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Captive Purity 35 GPD Compact RO
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Captive Purity 35 GPD Compact RO

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Item #: CP1111

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Quick Overview

Place a top quality and high technology reverse osmosis system in your aquarium - the Captive Purity 35 GPD Compact RO from Pet Store . This is a very dependable device as it can remove up to 98 % of the total ionic impurities in...
Product Description

Captive Purity 35 GPD Compact RO Information

Part #: CP1111

Place a top quality and high technology reverse osmosis system in your aquarium - the Captive Purity 35 GPD Compact RO from Pet Store. This is a very dependable device as it can remove up to 98 % of the total ionic impurities in the container. Moreover, it can also eradicate 95-96% of all organic impurities contained. Aside from that, particulate and colloidal impurities will also be flushed out of the aquarium. Further, pesticides, chloramines, chlorine, pyrogen and unwanted micro-organisms will all be erased in the aquarium. Thus, this reverse osmosis system has been carefully built to produce a very pure water while controlling the values of silicates and phosphates in it.

Going further, the Captive Purity 35 GPD Compact RO package can also include drinking water systems in it. Aside from that, custom installation solutions can also be made. Also, all reverse osmosis systems of its kind comes with a ¾ inch plastic garden hose adapter which is non-corrosive. Additionally, you may also order for a 2-stage Compact RO System which has a very economical reverse osmosis process, while maintaining its being ultra-compact.

Here is a guaranteed reverse osmosis system that will surely not let you down and can truly guarantee protection for your fishes, corals, marine plants, and other marine animals.

Captive Purity represents the highest quality in reverse osmosis technology. Captive Purity Reverse Osmosis Systems meet stringent standards and far exceeds the quality of systems from other manufacturers. A wide variety of options ranging from economy 2-stage units to top of the line 4-stage RO/DI units are available to suit your exact needs. Drinking water systems and custom installation solutions are available. Captive Purity Reverse Osmosis Systems are engineered and manufactured under strict guidelines to produce extremely pure water with exceptional focus on minimizing phosphates and silicates. This is a very important feature for reef aquariums.
  • Remove over 98% of all ionic impurities.
  • Remove over 95-96% of organic impurities.
  • Remove colloidal and particulate impurities.
  • Remove micro-organisms and pyrogens.
  • Remove chlorine, chloramines, pesticides, etc.
  • All systems include a non-corrosive 3/4" plastic garden hose adapter (non-brass).
2-stage Compact RO System Features:
  • Ultra-compact and economical reverse osmosis system.
  • 1500 gallon chlorine removal capacity sediment/carbon combo inline prefilter.
  • High flow and rejection TFC membrane
  • Includes non-corrosive 3/4" plastic garden hose adapter (non-brass).
  • Clear Canisters.
**Receive 15% off your replacement sediment filters, carbon filters and membranes when you purchase RO/RODI unit from us.

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Captive Purity 35 GPD Compact RO Reviews

Average Reviews

Customer Reviews

Pretty simple. Product Review by BENNETT OBERLANDER (Posted on 11/25/13)

Comments: I have to agree with everyone who does NOT have a problem putting this together. I've never had an RO filter, and I didn't even read the instructions, which I guess I should have. But I can make it simple for anyone who might be confused when they get this...
1. Hook the white line up to the sink, garden hose, whatever(I used the hose adapter from my python).
2. Black and blue lines in the drain, run water for 15 minutes. (flushes carbon dust BEFORE installing membrane)
3. Turn off the water, disconnect the short white hose between the two filters, unscrew the cap, take the membrane filter out of the wrapper and install it. The end with the small o-rings goes in first.
4. Reconnect the white line and run water for half an hour. (gets the oily crap off the membrane)
5. Start collecting water from blue line. (clean)

I bought this system because my tap water pH is about 9.0 due to carbonate hardness. At first I thought it wasn't working (still tested water over 8.8) because I didn't follow the instructions and didn't flush the carbon filter or wait the half hour for the membrane to get the preservative out of it. After I read the instructions and restarted, I had a pH of 7.0 and TDS below 10. Which is close enough to perfect for me. Now I just need to figure out some plumbing for a float valve so I don't have to watch this thing take 4 hours to fill up a 5 gallon bucket, but if you're going to complain about this being slow, what do you expect, it's 35 gpd?

I should note that both filters in this kit say to flush for twice as long as what the captive purity instructions state. I went with the short route, everything seems to be working fine.

Good so far Product Review by MATTHEW ROSS (Posted on 9/23/13)

Comments: So far it seems good, I've only been using it for a day, but it works as expected. Despite what other reviews stated when I was researching, it is quite easy to put together. We'll see how the water quality is when it comes time to test.

Perfect! Product Review by MICHAEL YUSKO (Posted on 8/12/13)

Comments: I currently have a 30g biocube which I'm upsizing to a 60 gallon tank by the end of the year. I bought this RO unit with hopes of being able to stay on top of weekly water changes to keep the water where it should be and so far after my first change I'm really happy. I bought the unit because I don't need any more production than this makes. The unit seems a little underrated, as I left it for 6 hours and it produced 15-16 gallons.. So, definitely not 1.46gph.

I waited to review the piece until the water was in my tank for over a week and so far so good. Algae grows real fast so I was waiting to see what came of it.. I use Reef Salt to bring the salinity to where I need it.

great product and cheap Product Review by DEJUAN (Posted on 8/31/12)

Comments: I bought this product for my fish tank. I was looking for a way to lower my carbonate/alk which was about 286 on average in the tank. I had a TDS level of 160-200 out of the faucet. by adding salt/ph buffer and other additives my carbonate became too high. This product has been giving me a near zero (0) level of TDS that now gives me a carbonate/alk of 160-200 where I need it to be depending on my salinity and additives. this product is at a great price and does the job.

First time buyer Product Review by ROBERT SAMPSON (Posted on 3/23/12)

Comments: I recieved the unit in find shape and on time. It's performance is as advertised. The only minor complaint would be that it came with no instructions as to hook it up. As a first time user of an R.O. unit I needed to ask a friend that is familiar with them for help. Very simple if you know about them but confusing the first time. Overall, I am very pleased.

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