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Captive Purity Portable pH Pen/Meter
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Captive Purity Portable pH Pen/Meter

This product has been discontinued

Item #: CP2131

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Just a quick question, which component of your aquarium system is the most important? We already know that the pump is the most important piece of equipment for an aquarium system, but which component of an aquarium system is th...
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Part #: PH-0007

Just a quick question, which component of your aquarium system is the most important? We already know that the pump is the most important piece of equipment for an aquarium system, but which component of an aquarium system is the most important? The correct answer is the water. While you can always swap fish and plants and you can always change your equipment, the water really restricts your range of options. You truly need to pay attention to the health of your water for you to have a great aquatic environment for your plant and animal life. One key indicator of water health is the pH level.

The pH level determines the acidity or alkalinity of the water. This has tremendous impact on everything that happens within the tank in terms of your fish's digestion, susceptibility to stress and even their reproductive capabilities. The water pH, in addition to water temperature, is the key to healthy water. To ensure that water pH remains within a healthy range, you should invest in a pH meter and one good pH meter is the Captive Purity Portable PH Pen-Meter from Pet Store.

This pen-meter is waterproof. You just dip the pen in the water solution and you quickly get an accurate pH reading. It is easy to read and regardless of how big your aquarium is, you can swiftly check what your water's pH health level is. The meter is also extremely energy efficient. It can run for 500 hours on regular battery and that is with continuous use. If you are looking for a great pH meter for your aquarium, try the Captive Purity Portable PH Pen-Meter.

This handy pH pen/meter is a great tool for any aquarist. It is extremely easy to use and is waterproof. Simply dip the meter in the solution to get the pH reading. Its high accuracy and resolution also make it suitable even for the most-demanding applications.

Note: pH 7.0 solution is required for calibration.

  • Large Readout Display
  • Range: 0.0-14.0 pH
  • Resolution: 0.01 pH resolution
  • Accuracy: +/- 0.05 pH
  • Fixed Electrode
  • Operating Temperatures: 5`C to 50`C
  • ATC: Automatic Temperature Compensation for accurate readings!
  • Power Supply: 3 x 1.5 Volt (Button Battery)
  • Battery Life: 500 hours of continuous use
  • Size: 6" x 1.00" Largest Diameter
  • Weight: 70 Grams
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Captive Purity Portable pH Pen/Meter Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Works Great, On Second Try Product Review by MERLE STEWART (Posted on 2/26/14)

Comments: It works really well but the first one i recieved would not calibrate to specified PH setting so I had to return for a new one , so two weeks later (because i live on east coast) I got my new one and it works great. Would recommend.

This is fantastic Product Review by JIMMY HOLMES (Posted on 6/21/09)

Comments: I have only had this meter a week but so far it has been great. I work at a wastewater treatment plant and I took this pH meter to work and ran it next to the lab meter we have there. This meter was so accurate it wasn't even funny. It would be nice to have push button calibration but for this price I am not complaining. This is a great little meter and worth the price.

Portable pH Pen Meter Product Review by Dr.HIDY HIRAOKA, PhD (Posted on 5/21/09)

Comments: I found this pH meter is accurate and very easy to use. This meter gives you read-out at 1/00 th accuracy.
I don't like to compare the color with a chart every-time.
It is easy to carry with you.
Reviewed by Dr. Hidy Hiraoka, PhD in Science & Engineering

Excellent for Nano Reefs Product Review by Mynd (Posted on 1/21/08)

Comments: I really like this meter. Works well and you can actually just stick it in the bottle of calibration fluid and let it sit there while calibrating. I have used pinpoint meters before and enjoyed having the probe in the water all the time. However, now with a nano it is easier to just pull out the pen and inside of 30 seconds have an accurate ph reading.. clean off and put it away. Wish they made one for DKH ( that would be awesome ), Magnesium and Calcium, then I would be set.

Short life Product Review by MALCOM GIBSON (Posted on 5/22/11)

Comments: Had this for six months. Was recieved and stayed within 0.1 at the 4,7 and 10 level. Worked a charm until..a 2 unit shift after six months and way off calibratable use. Batteries still at the 6 volt level. Very hard to recommend it now.

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