. Once I bought this skimmer box, I was 100 percent happy with the success at which it removed the bubbles. It also allows me to run ozone to the influent water, add carbon bags to the effluent water and it all looks beautiful.I plan to buy a skimmer box for every tank I own. They install in seconds, improved my skim mate (pulls all the surface film into the skimmer and out it goes to the collection cup) and has made running ozone that much easier.I am going to be using this combo on my FOWLR tanks, my coral tanks and even just my fish only tanks. My only regret is that I didn't buy one of these earlier. I listened to the few nay Sayers and boy, that was a mistake. For less than $35 my tank looks 100 percent better both water clarity and the hidden equipment and media bags are out of sight. What a perfectly simply design.Thanks for carrying such a great product and thanks Aqua C for making such powerful, compact products that outperform higher costing equipment.Sincerely, Matt P.

    Not worth it Product Review by bk (Posted on 2/26/14)

    Comments: There are many problems with this pre-skimmer, that I've found. First, it is very touchy on the water level in the tank. Too much water and it is not efficient in allowing the pump to suck in the surface protein. Too little water and the pump pumps out all the water. I tried drilling some holes below to try and make it more forgiving, but that didn't work. The screws to hold it in place work, but are inconvenient. Hard to actually adjust the height of the box. Finally, the thing is HUGE. Takes up a lot of room. I got rid of mine and bought a surface skimmer from Aquaclear. Tom Aquatics, Eheim, and I'm sure other companies make one. The pump is exposed, but it works a lot better than this pre-skimmer.

    pre skimmer Product Review by ALAN FLYNN (Posted on 2/26/14)

    Comments: works well and has improved the output of the skimmer for me which ive had some problems with anyway its a good product but is very bulky and takes up alot of room in the tank mine is a 70g(uk) so keep that in mind otherwise does a good job

    Aqua C Pre-Skimmer Product Review by STEVE MORONEY (Posted on 2/26/14)

    Comments: Works great! Completely took care of my bubble problem.

    Pre skimmer mag 3 Product Review by TODD SPEARS (Posted on 2/26/14)

    Comments: Works great on my Remora Pro with mag 3 and they quality is good just as expected from AquaC. I like that they put suction cups on the back of it versus those set screws they use to have.