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Argent Cyclop-eeze Wafer
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Argent Cyclop-eeze Wafer

This product has been discontinued

Item #: LF1331

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Are you thinking of varying the kind of food you give your fish and other aquarium pets? Variety can makes sure that your pets get the different vitamins and minerals that they require. Why don't you try feeding them with Cyclop-e...
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Argent Cyclop-eeze Wafer Information

Are you thinking of varying the kind of food you give your fish and other aquarium pets? Variety can makes sure that your pets get the different vitamins and minerals that they require. Why don't you try feeding them with Cyclop-eeze? These are invertebrates which live in cold temperature freshwater environments and are added as an ingredient put in fish food favored by many aquatic animals. Cyclop-eeze are selectively bred and bio-engineered to contain high concentration of minerals that many aquatic animals need. One of the most visible effects of including Cyclop-eeze in diets is the vibrant enduring color of fish and other aquatic animals.

If you want to include in this in the diet you give to your aquatic pets, look for Argent Cyclop-eeze Wafer Pet Store. It contains thin layers of Cyclop-eeze which are dried using infrared refractance at cold temperatures to make sure that all the nutrients are not destroyed. It also contains attractant substances which are formulated so that the fish and other animals in your aquarium would want to eat them. It contains digestive enzymes which help the animals that eat it absorb its nutrients quickly. If you are thinking of adding variety to the food that your fish and other aquarium pets get, give them Argent Cyclop-eeze Wafer.

Cyclop-eeze 100% Wafer consists of the micro-crustacean Cyclop-eeze which are selectively cultured in a pristine arctic salina. The wafers are a thin mono-layer of Cylop-eeze organism prepared using infrared refractance drying at below room temperature thus preserving all of the nutritive components.


Benefits of daily supplemental feeding:
  • Vivid, Enduring Coloration—All freshwater and marine fishes, invertebrates and corals will quickly exhibit colors surpassing natural habitat hues.
  • Attractants—Abundant and potent attractants incite voracious feeding.
  • Omega-3 Fatty Acids—Highest of any known species ensures health thru immune system stimulation, enhances growth and stimulates reproduction.
  • Digestive Enzymes—A palette of digestive enzymes ensures bio-availability and absorption of the nutrient profile in Cyclop-eeze.
  • Superior to Live Feeds—Saves the hobbyist, culturist and farmer time!
Net Weight: 30 grams (1.06 ounces)
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Argent Cyclop-eeze Wafer Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Great Food! Product Review by 20 Years in the Game! (Posted on 10/30/10)

Comments: Fish love this.

Great Stuff! Product Review by CHAD WEISBRODT (Posted on 8/18/08)

Comments: I have been feeding Cyclop-Eeze to all my reef fish as part of a mixed diet for three years now. They eat the flake with gusto and their colors has been absolutely beautiful since. I especially like the darker sunburnt orange tones that it has brought out in my ocellaris clowns. I am deffinately going to keep feeding Clyclop-Eeze to my fish for years to come.

Excellent Product Review by JUAN ALVARO ESTRADA (Posted on 6/18/07)

Comments: It´s a very, very good food for my fishes, so it´s the product containing more crude protein I founded.

Cyclop-eeze Wafer Product Review by William G. (Posted on 7/16/10)

Comments: My clownfish LOVES Cyclop-eeze. However, the "wafers" should be called flakes and they crumble too easily which is why I can't give this product five stars. I just put the wafers in a plastic bag and pound them into a powder and feed them to my clowns.

KOI ANGELFISH Product Review by DONALD CHIN (Posted on 12/21/08)

Comments: I'm a Koi Angelfish breeder living in JAMAICA. My fish won't eat the Cyclop-eeze Wafer by itself and I had stopped using it. Recently I combined a mix of the following flakes and the fish are eating like crazy. Ordinary,beefheart,earthworm,brineshrimp,eggyolk and a pinch of nutra-rose powder. Red colour on my fish has greatly improved so for me it is hard to say if the Cyclop-eeze alone has done the trick.

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