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Boyd Vitachem 4 oz.
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Boyd Vitachem 4 oz.

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Quick Overview

Make your freshwater and saltwater inhabitants healthy and fit with the Boyd Vitachem 4 Oz from Pet Store . It is a very concentrated formula which contains high levels of vitamins and minerals essential to their needs. Using thi...
Product Description

Boyd Vitachem 4 oz. Information

Make your freshwater and saltwater inhabitants healthy and fit with the Boyd Vitachem 4 Oz from Pet Store. It is a very concentrated formula which contains high levels of vitamins and minerals essential to their needs. Using this highly nutritious product will make your fish and other invertebrates less-sickly.

It will increase their immunity against diseases. This will also help regenerate fins. Compared to other freshwater or marine water formula, the Boyd Vitachem 4 Oz contains more Omega3 and amino acids. It has essential nutrients which nature normally provides. This will also help enhance your fish and corals colors. This will make them look more beautiful, vibrant, and glowing. Using the Boyd Vitachem 4 Oz is very simple and easy. It has a clear, detailed instruction so you can properly use the right amount of the product for your aquarium. It costs very affordable making it a convenient formula to use.

It is safe for your inhabitants because it is 100% natural. It does not contain phosphate and nitrate. Using the Boyd Vitachem 4 Oz is your easiest way of providing complete, well-balanced nutrition for your water animals. You can completely rely on this product. Try one now.

A complete vitamin supplement with natural lipids and aminos. It`s great for fin regeneration & preventing lateral line disease. Highest amount of active vitamin C available. 4oz.

Vita-chem for fresh water fish and Vita-chem for marine fish is an extraordinary new fish vitamin introduced by Boyd Enterprises, Inc., manufacturers of the world famous Chemi-pure.

All other fish vitamins on the market use a timeworm approach, adapt an already existing product such as vitamin bases available to the Veterinary profession and put a fish product label on them. This method works to a degree, but to a nominal extent. The aquatic and marine animals and fishes require specialized naturally occurring substances and chemicals and amino acids and lipids to be effectively utilized by their specialized bodily processes.

Vita-chem marine and Vita-chem fresh is a totally new concept in aquatic and marine vitamin formulation and methodology that is - give the animals and fishes exactly what they are missing from their natural habitat and environment in a compact concentrated and easily assimilated solution compatible with their individually specialized systems and environments.

After many years of research by the noted marine life researcher, Mr. John Nobles, in conjunction with Boyd Enterprises, Inc. and a hi tech think tank composed of numerous marine and aquatic biologists and at least ten years of experimentation with thousands of specimens under actual hobbyist conditions - Boyd Enterprises, Inc. is marketing the most effective concentrated environmental vitamin ever to be offered to the aquarium trade. Actually reverses and cures Lateral Line Disease (which is not actually a disease, but an ecologically induced condition).

Can I use the freshwater formula in my saltwater tank, and vice versa?
Yes, you can use either formula in another tank without any harm to it. However for the optimum benefits you should use the proper formula for your aquarium.

Will Vita-chem be removed by the carbon in my tank?
No, you do not have to worry about Vita-chem being removed from your tank before your fish benefit from it?

Will my invertebrates or other plants benefit from the vitamin?
Yes, any living organism in the aquarium will benefit from the vitamin, as it is tissue soluble.


  • Increased growth
  • Fabulous intense natural colors
  • Natural vitality restored
  • Appetite restoration
  • Increased resistance to disease
  • Tends to create natural mating & breeding instincts in aquarium environments (fresh & marine)
  • Brings out the natural colors in fish natures way - tested for over 3 years by the most experienced breeders and hobbyists.
  • A pre-stabilized multi-vitamin, water and tissue soluble - an exclusive revolutionary new concept in vitamin supplements for fresh water and salt water animals and fishes kept in closed systems. Great for fin regeneration and lateral line disease.
  • Vita-chem Marine has 37 added naturally occurring extracts from live organism`s bonded with natural occurring amino acids.
  • Vita-chem fresh has 30 added naturally occurring extracts bonded with natural occurring amino acids that are receptive to and absorbed into fish tissues.
  • Not just a vitamin solution, it is the only solution that contains what fish receive in their natural environment, and which is lost in captivity.
  • Bottled in sealed plastic 4oz bottles, and one gallon bottles for breeders and hatcheries.
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Boyd Vitachem 4 oz. Reviews

Average Reviews

Customer Reviews

Vita Chem is a must! Product Review by GLENN SCHAGELIN (Posted on 2/26/14)

Comments: Almost from the moment we add Vita Chem to out tank the corals open up and look more alive! I would never be with out it!!

Vitachem Product Review by JIMMY SALVATO (Posted on 2/26/14)

Comments: Been using Boyd's products for years with great success.

Excellent supplement Product Review by DarkRealm Overlord (Posted on 2/26/14)

Comments: Boyd Vitachem is a great way to soak your foods before feeding to give the foods a boost in vitamins, aminos, etc. A little goes a long ways. Your fish will love you and be healthier!

Love it! Product Review by JEANIE BROOME (Posted on 2/3/14)

Comments: My fish are healthy and have great color. I know Vita Chem is keeping my fish healthy.

Vita chem Product Review by DOEL GUTIERREZ (Posted on 11/4/12)

Comments: Fish seem to have more color and I had a sick clown that seems to be doing better now and he has his apatite back so I'm happy with the product and will be ordering it again.

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