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CareFRESH® Natural™ Premium Soft Bedding 14L Bag, 2.2 Lbs.
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CareFRESH® Natural™ Premium Soft Bedding 14L Bag, 2.2 Lbs.

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Item #: AB18021

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CareFRESH Pet Bedding/Litter The safest, healthiest bedding for your small pet, rodent, rabbit, bird, reptile or exotic. Made from reclaimed wood pulp waste. Contains no added inks, dyes or chemical contaminants. Can also...

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Product Description

CareFRESH® Natural™ Premium Soft Bedding 14L Bag, 2.2 Lbs. Information

Part #: 18021

CareFRESH® Natural™ is soft, all-natural bedding made from reclaimed wood pulp. It’s safe and comfortable for your pet! New natural odor control formula suppresses ammonia odors nearly 3x longer than original CareFRESH! Absorbs 3x its weight in liquid to keep pets dry and comfortable. It’s fun for nesting and burrowing, and encourages natural behaviors for physical and mental exercise. CareFRESH Natural is soft and comfy for pets; easy on their feet and provides warmth for sleeping. Habitat cleaning and changing are a snap! Earth-friendly CareFRESH Natural is made from a sustainable resource and is biodegradable and compostable. For a Happy Habitat, add CareFRESH Litter Plus & Nestables!

Place 1-3 inches of CareFRESH Natural Premium Soft bedding in your pet’s cage or habitat depending on the number of pets housed. For added performance and fun, use with CareFRESH litter and enrichment products! Change bedding weekly or as needed. Remove damp spots or soiled areas between changes and replace with fresh bedding. Always wash your hands after handling used bedding. ** As with any substrate, there is potential risk of impaction if your pet ingests a sufficient amount of bedding. Observe your pet and seek veterinary care if you suspect impaction of the GI tract. Not intended for grazers such as tortoises.
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CareFRESH® Natural™ Premium Soft Bedding 14L Bag, 2.2 Lbs. Reviews

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Customer Reviews

BEST BEDDING EVER!!! Product Review by MARGARITA PENA (Posted on 5/8/12)

Comments: This is the best bedding eve and i would never use anything else for my two hamsters.This bedding has no dust compresses to somewhat a good amount and i was lucky enough to find it for much cheaper on here.

Love it! Product Review by BROOKE TOSTE (Posted on 12/22/11)

Comments: Great product. And great value!

BEST. PRODUCT. EVER. Product Review by Daisy'sMommy (Posted on 6/2/10)

Comments: I use this product inside my bunny, Daisy's, cage and litter box. I used to put a different product in her litter box, but it was little tiny styrofoamy like balls and they got everywhere! CareFresh is totally eco friendly, and very soft on her feet, which is important because her breed, mini rexes, are prone to sore hocks.
It's absorbent, controls order, and she really seems it love it, so I can't say enough good things about it.

The only bedding I'd ever use.

Best solution yet!! Product Review by Big Bird (Posted on 3/23/09)

Comments: Great stuff. Keeps odors totally away. Easy to use. Looks good. Lasts a long time. Only downside is dust as you change out the old and put in the new, otherwise zero problems. No dust once its in cage. Recommend changing outside or giant trash sack around entire tray as you dump it out or both. Highly recommend this over any product out there.

Carefresh litter Product Review by JOHN BOZICK (Posted on 2/8/09)

Comments: I have 3 Guinea Pigs and I use carefresh products instead of wood products as wood can hurt the Cavies digestive tract. Plus its made from recycled paper. I strongly recommend this product for any other cavie owner.