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Coralife Luft Pump
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Coralife Luft Pump

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Quick Overview

Fill your aquarium with as much air as it needs with the Coralife Luft Air Pump from Pet Store . This air pump gives great pressures that enables your aquarium devices to produce air bubbles and power that they need to perform ...
Product Description

Coralife Luft Pump Information

Part #: 5144

Fill your aquarium with as much air as it needs with the Coralife Luft Air Pump from Pet Store. This air pump gives great pressures that enables your aquarium devices to produce air bubbles and power that they need to perform their functions. It is powered by a magnetic piston pump that enables it to release constant and elevated flow of air. Its housing is coated with aluminum and can withstand pressures in and out of water environments. It has a rubber base that reduces vibrations enabling your pump to operate quietly.

The Coralife Luft Air Pump is designed to support single as well as multiple air-driven aquarium devices. It has four metal valve outlets and six plastic valve outlets that can be adjusted to fit several devices at the same time. It can accommodate protein skimmers; oxygen and ozone reactors; airstones like limewood; foam, corner and under-gravel filters; air-operated ornaments and; similar devices.

The Coralife Luft Air Pump works well with high pressure devices and yet remains energy efficient in its operations. It also features an air filter that can be removed for cleaning purposes and replaced when needed. The pump is compact and measures only 6.75in x 3.5in x 3in. With the Coralife Luft Air Pump, you only need one pump to produce multiple results.

The Coralife Luft Pump produces a high-pressure output perfect for protein skimmers, ozone/oxygen reactors and other high-pressure/high-flow devices. Also suitable for limewood and other airstones, foam filters, corner filters, under-gravel filters, and air-driven ornaments, especially in deep-water applications.

Dimensions: 6.75in x 3.5in x 3in

7.0 PSI

4.0 lpm

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Coralife Luft Pump Reviews

Average Reviews

Customer Reviews

Coralife Luft pump Product Review by BELINDA WILSON (Posted on 8/5/13)

Comments: Found this to be an excellent pump so far and very quiet. Works very well on my 125 gal. tank.

Surprisingly powerful and qui Product Review by PIERRINO MASCARINO (Posted on 6/11/12)

Comments: It's small and quiet. It pumps mucho air. From the bottom of my 300 gal tanks it erupts a big bubble bunch,even with an air stone attached.
Pierrino Mascarino

Air Product Review by Fish Whisperer (Posted on 12/30/11)

Comments: I have owned many air pumps. I have tried to avoid an expensive one. This one is not cheap. I have put it through the test and now I am getting a couple more. The adjustable power is something I want. The pump was pumping air through a stone in 6 feet of water and still quite. As far as performance goes A+. As far as construction goes A+. The test of time is next.

Worth the price! Product Review by shafman1 (Posted on 12/14/10)

Comments: I've had several pumps over the year. The Coralife Luft Pump is made very well. I bought a Hagen Optima pump which is similar, but only puts out about 4 psi. I needed a high pressure pump to run ozone into my skimmer. The diaphrams in the Optima went bad in less than a year. Although they are cheap and easily replaced, I don't want to bother repairing equipment unnecessarily. I bought replacement diaphrams for the Luft pump at the same time and it's obvious why the Luft pumps works so well. The diaphram has a lot stronger construction than most so it won't split after a few months use. The Luft pump also has a small foot print for the PSI output. It's quite a bit smaller than the Optima it replaced. I've read that the Luft pump will last 10 years or more. If you need a high pressure pump that's quiet and won't fail prematurely, the Luft pump should be your first choice!

great! Product Review by TIM STAPLETON (Posted on 7/9/10)

Comments: The higher volume & pressure has increased the output of my ozonator. Very quiet. Great product.

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