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AquaMaxx EcoMaxx EM200 In-Sump Protein Skimmer
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AquaMaxx EcoMaxx EM200 In-Sump Protein Skimmer

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Item #: UJ00161

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Quick Overview

AquaMaxx EcoMaxx EM Series In-Sump Protein Skimmers efficiently remove organic waste from aquarium water. A powerful needle wheel pump generates optimally-sized air bubbles that force protein, waste and other materials into a co...
Product Description

AquaMaxx EcoMaxx EM200 In-Sump Protein Skimmer Information

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AquaMaxx EcoMaxx EM Series In-Sump Protein Skimmers efficiently remove organic waste from aquarium water. A powerful needle wheel pump generates optimally-sized air bubbles that force protein, waste and other materials into a collection cup for easy removal. The AquaMaxx EM Series is rated for aquariums 120-600 gallons yet are small enough to be concealed in a sump underneath your aquarium.

Computer-precision engineered and outfit with the latest filtration technology, AquaMaxx protein skimmers are engineered to deliver the performance and value you are looking for in a skimmer.

AquaMaxx EcoMaxx EM Series Skimmers are built using a brilliantly polished cell-cast acrylic. They incorporate the high-end features hardcore hobbyists demand at a price everyone can afford. The EM Series is equipped with bubble plates, modified cone necks, air silencers and needle wheel impellers for maximum performance, efficiency and whisper quiet operation. They also have compact footprints to make installation as easy as possible.

AquaMaxx EcoMaxx Skimmers feature custom Italian-made Sicce pumps with special needle wheel impellers to whip up large amounts of air with optimum bubble size. These pump and protein skimmer combinations deliver unprecedented performance and reliability. Aquarium waste will be vigorously removed from your tank so you can focus less on maintenance and more on enjoying your piece of the reef.

AquaMaxx EcoMaxx Protein Skimmers are designed from the ground up with the hobbyist in mind. The pump is incorporated into the base of the skimmer for a space-saving design that will be easy to incorporate into your filtration system. A built-in air intake silencer further reduces noise for near-silent operation. The specially-designed transition cone neck effectively moves skimmate into the collection cup for removal. Bubble plates decrease turbulence, improve bubble formation and help skimmer performance.

  • Volume Rating: 240 Gallons
  • Footprint: 6.7" x 9.8
  • Height: 22.8
  • Chamber diameter: 6
  • Outlet size: 1 Quick-Precise adjustment valve
  • Pump (included): Modified Sicce 2.0
  • Pump power consumption: 22 watts
  • Air Intake: 190 GPH (720 LPH)
  • Requires approximately 1/2" of clearance to remove collection cup.
  • Efficient, durable and reliable
  • Simple to set up and operate
  • Cell-cast acrylic construction
  • SCH80 fittings
  • Quick-Precise adjustment valve allows fast precision tuning of the skimmer water level to control wet/dry foam production
  • ShockMaxx rubber feet isolate noise and reduce vibration.
  • Italian-Made Sicce needle-wheel pump produces optimum bubble size for high-efficiency protein skimming.
  • Buffer chamber maximizes contact time allowing skimmate to move smoothly into the collection cup.
Model Item # Tank Size
Height FootPrint Pump Chamber
EM100 UJ00160 120 Gal 21.7" 6.3" x 8.6 Sicce 1.5 4.7"
EM200 UJ00161 240 Gal 22.8" 6.7" x 9.8 Shark 2.0 6"
EM300 UJ00162 340 Gal 22.8" 9.1" x 13" Shark 3.0 8"
EM500 UJ00163 500 Gal 22.8" 11" x 16 Shark 5.0 10"
EM600 UJ00164 600 Gal 22.8" 15" x 17" Shark 3.0 & 5.0 12"

All AquaMaxx products are backed by MarineDepot.coms 60-day return policy and carry one-year manufacturer warranties. Each skimmer will include detailed instructions and diagrams to help hobbyists get up and running immediately.


AquaMaxx Limited Manufacturer Warranty
AquaMaxx will warrant all AquaMaxx products to be free from manufacturing defects for one year from the original purchase date when purchased through an authorized AquaMaxx retailer. This warranty does not cover any damages caused by misuse, neglect, alterations or improper handling/transport/maintenance/installation. AquaMaxx does not cover personal injury, personal loss, or other damages associated with the use of these products.
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AquaMaxx EcoMaxx EM200 In-Sump Protein Skimmer Reviews

Average Reviews

Customer Reviews

EM600 is the best! Product Review by Coralistics (Posted on 3/26/14)

Comments: I am in love with this EM600 for the reasons below:
- Super quiet with dual Shark pumps
- Space saving footprint design without sacrificing performance with huge 12" chamber
- It's built flawlessly and looks amazing.
- Price is right.

Aquamaxx EM300 Product Review by MICHAEL LEWANDOWSKI (Posted on 3/24/14)

Comments: I received the Aquamaxx EM300 today. It was packaged extremely well. It also appears to be well constructed. It also assembled in less than 5 minutes. It took longer to get it out of the box. I will install it over next couple of days and see how it performs. I will give performance feed back at a later date. I did test it in a tub of SW with skimmate from my other skimmer to see how it worked. Pulled all the nasty stuff out of bucket and produced the nastiest Skimmate. Hopefully it will perform this well on my tank. I am optomistic that its a good pc of equipment as my Aquamaxx HOB-1 is an incredible skimmer on my 20gal. I took away 1/2 star waiting on final testing on my 120 gal.

Foam Machine Product Review by ROBERT F (Posted on 2/26/14)

Comments: I've been running the skimmer for about 2-3 weeks now and I am sure impressed. First, the unit was very easy to install, simply had to connect airline and drop into my sump.
I noticed a huge difference in noise compared to my older AquaMaxx AM100 skimmer which I attribute to the new Sicce Syncra. These pumps are impressive and when coupled with a needle wheel they are foam producing machines. Have not had a bit of trouble shutting down for feeding either, pump starts every-time without problems.
Within 24 hours of installation, I was already collecting dark skim. I did rinse the unit in tap water before putting in the sump but still did not take long to break in. The outlet adjustment is super easy and with the clear acrylic you can dial in the foam level in seconds.
Highly recommended, for the price you cannot beat it.

happy ! Product Review by MIKE PHILLIPS (Posted on 12/5/13)

Comments: Very nice quality, I do wish it had an oring seal on the base/main body connection

Great Skimmer Product Review by ANTONIO G. (Posted on 12/5/13)

Comments: I bought the EM-200 for a 125 gal tank with a medium to heavy bio load. The box it arrived in was rather large. So big in fact, I thought they sent me the wrong one. Upon opening it, I found an extremely well packaged and protected skimmer.

This is a nice, well thought out product. Construction quality is top-notch and it took just few minutes to set it up.

It runs dead silent. You almost have to put your ear right next to it to even hear it.

Although it started producing skimmate within a few hours, it did take about a day and a half to break in and start producing deep, dark gunk.

I'm happy with this purchase

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