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Bramton Company / Simple Solution XX-Small Disposable Dog Diapers - 12 Pack
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Bramton Company / Simple Solution Disposable Dog Diapers

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Is your small dog suffering from uncontrollable urination or incontinence? Some dogs are suffer from uncontrollable urges to urinate, defecate or excrete some other bodily fluid. Excitable dogs sometimes do this, but having uncont...

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Product Description

Bramton Company / Simple Solution Disposable Dog Diapers Information

New Disposable Diapers from Simple Solution offer no leak protection for a secure, comfortable fit. Each diaper absorbs wetness and eliminates messes from excitable urination, incontinence, male marking or for puppies that are not yet housetrained. Each diaper features an adjusting elastic tail hole, re-sealable closures and a comfort leg fit.

Sizing Guide
Size Waist Circumference
X-Small 15" - 18"
Small 15"- 19"
Medium 16.5" - 21"
Large 18" - 22.5"
X-Large 18" - 23"
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- Display Less

Bramton Company / Simple Solution Disposable Dog Diapers Reviews

Average Ratings:

Thanks.. Product Review by JOHN BECKER (Posted on 8/4/11)

Comments: The quality and performance is great, however, just one comment. Our little female pom is now 15+ and wears Bramton Company / Simple Solution Disposable Dog Diapers all day/night now. She is semi-active and sometimes has a hard time with her "panties" slipping down on to her tail, therefore, occasionally there is a leak. We have used the Barmton/Simple Solution Disposable Dog Diapers for many years. When we traveled with her, they have been absolutely wonderful! Many thanks for a quality product and fast delivery. The construction and material used is soft/leak proof and it has always appeared to be comfortable for her. We have gone to a smaller size, but still have the slippage occasionally.

Simple Solutions Diapers Product Review by VICKI LOPEZ (Posted on 5/25/10)

Comments: I am very pleased with Simple Solutions Disposable Diapers for dogs. I have used them for the past year for my 15 yr. old Maltese male dog. I have always had problems finding them at the pet stores. The pet stores never seemed to have the large size. I was thrilled when I found them on line thru Petstore.com. I use the large size because I don't put them on him like they made them with the tail thru the hole. The diapers always slipped off that way, I put them around his middle in front of the back legs with the hole in the diaper up on his back and the padding on his abdomen covering his privates. This way when he urinates the diapers catch it all. I use a piece of masking tape to hold the diaper snug with the tabs. These diapers have given my little old dog extra years of life, because now he doesn't pee all over the house. Thank you Simple Solutions.

Juneau's Mom Product Review by DIANA ROACH (Posted on 4/19/10)

Comments: I purchased these diapers first at a well known pet store for about $4.00 more a package. When I ordered these I knew what I needed for Juneau. She is a 13 yrs. old shep/lab mix. Recently she developed a leaking problem when she lays down. Juneau wears the diaper all the time. They are able to be removed when she wants to go outside for her normal visits, then when she comes back in same diaper if clean goes back on her.

Max's Diapers Product Review by ANGIE (Posted on 12/13/09)

Comments: Our 17 year old Shih Tzu started having accidents in the house about 4 months ago. We had to put him in diapers. Of all the brands of diapers we have tried the Simple Solution Pup'sters are the best. The repositionable tabs make it much easier to reuse a dry diaper. We checked a lot of online pet stores and found that The Pet Store had the lowest price. Order a size larger for male dogs, the coverage is much better.

SORRY DIDNT WORK. Product Review by SHANNON DANIELS (Posted on 11/28/08)

Comments: for these dipers being xxsmall they came nowhere close to fitting my dog. She is a toy chiwawhua. and, I tried one on her and, it went plum over her head she has sanitary panties now because, I had to order them from another company .I had to spend even more money. so, I am not happy because, I am stuck with these now and, have no use for them. and, the sanitary panties fit her they are xx small, and 00 thats what the company recomened even though I ordered xx small from you. THANKS, SHANNON