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AquaIllumination Hydra LED Fixture
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  • AquaIllumination Hydra LED Fixture
  • AquaIllumination Hydra LED Fixture

AquaIllumination Hydra LED Fixture

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Quick Overview

Combining the control of the AI Vega and unmatched power of the AI Sol, the AI Hydra brings a new level of performance. Unlike the Sol Blue & White, the Hydra uses 80 degree lenses to provide uniform light output and color blending. At a maximum of 95 watts from the wall, it follows in the family’s efficient footsteps.
Product Description

AquaIllumination Hydra LED Fixture Information


Combining the control of the AI Vega and unmatched power of the AI Sol, the AI Hydra brings a new level of performance. Unlike the Sol Blue & White, the Hydra uses 80 degree lenses to provide uniform light output and color blending. At a maximum of 95 watts from the wall, it follows in the family’s efficient footsteps.

Par Values

Aqua Illumination Hydra Par Values


The AI Hydra utilizes the latest LED technology from leading manufacturers, arranged to provide the best performance.

Aqua Illumination Hydra LED

We Love the Visible Spectrum....It Just Isn't Big Enough

The Hydra fills the visible light spectrum with light to spare. AI set the standard in LEDs, and have taken them years of experience and customer feedback to provide an even wider spectral output with the AI Hydra by adding 415nm Violet and 400nm UV LEDs to the mix.

It Blends

The Hydra uses proprietary 80 degree lenses to provide uniform light output and color blending. AI's latest lens design utilizes the same TIR (Total Internal Reflection) optical design while incorporating a diffuse exit surface to optimize color blending.

*Optional 50 degree lenses are available for those needing more penetration.


With built-in wireless control capabilities you can connect wirelessly to any of AI's Wireless controllers (required and sold separately) without being tethered to the light.


Compatible with the AI family of wireless controllers, the New Controller (sold separately) is an easy-to-use set it and forget it solution. If you need more advanced control, our upcoming web-based Director solution can be used anywhere on the web or mobile devices.


Compatible with the EXT Rail System of Rails, Tank Mounts and Hanging Kits. Learn more about the EXT Rail System.

Technical Specifications:
  • Dimensions: 11.8" x 5.3" x 2.1"
  • Weight: 3.66 lbs
  • Power Consumption: 95 Watts at full power
  • Universal Input Range: 100 to 240VAC / 50-60Hz
  • Cable Length: 10ft. (3.048m)
  • Regulatory Compliance: UL, CE & RoHS
Hydra TwentySix vs Hydra Par Values

Hydra TwentySix vs Hydra Par Values

APEX Ready
When you connect Apex Ready certified products to your Apex System, many new options will unfold. How about having your LED lights dim or change color temperature at the touch of your iPad? How about programming your Tunze or VorTech pumps for some serious wave action? That’s what you get when you pair up the Apex System and an Apex Ready certified product.
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AquaIllumination Hydra LED Fixture Reviews

Average Ratings:

Hydra's Product Review by GARRETT RIPA (Posted on 2/28/14)

Comments: Just received my 3 AI Hydra's for my 150 gallon reef tank. In addition, I purchased the controller and the rails to mount AI Hydras to. In my opinion, Hydras should go on horizontally on the rails. Of course if you have a canopy like I do, you will have to remove the canopy, place the rails on the edge of the tank with the Hydras and then put canopy back on. Super easy. Hardest part was taking out old lightin fixture and getting help removing canopy.

Now the Hydras. Amazing is all I can say!! I previously had a retro fit kit lighting system with 3 150 watt MH and 4 96 watt actinics. These Hydra's at only 50% make my tank explode with color. The controller is super easy. Totally worth it.

Great but Product Review by HM (Posted on 2/26/14)

Comments: The light is great when tied to the director control. The light is really easy to configure and manage. the climate features and moon cycle settings make it really great.

But my SPS corals are not as colorful as they were with T5 lights. I have a mixed tank and all my LPS & softies love the light. But the colors of my SPS just look better under T5's. Maybe that why they released new new Hydra 52's

AMAZING!!! Product Review by TODD BAILES (Posted on 1/6/14)

Comments: I have one Hydra mounted 24" off the bottom of my 50G rimless sapphire cube, and it has more than enough power for pretty much anything you would want to put in the tank. I would think a Hydra52 would be over kill. The full spectrum control is unbelievable! My Hippo tang looks radioactive as well as my SPS, and LPS corals. Even my live rock and coraline pops in a way unknown to me. I control it with the AI Director and the controllability is something to tinker with for days. If you are not tech savy or patient stay with the basic controller. There is a steep learning curve with the Director.

Hydra LED Lighting Product Review by MATT FIX (Posted on 10/15/13)

Comments: The AquaIllumination Hydra LED Fixtures are well constructed and are easy to set up. I bought these to replace 3, 250 watt MH fixtures. I wanted to reduce my overall electricity consumption while adding color and functions, Storm, cloud, etc. I bought 3 for a 6' tank, make sure when you buy you either get the Controller or the Director, as you will need one of these in order to set the lights up. One other point to note is these lights are built in the USA, Iowa in fact, and the customer service is spot on. I would highly recommend.

Exactly what I needed Product Review by JARED PHIPPS (Posted on 10/10/13)

Comments: When the LED craze came out I stood back and watched, although I was tempted to get out and build one of my own. These days, I don't have the time to worry about building my own, so I decided to purchase an existing solution.

Ultimately my top concerns (aside from PAR) revolved around controllability and color. I paired 3 Hydras with a New controller to place over my 180G. This has definitely topped all of my expectations.

On the way out were Geismann T5s as well as 250w halides. These lights are not as bright as the T5 + halide, but are brighter than either one operating independent.

The real surprise and "hidden gem" has been the controllability of the New Controller. Could I have built an LED setup and designed some controller, customized some software and had similar effects? I'm sure... but this was way easier and I now have sustainability from a reputable vendor. Easy choice.

When pairing this with a New Controller, the light runs on a 24 hour cycle, matched to my custom geo coordinates. The controller leverages the Ultraviolate, violate, green, red and blues at different intensities throughout the entire cycle. Around 8PM I have an amazing actnic view that beats any actinic I have ever had on my tank. In the middle of the day it looks like my 16K halides are blasting away.

In short, I have gained a whole new appreciation for my tank. The green, red and violet colors are a great addition to the blues. I have seen plenty of LED setups and while not terrible, after having seen these color combos I will not go back.

I did not use their mounting system. I found it to by much less expensive to purchase picture hanging wire from Lowes and create my own wire hanging mount.

Overall I am superbly satisfied, but must admit that the New Controller is a significant reason why. (Also, the wireless features are very nice, its easy to use, and I don't mind the small screen because I only use it on occasion... keeps the cost down).