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Aquarium Pharmaceuticals MelaFix 8oz
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Aquarium Pharmaceuticals® API MelaFix 8oz

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When it comes to taking care of your marine inhabitants, there will always come a time when they are exposed to certain situations where they can become injured or wounded. It is also inevitable for them to be sick with a common i...
Product Description

Aquarium Pharmaceuticals® API MelaFix 8oz Information

Part #: 11H

When it comes to taking care of your marine inhabitants, there will always come a time when they are exposed to certain situations where they can become injured or wounded. It is also inevitable for them to be sick with a common illness. Instead of going to a veterinarian for some ailments that you can easily treat at home, you should try the Aquarium Pharmaceuticals Melafix Pet Store. This is an effective solution, which has been invented by credible scientists, to give you the chance to minister to the less serious predicaments that your fishes may face. This is available in an eight-ounce bottle, which is good for several applications.

As mentioned before, this solution is meant to serve as an invisible bandage for the wounds and injuries, which your fish may get when they brush roughly against your decorations, etc. This can also relieve the discomfort and pain, which they will feel when they are down with tail rot, mouth fungus, and the like. It can minister to broken fins, allowing them to re-grow slowly but surely. This can be directly poured into the aquarium water without fear that it will pollute the water or affect its pH levels.

With the Aquarium Pharmaceuticals Melafix, you can easily attend to the more common ailments of your fish at home.

Heals open wounds & abrasions, treats fin and tail rot, eye cloud, mouth fungus and promotes regrowth of damaged fin rays & tissue. Will not adversely affect the biological filter, alter the pH, or discolor water. Safe for reef aquariums and live plants. For use in fresh or salt water.

Dosage: Add 1 teaspoonful for every 10 gallons of aquarium water.

Can MelaFix be used with other medications?
MelaFix has been tested and found compatible with Aquarium Pharmaceuticals medications. Mixing other brands of medications is not recommended.

Is MelaFix harmful to aquatic plants?
MelaFix can be used in aquariums and ponds containing live plants.

Will MelaFix kill snails?

Can I use MelaFix in aquariums containing freshwater crabs and shrimp?

Will MelaFix hurt saltwater invertebrates?
No. MelaFix is reef-compatible. MelaFix has been shown to promote the healing of damaged coral tissue.

I have a protein skimmer. Will MelaFix cause foaming?
MelaFix will cause some increased foaming during the treatment. We recommend turning the skimmer down or off during treatment with MelaFix.

Do I have to remove the activated carbon from my filter when treating with MelaFix?
We suggest removing the carbon while treating with any medication.

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Aquarium Pharmaceuticals® API MelaFix 8oz Reviews

Average Reviews

Customer Reviews

Practically a miracle cure! Product Review by Cat from Chicago (Posted on 2/26/14)

Comments: I have a treatment tank which contains fish with ich or tail rot. After only two days treatment, the ich was gone and I could see regrowth on fins! This stuff is GREAT!!!

Melafix/ Pimafix Product Review by CHARRISSE ROBERTSON (Posted on 11/18/08)

Comments: I used both melafix and Pimafix together to treat velevt and cloudy eye on my 75g african cichlid tank. I lost one fish prior to treatment. After the first day of treatment,there was foaming and alot of cloudy water and definalty the fresh clean scent of Melaleuca throughout the house. My fish were QUITE unhappy about the treatment, BUT the velvet and cloudy eye improved within the first two treatments. We are on the 5th day now and I can tell you its 100% cleared up, my fish are adapting to the cloud and foam (picky little bugars) and we have had not one more loss of life.. This stuff works, and it doesnt destroy the bio you already have going in your filters - a major plus.

Tail Rot Product Review by NICHOLAS MASTRIPPOLITO (Posted on 10/1/08)

Comments: Great product... Cured my Lemon Peel Angelfish's tail rot...I used half recomended dosage for 4 days and noticed improvemnet in 3... my inverts and coral were not affected....great product. Do as bottle instructs and turn off your protien skimmer.

MelaFix Product Review by BRIAN (Posted on 8/26/08)

Comments: This Stuff is the savor of my salt water tank
Do not ues with corals
Works and that that. i used it for 2 wks long Happy tank again me too :)

melafix report Product Review by DAVID PAUL (Posted on 1/13/12)

Comments: I use it to help heal my fish. Works fine.

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