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Blue Life Precision KH Buffer 250g
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Blue Life Precision KH Buffer

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Benefits: Blue Life Precision KH/alkalinity Buffer is a well-balanced supplement designed to build and maintain KH/alkalinity levels. KH refers to Carbonate Hardness and is measured in degrees (dKH), while alkalinity is measured...
Product Description

Blue Life Precision KH Buffer Information

Blue Life Precision KH/alkalinity Buffer is a well-balanced supplement designed to build and maintain KH/alkalinity levels. KH refers to Carbonate Hardness and is measured in degrees (dKH), while alkalinity is measured in meq/L. Carbonates (KH or alkalinity), along with calcium, strontium, and magnesium, are critical to coral growth. If KH/alkalinity is left unchecked or neglected, your aquarium`s chemistry will never truly be stable. Proper KH/alkalinity levels will promote coral and coralline algae growth and aid in stabilizing your pH. Obtaining optimal KH/alkalinity levels will also help to promote strong immune systems for fish and invertebrates. Precision KH Buffer is made with high quality (USP Grade) chemicals, which insures you will not be adding unwanted amounts of metals or organics to your aquarium. Precision KH Buffer will dissolve quickly and mix clear with minimal cloudiness or precipitation when use properly.

Test: It is recommended to test your aquarium`s pH and KH/alkalinity levels prior to use (for Reef aquariums, it is also recommended to test KH/alkalinity). The ideal range in a marine fish or reef aquarium is 8-11 KH or 2.9-4.0 meq/L alkalinity, with 9 KH or 3.2 meq/L alkalinity combined with a pH level of 8.2 to 8.4 being optimal. For most consistent results, test KH/alkalinity and pH at approximately the same time of day each time you test. Note: See formulas below that can be used to convert test results if necessary. Dose: After you have tested your aquarium`s water and have determined your KH/alkalinity starting point, use the following dosage: add 1 level teaspoon (5 grams) for every 50 gallons (189 liters) to raise your KH/alkalinity level by 0.7-2.1 KH or 0.25-0.75 meq/L. The actual increase to your KH/alkalinity will depend on several factors, including actual water volume, pH, organics, carbon dioxide and oxygen levels and the ionic balance of the aquarium. Dissolve the appropriate amount of Precision KH Buffer into 1 cup (240 ml) of freshwater (use R.O. or D.I. water for optimal results). Once you have dissolved Precision KH Buffer, add it to your aquarium in a high flow area. This allows for even distribution throughout the aquarium.

To maintain an alkalinity range of 2.9-4.0 meq/L (8-11 KH), test your water at least once every two weeks and add Precision KH Buffer accordingly. As with any product of this type, if after several weeks of use you are unable to maintain optimal KH/alkalinity levels, your aquarium might have an ionic imbalance or inadequate water flow or aeration levels. If this is the case, it is recommended to perform a water change and increase the surface agitation. If this does not resolve the problem within 48 hours, test your aquarium`s calcium and magnesium levels and add Blue Life Coral Calcium and Coral Magnesium as needed. Use Blue Life Coral Trace weekly to restore needed trace elements to your aquarium.

To convert KH to meq/L:KH x .36 = meq/L
To convert meq/L to KH:meq/L x 2.8 = KH
To convert ppm to KH:ppm / 17.86 = KH
To convert KH to ppm:KH x 17.86 = ppm
To convert meq/L to ppm:meq/L x 50 = ppm
To convert ppm to meq/L:ppm / 50 = meq/L

Wait 5 minutes before adding other buffers or supplements.

This product is not for human consumption. Avoid eye and skin contact. Keep out of reach of children. If ingested contact a physician or poison control center immediately

Active Ingredients:
Salts of Bi-Carbonate and Carbonate

250 gm (8.82 oz) / 500 gm (1.1 lb) / 1000 gm (2.2 lbs)

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Blue Life Precision KH Buffer Reviews

Average Ratings:

Working great Product Review by VASILIS PETROU (Posted on 12/12/10)

Comments: So far so good. Does what it says it will. It was hard like a rock when i got it but nothing a power drilling with a big "well cleaned" bit wont help loosen. I'd recommend it.

Blue Life Precision KH Buffer Product Review by BOWEN KLINE (Posted on 5/19/10)

Comments: The product works as advertised which is great. I dinged the rating by one point because it arrived as a solid block, rather than in a granular/powder state. This tells me it was sitting around in a warehouse somewhere for a long time. I have to scrape the block to get it back into a powder form for use. But as stated previously, it does effectively raise KH as advertised.

Clay's Review Product Review by CLAYTON SIDDENS (Posted on 5/9/10)

Comments: The quality of this product was very low. The jar had a 1/4 of dust on top of it. It looks as like it was on a shelf for 5 years. The product had hardened into one big clump. I had to break it up with a knife to use. After dosing the tank I have not seen an increase in KH.

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