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Aquarium Pharmaceuticals FilStar Phos-Zorb
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Aquarium Pharmaceuticals® API FilStar Phos-Zorb

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Phosphates are natural byproducts of metabolism, but if left unmanaged in the aquarium, they can grow in number so fast that they become detrimental to the health of fish, corals and plants. Too many phosphates promote the growth ...
Product Description

Aquarium Pharmaceuticals® API FilStar Phos-Zorb Information

Part #: 727A

Phosphates are natural byproducts of metabolism, but if left unmanaged in the aquarium, they can grow in number so fast that they become detrimental to the health of fish, corals and plants. Too many phosphates promote the growth of parasitic algae. Also, a high concentration of phosphates inhibits the formation of the exoskeleton of hard corals and affects the growth of soft corals.

The most obvious solution, of course, is to keep phosphates levels low in the aquarium, and luckily, there are many ways to do just that. One of the most common methods is employing proper filtration systems, such as canister filters, which offer versatility in terms of media to be used. Canister filters can be used for mechanical, chemical or biological filtration, and it all depends on the media you put in the canisters.

If you want to bring phosphate levels down, you should use the Aquarium Pharmaceuticals Filtstar Phos-Zorb from Pet Store as your media. This product eliminates both silicates and phosphates from the tank. However, it does not eliminate trace elements and it does not disrupt the ph balance of the water. It can selectively remove the harmful elements without affecting the nutrients normally found in aquarium water.

Make sure that your canister filters have a new supply of the Aquarium Pharmaceuticals Filtstar Phos-Zorb at least once in every three months to ensure efficiency.

Canister filter media designed to fit the FilStar XP. For removal of Phosphate from fresh and saltwater.

Phos-Zorb™ - for fresh and salt water:
  • Removes phosphate and silicate
  • Removes phosphate, a by-product of fish metabolism and decaying organic matter and an additive in some tap water supplies, aquarium products and filtration media
  • Will not remove trace elements
  • Will not affect pH
Phos-Zorb is a special filtration material that selectively removes phosphate and silicate, common nutrients found in fresh and saltwater aquariums. In saltwater aquariums, excess phosphate lowers the available calcium and magnesium necessary for the growth of hard corals and other invertebrates.

Sources of Phosphate and Silicate in the Aquarium:
  • There are several natural and "man-made" sources of phosphate. Both well and municipal water supplies may contain phosphate, due to natural weathering of phosphate-containing minerals. Some municipal water treatment facilities add phosphate-containing chemicals to the water supply. Runoff also adds phosphate fertilizers to water supplies. Some phosphate-leaching sources in the aquarium include decaying organic matter, fish foods and products that are added to the aquarium, such as pH adjusters, water conditioners and some brands of activated carbon. If left to accumulate, phosphate can lead to reduced water quality.
  • Silicate enters groundwater naturally through the weathering of mineral deposits. Additionally, sodium silicate is added to tap water by some municipal treatment plants to reduce the corrosion of pipes.
Directions for use in RENA® FilStar Filters:
  • Remove Phos-Zorb filter pouch from plastic bag.
  • DO NOT open Phos-Zorb filter pouch. One 150 g pouch should be used for every 55 U.S. gallons (208 L) of aquarium water.
  • Place filter pouch directly in FilStar filtration basket after (above) the filter foams.
  • Rinse basket under tap water for several minutes to remove dust and activate Phos-Zorb. The activation process will temporarily generate some heat in the Phos-Zorb filter pouch.
  • Replace filter pouch every 1 to 3 months, depending on stocking density and water quality.
Use Aquarium Pharmaceuticals Test Kits to monitor water quality weekly. Phos-Zorb is designed for use with all Filstar filtration media.

Phos-Zorb should be replaced every 1 to 3 months to ensure continuous removal of phosphate and silicate. The level of these nutrients depends on stocking density, feeding rate, aquarium maintenance schedule and the nutrient levels present in the source water used in the aquarium. Phos-Zorb is often used continually to keep phosphate and silicate levels under control.

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Aquarium Pharmaceuticals® API FilStar Phos-Zorb Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Filstar Phos-Zorb Product Review by KURT STUDIER (Posted on 2/26/14)

Comments: It helped my water to become crystal clear.

Very Pleased Product Review by JIM BOONE (Posted on 9/17/08)

Comments: I have utilized the Phos-Zorb for approximately three weeks and have been very pleased with the results. My objective in using this product was to eliminate pontential algae growth in my 120 gallon tank, maintaining a clean and crystal clear tank. Further more, the pouch (I used two) is very convenient and fits well into my Rena XP4 Filter. I have experienced zero algae growth, and would highly recommend Phos-Zorb as a preventive aid.

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