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AquaMaxx Nano Star Calcium Reactor
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AquaMaxx Nano Star Calcium Reactor

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Quick Overview

INTRODUCING THE AQUAMAXX NANO STAR CALCIUM REACTOR AquaMaxx Nano Star Calcium Reactors use an up-flow design to mix saltwater, calcium carbonate and CO2 inside a reaction chamber to eliminate the need for daily two-part dosing....
Product Description

AquaMaxx Nano Star Calcium Reactor Information

AquaMaxx Nano Star Calcium Reactors use an up-flow design to mix saltwater, calcium carbonate and CO2 inside a reaction chamber to eliminate the need for daily two-part dosing. Not only will the AquaMaxx Nano Calcium Reactor keep your levels balanced, you will no longer have to calculate daily dosages for your tank. With a seamless body, removable lid for quick media access and a small, space-saving design, the AquaMaxx Nano Calcium Reactor is truly one-of-a-kind.

AquaMaxx Nano Star Calcium Reactors are computer-precision engineered and utilize the latest aquarium technology to deliver unparalleled performance and value. Despite its small form factor, the Nano Star is rated for aquariums up to 75 gallons.

The high-quality components of the Nano Star are encased in elegant white acrylic. To maintain a sleek compact design, the included Sicce pump is placed inside the reactor. Compared to other small calcium reactors on the market, the AquaMaxx Nano is almost invisible.

With a built-in a pH probe holder, you can easily keep an eye on the pH inside the calcium reactor with a pH monitor or control the CO2 with a pH controller. The included hang-on bracket allows you to mount the Nano Star almost anywhere. A CO2 recovery system re-injects excess/unused CO2. This helps lower CO2 usage and ensures no excess CO2 goes back into your aquarium.

AquaMaxx Calcium Reactors were designed from the ground up with the aquarium hobbyist in mind. The computer precision-cut enclosure makes the reactor look and feel seamless. There is only one cord on the reactor: the power cord.

Cleaning and maintenance is simple. For quick access to the included Sicce pump or to replenish filter media, simply open the lid. Just turn the thumbscrews counterclockwise, remove and replace the sponges and replenish the reactor with quality calcium carbonate media.

The workhorse powering the AquaMaxx Nano Star Calcium Reactor is the pump. Each reactor is equipped with an Italian-made Sicce Syncra Silent 0.5 pump. These pumps were chosen specifically for their small footprint, energy-efficient design and whisper-quiet operation.

AquaMaxx products are backed by a 60-day return policy and a 90-day factory warranty. AquaMaxx Calcium Reactors are shipped with detailed instructions and diagrams to help you get up and running quickly.

  • Simple setup and easy installation. No feeding pump is required!
  • Up-flow design prevents clogging and improves water circulation.
  • Thumbscrews allow for easy lid removal. Easy to clean and service!
  • Use any calcium reactor media you desire with the Nano Star.
  • Overall height: 12” (not including hoses)
  • Pump: Italian-made SICCE Syncra Silent 0.5
  • Reaction tube diameter: 4”
  • Chamber capacity: 1 L
  • Footprint: 7.5” x 7.0”
  • Capacity: Up to 75 Gallons
*Calcium reactor media and CO2 system sold separately.


AquaMaxx Limited Manufacturer Warranty
AquaMaxx will warrant all AquaMaxx products to be free from manufacturing defects for one year from the original purchase date when purchased through an authorized AquaMaxx retailer. This warranty does not cover any damages caused by misuse, neglect, alterations or improper handling/transport/maintenance/installation. AquaMaxx does not cover personal injury, personal loss, or other damages associated with the use of these products.
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AquaMaxx Nano Star Calcium Reactor Reviews

Average Reviews

Customer Reviews

Great Product Review by VERN (Posted on 8/14/13)

Comments: I have had a couple other calcium reactors. One got burnt up in a power surge the other one just sucked, but I got this one and wow love it. So easy to run and with a controller its a no brainer. The recycling of the excess CO2 is already cutting down on the amount I have to buy. Instruction could be better but overall awesome!

Hidden Gem Product Review by STEVE WHITMAN (Posted on 2/15/13)

Comments: This little thing is just what the doctor ordered.Pretty much set and forget since I'm using a pH controller. The build is polished, sturdy and compact. I could use it in sump but chose to hang it so I could keep the space in sump. No sound from the sicce pump at all and energy efficient. Only things I would suggest is for aquamaxx to include a check valve and a needle valve instead of the micro valve. The TLF micro valve works fine but IME they become inconsistent over time and become finecky.
Holds my alk @ 3.21 meq/l (9dkh) and Ca at 460.

happy buyer here!

Great Reactor for the $ Product Review by CYLIX SHANE (Posted on 1/8/13)

Comments: The quality of the build is excellent. I have this reactor running on my SPS dominate 225g w/ 90g sump. The set up was very simple, the use of thumb screws makes adding/changing the media very easy.

The bell curve top design makes excess co2 that would usually get built up in the top get recirculated into the reactor. The sicce pump is very efficient and quiet. The reactor is light weight but still very high quality. The location of the PH probe in line with the effluent is perfect. The instructions were easy to read and understand.

The only reason I did not give this 5 stars was because the reactor does not come with all of the necessary items- missing a one-way valve for the co2 line (My previous PM reactor had the one way valve integrated into the bubble counter). The instructions also do not explain the best method to drain the unit for service, I had to disconnect the line from the Sicce pump and drain it into a bucket before I could remove bell-curve lid.

Great Product Review by BRAN HOSSFIELD (Posted on 11/9/12)

Comments: I've had this reactor for about a month now and I really like it. It works perfectly on my 65g bowfront, and fits neatly in the sump. The quality of the build is apparent right out of the box. It is sturdy and well made.

Awesome little thing Product Review by ANH DAO (Posted on 11/1/12)

Comments: Got this reactor today and really like it. Had a bubble magus c120 at and almost gave up on calcium reactor after so many day tried to adjust the flow in and out and then co2 rate. Then also leak from probe port and lot of bubble on the reactor which make terrible noise.
Got this, setup within 15 min and got a very stable flow rate... It only has 1 valve to adjust, the outlet valve which is very smart. also it takes very minimal space very quiet. Now all left is fine tune the flow rate. Btw within 2 min it's all clear of bubble inside the reactor.
Exelent purchase, marinedepot should advertise this product more so people can have better information.
My set up 50 cube with lot lot of sps and LPS.

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