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CO2-Proof Tubing - Black (per ft)
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CO2-Proof Tubing - Black (per ft)

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Enabling your air pumps to do their jobs well requires the right equipment. The CO2-Proof Tubing from Pet Store is the perfect partner of your air pump for its improved performance. Regular airline tubing is made up of materials...
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CO2-Proof Tubing - Black (per ft) Information

Part #: 1A-158-01

Enabling your air pumps to do their jobs well requires the right equipment. The CO2-Proof Tubing from Pet Store is the perfect partner of your air pump for its improved performance. Regular airline tubing is made up of materials where up to 20% of carbon dioxide penetrates and released through the membranes. Airline tubing made of silicone reacts negatively with carbon dioxide, and it hardens through continuous contact with the compound. These types decrease the performance of your air pumps.

With the CO2-Proof Tubing, you are able to optimize the use of your air pumps. It is made of compact materials that are resistant to carbon dioxide, limiting the release of the compound to as low as 1%. The tubing does not react negatively to the compound, and it stays soft and flexible despite the prolonged exposure to carbon dioxide.

The CO2-Proof Tubing comes in a black color, and it can be ordered in various foot measurements, depending on your required length. It can be used for both freshwater and saltwater systems, including the Kalkreacktor application.

The CO2-Proof Tubing can be a good replacement for regular and silicone-made airline tubing where bending and twisting are prevalent problems. The CO2-Proof Tubing can fit all stones that measure t about 3/16 inches in diameter.

CO2-Proof Tubing (Black)

CO2-Proof Tubing - Normal airline tubing can lose up to 20% of CO2 through its membrane. Silicone tubing reacts w/ CO2 and render it less efficient (thus the silicone hardening over time under CO2 usage). Our special CO2 Resistant Tubing loses less than 1% of CO2. Also perfect for saltwater use (eg: Kalkreaktor). Rated Class I for both CO2 and saltwater applications. Unlike other so-called CO2 Tubing which is rigid, ours is soft and flexible. Choose between transparent green, transparent blue and black. 4/6mm ID/OD.

Can also be used as an upgrade from regular air line tubing for air pumps and their accessories where kinking or extreme weather temps are a problem. This tubing will fit all 3/16" airstones and manifolds we carry.

**Variations of this product can be found in many online stores. The version we carry is of the highest quality. Although this item is eligible for price matching under our Low Price Guarantee, please be certain the product you want to price match is the same make and model.


4/6mm ID/OD


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CO2-Proof Tubing - Black (per ft) Reviews

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Customer Reviews

not just tubing Product Review by CHARLES GOODMAN (Posted on 2/26/14)

Comments: Two things to know, it is stiffer which is good since the vinyl tubing tends to bend and decrease flow of CO2 and it has less gas loss which means you tank lasts longer.
If you bother to have a good calcium reactor, use this tubing, it is worth the few extra cents.

CO2 Tubing Product Review by JOE NEMEC (Posted on 9/16/13)

Comments: The best CO2 Tubing I have used.

CO2 Airline Product Review by KEVIN STERNER (Posted on 6/7/13)

Comments: I prefer black tubbing for CO2 or airline. This perticular tubing is rather flexable concidering other brands. Not sure what brand this one is tho. I found when using small runs that need a bend, Cut to lengh, soak in hot water for a few mins., Then attach the run. When re-adjusted to room temp. it takes on the twist, turn, or bend. It might work for over the tank bends. I use glass U-pipes for over the lip of the tank applications.

tough as nails Product Review by JOSHUA SACHS (Posted on 8/15/12)

Comments: excellent tubing but be warned, this stuff can be partially inflexible. I found it hard to bend it like you would normal airline tubing and its hard to fit around things like check valve openings. you can twist and push, but be careful you don't crack the plastic you're trying to wrap this around.

co/2 tubing Product Review by ROBERT DENZER (Posted on 7/29/12)

Comments: great tubing, i like the choise of a diffenent color, have to order some more for my 2 other tanks and its no too stiff to work with.

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