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We carry a huge selection of glass and acrylic aquariums available in all shapes and sizes. Beautiful and functional stands and canopies are also available to compliment your new tank. Nano tanks from Red Sea, JBJ and Current USA are very popular among reef aquarists. For you betta fans we also carry mall aquariums and bowls specially designed for them.

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  1. Clear-for-Life Aquarium Light Kit-48inch

    Clear-for-Life Aquarium Light Kit-48inch

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    When building an aquarium, you have to take a lot of things in consideration. One of the things you must not neglect, of course, is the lighting. Lights in aquarium do more than provide brightness. They are placed in an aquariu...
  2. Clear-for-Life Aquarium Light Kit-12inch

    Clear-for-Life Aquarium Light Kit

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    Illuminate your aquariums and terrariums with the Clear-For-Life Aquarium Light Kit from Pet Store . Simple yet effective, this product will definitely help you give your beloved pets and their artificial habitat the light that w...

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