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Aquarium Maintenance

Keeping an aquarium clean is easy if you have the right tools. We have everything you’ll need to keep your glass algae free and your substrate vacuumed. We have dozens of algae scrapers, algae magnets and gravel cleaners to help you maintain a sparkling tank. We also carry a large variety of cleaning brushes for your filters and pumps.

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  1. Mag-Float 25A Magnet Cleaner (Acrylic) - Small (up to 10gal)

    Mag-Float Magnet Cleaner (Acrylic)

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    Model: Float-25A Up to: 10gal (38L) Glass/Thickness: 3/16" (5mm) Dimensions: 1 ¾" x 15/16" x ¾" The Mag-Float’s Powerful rare earth neodymium magnets enable the easy removal of algae. By dragging the Mag-Float on the outside of t...
  2. Mag-Float 510A (Acrylic) - Extra-Large (up to 500gal)

    Mag-Float 510A (Acrylic) - Extra-Large (up to 500gal)

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    Try an innovative way to clean your aquarium of algae. Use the Mag-float 510A (Acrylic) from Pet Store for a change. The Mag-float is designed with a Velcro pad attached to strong and unique earth neodymium made magnets. This si...

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