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We have tons of supplies for your saltwater aquarium, including additives, water conditioners, protien skimmers, wavemakers and much more. Some of our best-selling items include additives, test kits and conditioners from Aquarium Pharmaceuticals, Kent Marine, Seachem and Prodibio.

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  1. CPR AquaFuge Light 1624

    CPR AquaFuge Light 1624

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    These lights are designed specifically for use with CPR`s AquaFuges and feature an attractive silver housing, efficient reflector, and a replaceable external starter. These lights have two stand options; the standard grey plastic ...
  2. CPR AquaFuge Light 1318

    CPR AquaFuge Light

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    Enhance the brightness of your refugium with the use of a highly effective lighting system. Try the CPR Aquafuge Light 1318 from Pet Store and see the difference in the lighting capacity of your system. Specifically designed for...

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