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Boyd Vitachem 4oz - Freshwater
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Boyd Vitachem 4oz - Freshwater

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Are you having some trouble with introducing new fish to the current environment that you’ve set up inside your tank? Do you think that your fishes are not getting the precise amount of nutrients, which they need, from their recen...
Product Description

Boyd Vitachem 4oz - Freshwater Information

Part #: 16708-5

Are you having some trouble with introducing new fish to the current environment that youve set up inside your tank? Do you think that your fishes are not getting the precise amount of nutrients, which they need, from their recent diets? If this is so, then you may want to avail of the Boyd Vitachem Pet Store. This is a form of solution, which has been carefully formulated by marine scientists to cater to the needs of many aquatic inhabitants for better and more nourishment. You can purchase this in a four-ounce bottle, which can last for numerous weeks. It is recommended that you only use this for freshwater applications.

This solution is essentially a food supplement, and since it is created by experts, you can be confident that this formula is quite safe to pour onto your aquarium water regularly. This is rich in amino acids and lipids, which assure you that your marine inhabitants are getting a high amount of protein in their system. These substances are also quite useful when it comes to the healing of wounds and the regeneration of severed body parts, such as the fins. Plus, though the chemicals are strong, they will not pollute the water.

Making sure that your marine inhabitants are given a full diet, which is complete in the nutritional value, is easy with the Boyd Vitachem.

Boyd Vita-Chem Fresh

A complete vitamin supplement with natural lipids and aminos. It`s great for fin regeneration & preventing lateral line disease. Highest amount of active vitamin C available. 4oz.

Vita-chem for fresh water fish and Vita-chem for marine fish is an extraordinary new fish vitamin introduced by Boyd Enterprises, Inc., manufacturers of the world famous Chemi-pure.

All other fish vitamins on the market use a timeworm approach, adapt an already existing product such as vitamin bases available to the Veterinary profession and put a fish product label on them. This method works to a degree, but to a nominal extent. The aquatic and marine animals and fishes require specialized naturally occurring substances and chemicals and amino acids and lipids to be effectively utilized by their specialized bodily processes.

Vita-chem marine and Vita-chem fresh is a totally new concept in aquatic and marine vitamin formulation and methodology that is - give the animals and fishes exactly what they are missing from their natural habitat and environment in a compact concentrated and easily assimilated solution compatible with their individually specialized systems and environments.

After many years of research by the noted marine life researcher, Mr. John Nobles, in conjunction with Boyd Enterprises, Inc. and a hi tech think tank composed of numerous marine and aquatic biologists and at least ten years of experimentation with thousands of specimens under actual hobbyist conditions - Boyd Enterprises, Inc. is marketing the most effective concentrated environmental vitamin ever to be offered to the aquarium trade. Actually reverses and cures Lateral Line Disease (which is not actually a disease, but an ecologically induced condition).

Can I use the freshwater formula in my saltwater tank, and vice versa?
Yes, you can use either formula in another tank without any harm to it. However for the optimum benefits you should use the proper formula for your aquarium.

Will Vita-chem be removed by the carbon in my tank?
No, you do not have to worry about Vita-chem being removed from your tank before your fish benefit from it?

Will my invertebrates or other plants benefit from the vitamin?
Yes, any living organism in the aquarium will benefit from the vitamin, as it is tissue soluble.

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Boyd Vitachem 4oz - Freshwater Reviews

Average Reviews

Customer Reviews

Love the stuff Product Review by BRIAN WELCH (Posted on 2/17/12)

Comments: I used it mixed with food for my Peacock bass (cichla) to get rid of Hole in head and it worked like magic. I still use it every feeding to prevent and never had a problem. Colors up the fish and they look very healthy.

Newer Vita-Chem not so good. Product Review by KEVIN (Posted on 2/26/14)
Below Average

Comments: For the record, I used this product for many years from about '94 to '99 and I loved it. My fish always colored up a lot whenever I put it in the water.However, this stuff is NOT the same product. they have added omega-3 fatty acids which clump up and make little particles float around your tank for about 3 or 4 days. I remember the old stuff I used to use as being mostly transparent and red in color. The new stuff is a thick yellow mucky substance.In its defense, my rasboras did really color up after eating a lot of the particles. Boyd needs to put this in a fish food and give us the old Vita-Chem back or at least start making the old version as well as the new stuff. Kudos to Customer Service though for sending me a new bottle after the first one arrived with a broken seal. They sent it out with no questions asked and in the most bullet proof packing I have ever seen. Boyd's products are always great and I recomend them even if it's one I haven't tried but, I won't be getting this stuff again; it's just too messy.

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