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Aquarium Maintenance

Keeping an aquarium clean is easy if you have the right tools. We have everything you’ll need to keep your glass algae free and your substrate vacuumed. We have dozens of algae scrapers, algae magnets and gravel cleaners to help you maintain a sparkling tank. We also carry a large variety of cleaning brushes for your filters and pumps.

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  1. Eheim Plant Tongs 16 IN

    Eheim Plant Tongs 16 IN

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    Feature(s): Ideal for general tank maintenance such as planting purposes, moving & arranging decorations, and more Keeps you hands away inside the aquarium Spring-action with trimmer 16" (40cm), also available in&...
  2. Eheim Plant Tongs 24 IN

    Eheim Plant Tongs

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    When you think of gardening, the first thing you'll probably think of is a small plot of land with growing plants, or maybe even a big meadow full of blooming flowers. Either way, you probably thought of land directly under the su...

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