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CPR AquaFuge Light 1318
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CPR AquaFuge Light 1318

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Item #: CR1771

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Enhance the brightness of your refugium with the use of a highly effective lighting system. Try the CPR Aquafuge Light 1318 from Pet Store and see the difference in the lighting capacity of your system. Specifically designed for...
Product Description

CPR AquaFuge Light 1318 Information

Part #: CPRL1318

Enhance the brightness of your refugium with the use of a highly effective lighting system. Try the CPR Aquafuge Light 1318 from Pet Store and see the difference in the lighting capacity of your system. Specifically designed for the CPR AquaFuges, this lamp system has a housing that has an attractive silver finish. This elegantly polished housing is built strong to protect the bulb units inside the case from excessive moisture and heat. The system offers two choices of stands: the standard stand is colored grey and made of plastic while the other stand is clear colored but handcrafted and made of acrylic. Both stands can effectively provide structural support by acting as external brace of the Aqua Fuge.

The lighting system can accommodate daylight bulbs of different wattages (18 watts, 24 watts or 36 watts) . It comes with a highly efficient reflector that can intensify the lumen released by the bulbs twice as much as their standard brightness. It also enables you to direct the lights to areas you want it to focus on. It has an external starter that is replaceable if needed.

With the CPR Aquafuge Light 1318, you are able to give your refugium pets the light they need to stay healthy and lively. The Model 1318 is recommended to be used in AquaFuge Small or AquaFuge Pro. Every purchase of the system comes with an 18-watt daylight bulb.

These lights are designed specifically for use with CPR`s AquaFuges and feature an attractive silver housing, efficient reflector, and a replaceable external starter. These lights have two stand options; the standard grey plastic stands or CPR`s handcrafted clear acrylic stands that act as an external brace to provide additional structural support of the AquaFuge. The new CPR lights come in three different bulb wattages, 18W, 24W, and 36W and will provide ample light for your refugium inhabitants to stay healthy and happy. Model 1318 is for use with AquaFuge Small or AquaFuge Pro (2 units required). Includes an 18W daylight PC bulb. 13"L x 4.3"W

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CPR AquaFuge Light 1318 Reviews

Average Reviews

Customer Reviews

CPR 2436 Product Review by JUSTIN OLSON (Posted on 2/26/14)

Comments: I first tried the JBL nano lights, I really like the concept of LED, lower concuption and cooler running. Exchanged that light for this one, what a difference there was just in the first day. My cheato algae had been wilting on the side away from the JBL. Once this light had a chance to cycle a couple og days, the Algae started to show new growth right away. I have the hang on back fuge, I wish this had been designed a little better to prevent light from going everywhere, since I do run it opposite of my tank lights. I too will be glueing a piece of rubber in to block it.

Good refugium light Product Review by LEONARD THOME (Posted on 8/15/13)

Comments: This is my second fuge light from CPR aquatics. My first one used the day light but it ran too hot and cooked my macroalgae and actually scorched parts of the hood of the light itself. The 50/50 light is better, in my opinion, as it runs cooler while putting off enough light to keep my macroalgae and pods alive in my refugium.

CPR Refugium light Product Review by KAREN (Posted on 5/14/13)

Comments: I bought the 50/50 light for my small HoB refugium.
Only have it one week, but so far so good.
It's bright enough for my macro algae.
Fits nice, the included grey mounts work great.
It removes easily for maintenance.

Great fuge light Product Review by Kevin (Posted on 11/13/12)

Comments: Nice light, worth the money. No complaints so far, does run a little warm on top

excelent Product Review by LORI DELAY (Posted on 11/13/12)

Comments: I BOUGHT THIS ITEM TO GO WITH CPR AQUA FUGE HANG ON BACK REFUGIUM. It works extreamly well, i love it. With the light on the stands some of the light shows into display tank from the top. It needs the light stands so im thinking i will get a piece of plexy glass ans put 3layers of black paint on it and silicone it in place so it wont let light in over the top. Painting the back side out side of your tank with 3 coats of paint helps. I prefer black. I would recommend this light to anyone. I plan on buying another one for my other tank. 5 stars thank you Customer Service don't know what i would do with out you. Very helpfull and i consider you the best in the industry that ive found.

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