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CPR CR500 Wet/Dry Filter (Wet/Dry Only)
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CPR CR500 Wet/Dry Filter (Wet/Dry Only)

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Experience a different kind of cleaning with the CPR CR500 Wet/Dry Filter from Pet Store . This is a good substitute for your protein skimmers when you want to save money and energy on electricity. You can use this either when yo...
Product Description

CPR CR500 Wet/Dry Filter (Wet/Dry Only) Information

Part #: CR500

Experience a different kind of cleaning with the CPR CR500 Wet/Dry Filter from Pet Store. This is a good substitute for your protein skimmers when you want to save money and energy on electricity. You can use this either when you're changing the entire water of your tank, or when you just like to clean the water for maintenance purposes.

The CPR CR500 Wet/Dry Filter is essentially a glass case that is smaller in size than a standard aquarium. This equipment is divided into two compartments. One side is filled with a filter foam that will sift through your water, and separate the clean liquid from solid debris and other particles. The other side of the case is empty. This is wear the filtered water will go, pouring from a small hole that is sealed with a screen, which will further sieve the liquid.

The CPR CR500 Wet/Dry Filter is also powerful enough to remove any traces of harmful elements in the water, such as nitrate, ammonia, and phosphate. With this product on hand, you now have the benefit of cleaning your tank without using much energy.

With the CPR CR500 Wet/Dry Filter, you are can now see for yourself how your filtration system works, and you will be amazed at how efficient it operates to give you a cleaner and fresher aquarium.

The value of a biological filter depends on how well it performs the tasks of oxygenation, ammonia conversion and gas exchange on a long term basis. In the wet/dry filter, air and water mix as water trickles over an exposed filter media such as Bio BaleTM. Biological filtration and gas exchange occur as the water flows in a thin layer over the media surface. (CR Series filters provide optimum growing conditions for bacteria which oxidize nitrite and toxic ammonia.) The rapid oxidation of ammonia and nitrite helps to maintain a stress free environment for aquatic life.

CPR filters are designed for long term reliability and ease of maintenance. These filters incorporate superior design features, such as:
  • Simple installation and operation.
  • Compact size to easily fit under your aquarium stand.
  • Excellent craftsmanship, all edges flame polished.
  • Efficient drip plate or drip lid dispersal.
  • Specially designed vented lids allow for proper gas exchange, and do not warp.
  • Recommended Tank Size: Up to 60 Gallons
  • Media Capacity: 2 Gallon
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 16" x 8" x 12"
  • Inlet/Outlet (Bulkhead): 3/4"/none
  • Internal Sump (L x W): 7.5" x 7.25"
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CPR CR500 Wet/Dry Filter (Wet/Dry Only) Reviews

Average Reviews

Customer Reviews

Great little product! Product Review by Eric G (Posted on 2/26/14)

Comments: This is a great little product. Works well, and good manufacturing quality. No complaints here.

Fantastic Product Review by MICHAEL MCMANUS (Posted on 7/26/12)

Comments: The wet dry filter is fantastic. Have a well stocked (they breed like rabbits) 50g cichlid tank. The water stays crystal clear, the fish are all healthy, and the filter replacement is cheap. Definatly reccomend getting this system. The upfront cost is higher than a typical HoB filter but not having pay 8 dollars a cartrige once a month really makes it much cheaper in the long run.

Only complaint is that the lid is kind of hard to get off in tight compartments. If you have a tall stand or are putting the sump on the side of the tank then its a non issue.

Built well, made to last Product Review by JOSHUA BROOKBANK (Posted on 1/27/09)

Comments: I bought this because i wanted to change my filtration method, Thick plastic includes everything you need, space for protein skimmer and heater. I like it.

Quality Product Product Review by KEITH CHASSE (Posted on 8/17/09)

Comments: This is a good product. Very well built. If you buy the kit designed for up to a 60 gallon tank, you might not actually get a funtional kit when it is purchased. The hose going from the overflow to the sump will not fit the connectors, so out of the box, the kit cannot function. You need to spend an addition 15 dollars on a sister site of CPR to find the adapters and have them shipped to you. The bad thing is, you dont know these adapters are needed until you read the instructions with the kit. The quality of the product is outstanding. Whether the product can actually be considered a "kit" is another thing as the word "kit" implies that additional parts will not needed once it has been delivered. I would have given this a MUCH higher rating if it was shipped as a true "kit". To put it in a different prospective, if you buy a model airplane "kit"...one wouldn't assume you have to buy the wings seperately.

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