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AquaMaxx Dry Reef Rock - 10 lbs
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  • AquaMaxx Dry Reef Rock - 10 lbs
  • AquaMaxx Dry Reef Rock - 10 lbs

AquaMaxx Dry Reef Rock

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Quick Overview

AquaMaxx Dry Reef Rock is a 100% natural, eco-friendly, live-rock alternative: perfect for ALL marine fish and reef aquariums! Professionally cleaned and dried, this highly porous aragonite rock will not affect the aquarium nitrog...
Product Description

AquaMaxx Dry Reef Rock Information

AquaMaxx Dry Reef Rock is a 100% natural, eco-friendly live rock alternative that is perfect for all marine fish and reef aquarium systems.

This new base rock from AquaMaxx is professionally cleaned and dried to ensure no pesky hitchhikers, pests or algae are introduced into your saltwater aquarium. AquaMaxx dry rock is not man-made; it is real calcium carbonate limestone-structured aragonite we quarry in Florida, far away from living coral reefs. It is completely reef-safe and will not leach any undesirable contaminants into your delicate saltwater system.

AquaMaxx aquarium base rock does not affect the aquarium nitrogen cycle and may therefore be added to new aquariums and established tanks alike. AquaMaxx dry rock for saltwater aquariums is super porous with plenty of surface area to grow beneficial nitrifying and denitrifying bacteria to act as a biological filter to help maintain pristine water conditions in your tank.

Reef aquarium hobbyists get more bang for their buck with high porous, low density AquaMaxx aquarium rocks. You not only get more volume per pound, but fewer pounds are required to fill your aquarium compared to denser, heavier base rock for sale. AquaMaxx Dry Reef Rock is a tremendous value, especially compared to live rock, since you do not have to pay for extra water weight and expedited shipping.

AquaMaxx environmentally friendly dry aquarium rock is harvested on land in Florida and only the best pieces are selected to sell for aquarium use. We handpick a variety of shapes and sizes to make aquascaping your reef tank fun and easy. AquaMaxx rock is full of nooks and crannies that offer great anchoring points for stacking rocks or placing coral frags. Aquarium epoxy molds easily to AquaMaxx aquarium dry rock allowing you to create elaborate pillars, sturdy shelves, interesting overhangs and cool caves.

Using AquaMaxx Dry Reef Rock guarantees unwanted hitchhikers will not enter your tank, which is commonplace with live rock. Having no detrimental and difficult-to-remove aiptasia and majano anemones, fire worms, flatworms, mantis shrimp and pyramidellid snails in your aquarium is a huge advantage that will save you time, money and stress during the life of your tank.

AquaMaxx Dry Reef Rock is available in 3 box sizes: 10 lbs, 25 lbs. and 50 lbs. We recommend 1 to 2 lbs. of rock per gallon of aquarium water. Please note the photos displayed on our website are merely representative of the rock you will receive so the actual size, shape and appearance will vary with each order.

To seed your aquarium with beneficial bacteria, just place a separate piece of quality live rock in your tank along with AquaMaxx Dry Reef Rock or use a bacterial supplement to kickstart the cycling process. Soon your dry rock will be alive and beautiful!

  • 100% natural calcium carbonate limestone-structured aragonite dry rock
  • Safe for all marine fish and reef aquarium systems
  • Guaranteed not to introduce undesirable hitchhikers, like algae and aiptasia
  • Will not leach undesirable contaminants or affect the aquarium nitrogen cycle
  • Harvested on land in a Florida rock quarry so no damage comes to natural coral reefs
  • Less expensive and more environmentally friendly than live rock
  • You get more volume per pound than live rock so less is required to aquascape your aquarium
  • Natural pores aid in biological filtration, water circulation and provide hiding places for fish and invertebrate
  • Easily stackable to create one-of-a-kind aquascapes that feature pillars, shelves, overhangs and caves
  • The nooks and crannies in each rock make it easy to mount your favorite coral frags
  • Available in 3 box sizes: 10 lbs, 20 lbs. and 50 lbs.
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AquaMaxx Dry Reef Rock Reviews

Average Ratings:

Dry Reef Rock Product Review by RYAN (Posted on 3/4/14)

Comments: I bought this as a cheaper version of "rock" for filler to place under more decorative rocks, but it's actually nice enough that once I get some purple on it, I think it will look great as show pieces.
Nice surprise.

Generous Amount Product Review by WILLIE MCDOWELL (Posted on 3/2/14)

Comments: When I received it I was really amazed at the generous amount I've got.It was actually a lot more than I expected and I'm very pleased with my purchase.I got a 30 gallon ordered about 25 pounds now I plan to get a 55 and get 50 pounds.I highly advice you to get this and same yourself money and time you won't regret it

Huge Rock... Product Review by L TOLENTO (Posted on 2/26/14)

Comments: Shipped a 25 lb and 10lb shipment and each had just ONE GIANT rock! have to find a way to break it down into smaller pieces that will fit in tank. overall the rock does look nice though. nice porosity to it!

Love this rock!! Product Review by ROB KIMREY (Posted on 2/26/14)

Comments: Just got my shipment of dry rock and seriously, I couldn't be happier with it. It's a great and unusual shaped piece. I can do some serious aquascaping with it.
Most likely I'll be purchasing a few more pounds of this rock in the future.

Aquamaxx Product Review by Kenneth Hood (Posted on 2/26/14)

Comments: I ordered 50#s of this rock and it came in two boxes. It was packed very good. I got about 7 decent sized pieces and about 3 small ones. I had less than a cup of small chips that broke loose. It was cleaned great. I will buy again when needed and recomment to everyone. I great price too.