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BrightWell Aquatics NeoMarine 50 Gallon Salt Mix
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BrightWell Aquatics NeoMarine 50 Gallon Salt Mix

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The Brightwell Aquatics NeoMarine Salt Mix is a highly developed solution of macro and micro minerals to achieve a saltwater solution that is dedicated to mimicking the natural conditions of the sea and ocean. Marine chemists of t...
Product Description

BrightWell Aquatics NeoMarine 50 Gallon Salt Mix Information

Part #: NMAR50

The Brightwell Aquatics NeoMarine Salt Mix is a highly developed solution of macro and micro minerals to achieve a saltwater solution that is dedicated to mimicking the natural conditions of the sea and ocean. Marine chemists of the company has fully studied this field to obtain the most realistic combination to give you and your fish the most satisfying saltwater aquarium product of all time. The identity of the salts and their concentration is determined by specialists, carefully processed and packed into a single bag for your convenience. The salts mixed in this product are of ultra high purity to provide you with the most impressive tank you have ever assembled. This product has all the goodness found in seawater and excludes all the unwanted compounds like anti-caking agents, vitamins, proteins, ammonia and phosphate. These unneeded ingredients will only pollute your tank.

Brightwell Aquatics NeoMarine Salt Mix from Pet Store is tested and is found safe for all imaginable marine creatures including fishes, jellyfish, corals, sea anemone, mollusks (scallops, clam, oysters), snails and slugs, starfish, sea urchins and sea cucumbers, crabs and shrimps, and sponge. Even marine plants are not harmed by this product. Three years went into the study and they found out that achieving a realistic setup for your home use could actually induce the natural instincts of your pets such as spawning and breeding. Let your aquaria live as if they are in their natural habitat.

Salt Mix Bucket makes 50 gallons of saltwater

Salt Mix Bucket makes 50 gallons of saltwater

You asked for it. We delivered it.

  • Formulated from natural seawater chemistry
  • Mixes to 1.025 g/cm3
  • Composed of ACS-and USP-grade ingredients
  • Extensively tested for over three years
  • Manufactured in our own facility
Marine chemists estimate that the chemical composition of seawater has remained relatively constant over the past several hundred-million years (perhaps longer than the last billion years); this stability is largely a result of the immense volume of the ocean and the physical, chemical, geological, and biological processes taking place within it. The so-called modern day corals largely responsible for building reefs in tropical marine environments have been in existence for well over 200-million years (soft corals have been around much longer than that!), and more primitive life forms (such as sponges) have been around still longer, collectively evolving and thriving in relatively stable chemical conditions. Recent findings by advanced aquarists and scientists in many countries confirm what has long been suspected: there is no obvious benefit to maintaining the concentrations of calcium and other elements depleted by reef-building organisms at grossly elevated levels; in fact, this practice can be detrimental to their long-term survival. All of these points taken into consideration, it seems elementary to replicate the most important aspects of natural chemical composition of seawater as closely as possible to properly care for delicate marine creatures in captivity. The single most important contributor to success with a marine aquarium is maintaining water parameters within tolerable ranges; no amount of lighting and filtration can compensate for water that is lacking in numerous essential elements and that does not meet the criteria required for survival by marine organisms. A successful marine aquarium therefore begins with quality seawater.

Brightwell Aquatics NeoMarine Salt Mix creates an ideal marine environment for aquarium inhabitants by providing all major elements, all non-conservative (depleted by natural chemical and biological processes) minor and trace elements, and elements known to be utilized in the production of biological pigments (biochromes) in precise natural seawater ratios; all ions are formulated to be present in natural seawater concentrations. Conservative minor and trace elements are not depleted in marine environments, indicating that they are not utilized by marine life or do not take part in chemical reactions in seawater; as such, they are not necessary for the survival of aquarium inhabitants, and are not part of the NeoMarine formulation. NeoMarine is not formulated to have enhanced concentrations of certain elements at the expense of sacrificing others and creating a solution with grossly inaccurate elemental ratios; this formulation is based wholly on current marine science data and extensive testing.

NeoMarine is manufactured in Brightwell Aquatics production facility in Pennsylvania, ensuring that we maintain absolute control over quality; NeoMarine is not outsourced as many competing US-manufactured salts are. Additionally, elements are provided by individual salts (no seawater evaporite is used); this enables us to maintain a consistent formulation and appearance to the finished salt mix at all times. Ingredients are measured using an extremely accurate process, and each batch of NeoMarine is blended in a dry, clean environment. Our production process promotes uniformity of particle size and homogeneity throughout each container. Small batches are created and lot numbered to maintain the highest standards of quality control. NeoMarine utilizes ingredients of superior grades, and contains no detectable ammonia, nitrate, phosphate, or organic substances at standard specific gravity. It dissolves completely to create crystal clear water. NeoMarine
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BrightWell Aquatics NeoMarine 50 Gallon Salt Mix Reviews

Average Reviews

Customer Reviews

Brightwell salt Product Review by JOE KILIAN JR (Posted on 2/26/14)

Comments: I love the salt it is so easy to use. It has everything the tank requires and it just amazing definitely suggest this salt to other people

Great product Product Review by Michtom3 (Posted on 2/26/14)

Comments: I re-entered the hobby within the last year, and began with Instant Ocean Reef salt. After some issues with water chemistry and lackluster coral growth I switched to NeoMarine. The day after my first water change (15% per week) we had a noticable improvement in our corals' color and extension. I've been using NeoMarine for several months now, and have seen continued excellent results with my corals, in terms of color, extension, and new polyp growth.

NeoMarine Salt Mix Product Review by JOHN MOFFETT (Posted on 2/26/14)

Comments: Mixes easily and crystal clear. Chemistry at 1.025 is perfect.

NeoMarine Salt Product Review by MAH (Posted on 2/26/14)

Comments: Salt mixes all claim to be the best and closest to natural. When we find a salt we like, whether it be for the price, availability, packaging or successful marketing by the manufacturer the idea of trying something else can be a hard sell. I switched from D-DH2ocean and I'm satisfied with my choice. My tank looks just as good now as it did with the D-D. Water is testing within an acceptable range (no salt is perfect) of what is considered normal. NeoMarine mixes fast, and dissolves completely. Also, seems to take a little less salt to mix the same amount of water to the desired salinity as with my previous salt. The NeoMarine Salt is still new to me but it looks like it's gonna be a winner.

great product Product Review by PETER HOPPE (Posted on 12/3/13)

Comments: i LoveThis Salt . Consistency Is The Goal In This Hobby And That Is Just What This Salt Delivers Great Parameters Every Time

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