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Salifert Copper Test Kit
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Salifert Copper Test Kit

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Parasitic infection is one of the worst things that can infect your fish. Parasites feed on their hosts in order to get nutrients and most of the time, this result to the death of the fish. For most fish pet owners, curing parasit...
Product Description

Salifert Copper Test Kit Information

Part #: SI009-4

Parasitic infection is one of the worst things that can infect your fish. Parasites feed on their hosts in order to get nutrients and most of the time, this result to the death of the fish. For most fish pet owners, curing parasitic infection is a big deal. Thats why most of the time, owners use copper, a famous killer of parasites in fishes. However, copper is a toxic chemical not natural in your fish tank. Too much use of copper can also become dangerous for your aquarium. Copper disrupts pH levels and can kill your fish easily.

In order to prevent this from happening, use Salifert Copper Test Kit Pet Store! This kit test your aquariums copper content making your fishes safe from contamination. The product accurately measures the pH of your fish tank and checks its copper content. With a device that can accurately measure dangerous copper content, an owner can do several measures of eliminating copper inside the fish tank. One method is replacing the water of the tank. However, take note that ordinary tap water also contains copper. Thats why proper routine check on water should be done.

The Salifert Copper Test Kit can lasts up to 50 tests and is applicable in all types of aquariums.

Salifert Copper Profi-Test
  • Copper is often used as a treatment for parasite infested fish and it is essential that the correct concentration is used as too high levels can be toxic to marine fish and invertebrates.
  • Tap water can also be naturally high in copper and it is therefore advisable to test for this on a regular basis.
  • The Salifert test kit offers a very sensitive and accurate test for measuring dissolved or weakly chelated copper with a pH of 7.59.
  • Lasts for several copper cures or provides sufficient for up to 50 tests on tap or aquarium water as a routine check.
  • Ca be used for marine, fresh and garden pond water
  • Strongly chelated copper will only be partly or not at all detected.

KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. Not for consumption.

  1. Add 2ml of water in the test vial.
  2. Add 5 drops of the Cu reagent and swirl gently for 5 seconds.
  3. Allow it to stand for 10 minutes. Some copper medications might use strongly bound copper and would require a waiting time of 20 minutes. In case of doubt compare the value after 10 and 20 minutes of waiting. The highest value should be noted.
  4. To obtain the copper concentration hold the test vial in front of you. Place the white part of the color chart firmly against the side of the test vial and look from the opposite side.

    A blue tinge lighter than the 0.1ppm value corresponds to approximately 0.05ppm.

    A color in between two color bars indicates a copper value in between those two values.
Copper Table
ml`s AddedCopper Concentration in ppm
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Salifert Copper Test Kit Reviews

Average Reviews

Customer Reviews

Very Easy to Use!! Product Review by pwa (Posted on 2/7/11)

Comments: One of the easiest test kits to use. Love it, Highly recommend for anyone testing for curpamine

Accurate and Simple to use Product Review by Lou (Posted on 11/28/08)

Comments: The Salifert Copper kit, as all Salifert products, is accurate and easy to use.

Easy to use Product Review by TAMATHA SCHLUENDER (Posted on 8/2/07)

Comments: Easy to use. Only used it a few times to check a used aquarium for copper.

Look elsewhere Product Review by RM (Posted on 2/26/14)
Below Average

Comments: I was pretty disappointed with this kit. It came with a plastic vial which stained blue after the first test which skewed every subsequent result. The regeant dropper is sloppy & I have to waste the first drop down the drain before I can get consistant drops to put into the vial. While it technically goes high enough to test for chelated copper, the colors are so ambiguous that it's difficult to tell of you have 1ppm or 2+ppm. It did not come with any sort of case or stand for the regeant/vial/syringe, and I was very disappointed in the documentation that came with it. The regeant label looked like somebody printed it out on their home printer & slapped it on with scotch tape. Sadly, I don't have another Copper kit to verify the results with. This kit is very unprofessional. I will not be buying any Salifert brand kits again!

Salifert's test makes no sense Product Review by JIM H. (Posted on 2/3/10)

Comments: I have always been satisfied with Salifert test kits in the past but their copper test kit makes no sense. The copper concentration for effective parisite treatment needs to be between 0.15ppm and 0.20ppm yet the test kits scale are 0.0, 0.10, 0.25, 0.50 etc. How does this make any sense?

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