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CAD Lights TIA-1150 Conic Protein Skimmer
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CAD Lights Conic Protein Skimmer

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Quick Overview

The Newly released CAD Lights 2013 Conic protein skimmers has many features that reef hobbyists of all types desire: high quality materials and components, professional craftsmanship, energy efficiency, aggressive performance, per...
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The Newly released CAD Lights Conic protein skimmers has many features that reef hobbyists of all types desire: high quality materials and components, professional craftsmanship, energy efficiency, aggressive performance, perfect sized bubbles, air draw, silent operation, durability etc.. These were all major factors during our designing of all 3 sizes of CAD Lights` Conic skimmers. These skimmer bodies are liquid-mold-casted Acrylic into solid seamless tubes that are incredibly durable. Comes already fully assembled so it is ready to use the moment you receive it!

New upgrades and features include: Air Intake/Silencer is fully adjustable by 360 degree turns for easy access, extra clearance allowing unrestricted air intake and even ozone inlet. Air intake is also completely removable for easy cleaning and changing if needed. Lock-tite pressure control system features fully sealed drain pipe for consistent pressure control that stabilizes fluctuations within the reaction chamber.

While Air draw is crucial to performance, the other main component is Bubble size and quality. CAD Lights` TIA Air injection systems produce super fine and very high quality bubbles for the high efficiency in attachment to DOCs.

  • Extra insulated to feature silent operations, only 5 Decibels over audible sound.
  • High quality water pumps for long lasting high performance, minimal vibrations and silent operation.
  • Flexi-Plastic injection molded pin-wheel impellers for extended life and designed for high volume air draw.
  • Mold-Casted Acrylic body, Solid seamless with no joints. Extra thick Acrylic construction.
  • Attractive Semi-gloss Porcelain color Acrylic.
  • Newest built-in micro-bubble trapping mechanisms virtually eliminates all the micro-bubbles in the exhaust.
  • Laser cut bubble plate dramatically reduces turbulence and improves direction of foam production.
  • Easily disassembles completely for simple maintenance and cleaning. Only 4 thumbscrews to remove for complete access to pump, bubble-plate and internal reaction chamber.
  • Each Conic skimmer comes already fully assembled for simple installation the moment it arrives!
  • 1-Year Manufacturer`s Warranty covers the entire skimmer from top to bottom (including skimmer body, pump, impeller, fittings etc).

  • Dimensions: 9.75" x 6.5" x 18.5"
  • GPH: 375GPH
  • Wattage: Power consumption of 20W
  • Air draw: 315 L/H. 100% of perfectly sized bubbles for Maximum attachment to DOCs (Dissolve Organic Compounds).
  • Optimum Water level 7"-10"
  • Light bio-load:150 Gallon
  • Medium bio-load: 120 Gallon
  • Heavy bio-load: 90 Gallon
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CAD Lights Conic Protein Skimmer Reviews

Average Ratings:

great skimmer Product Review by DANA PADILLA (Posted on 2/26/14)

Comments: I'm very happy and excited with my new skimmer. It immediately started pulling dark skimmate out. No break in time at all. It's pulling out in a day what my old skimmer would pull out in a week. Also its very quiet.

The best skimmer i ever had Product Review by TREVOR HAHN (Posted on 11/26/13)

Comments: Just got this skimmer and its rocking! very beautifully made. i can notice the top quality once I took it out of the box. the cone body is definitely more pronounced and angled which I like more than my old skimmer. I had my cone skimmer (very noisy)for about a year now. scary thing was I actually got used to the sound. once I turned on my new CAD was when I realized how quiet my house was. never again will I want anything that noisy.

Came very well packaged, pretty much completely assembled. only thing I needed to attach was the 3pc air draw kit that took me 45 seconds. put into my sump and within 2 hour I had already 1/4" of gunk! fool proof, I don't know how someone would have trouble with this skimmer. looking into the Bio-reactor to go next to my TIA skimmer.

entry level skimmer Product Review by Mike (Posted on 11/16/13)

Comments: I bought this skimmer for a frag tank. It looks beautiful but performance is sub par. Made in China

solid Product Review by JUANCARLOS GARCIA (Posted on 11/4/13)

Comments: This skimmer. Is so quiet and easi to control
from the moment you open the box you can tell
that is made with quality materials. Am happy with it.

great skimmer. Product Review by ROBERT DIPRIMA (Posted on 6/3/13)

Comments: Great product. Takes 2 days to break in. This is a very tall skimmer 25 inchs. Make sure you have clearance to fit it in your sump. I have 32 inchs clearance and I had to drain my 42 gallon sump to fit in the 19 inch skimmer(without cup). Huge collection cup which is great and fits tight with a nice rubber seal.( Drain line hose for collection cup not included) Quiet performance(you can sleep next to it) and extremely powerful pump(750gph). Keeps the dead spots in your sump flowing rapidly with such a powerful pump. Came assembled before shipped and packed extremely well. Arrived in a quick and timely manner. I have a 120 gallon mixed reef with a 42 gallon custom sump and I wanted a powerful skimmer that could be used on a future 250 gallon tank without purchasing another skimmer. Always go plus two(Larger with a skimmer quote mr.saltwater tank)...For me it was eather cadlights or aquamaxx ecomaxx brands, I chose cad lights due to the pump it had. Cad lights had a 750gph pump and ecomaxx couldnt beat it. Before I bought my sump at the local shop I had it fitted for the tia-1350 he had in stock there another reason I decided to go with cadlights because the footprint of the skimmer fit in my sump. The largest skimmer I could possibly fit in my sump out of any brand on the market for the footprint I had available. Since there are rarely any videos available on this skimmer let me be the first to say its bomb diggity. Running in 8.75 inchs of water currently might raise it up to 8 inchs in the future.

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