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Deltec External Protein Skimmer APH525
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Deltec External Protein Skimmer AP Series

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Quick Overview

This is the shortest of the AP skimmer range and is designed to fit in many of the older type cabinets which tend to have a reduced height. All AP525 skimmers are fitted with an Aquabee pump and Deltec needle wheel impellor for u...
Product Description

Deltec External Protein Skimmer AP Series Information

This is the shortest of the AP skimmer range and is designed to fit in many of the older type cabinets which tend to have a reduced height.

All AP525 skimmers are fitted with an Aquabee pump and Deltec needle wheel impellor for unbeatable performance. The 230V version of the AP525 is fitted with 1 pump drawing in 350lts of air per hour making it suitable for aquariums up to 700 lts (155 UK gallons)

The skimmer must be supplied with water either by gravity feed from the aquarium or via a separate pump.

Technical Data:

Can be stood either in or beside a sump or beside the aquarium.
Can be gravity or pump fed (supply pump not supplied).
Water throughput - 600 lts/hr, (133 UK gallons/hr).
350 litres of air/hr are produced at the venturi.


L 280mm W 210mm H 525mm (allowing for removal of the cup).
Hard pipe connections - Supply - 20mm Return - 32mm
Flexible connection 16/20mm hosetail
Skimmer body - 125 mm diameter
Riser tube - 75 mm diameter


Normal Stocking 700 lts (155 UK gallons)
Heavy Stocking 450 lts (100 UK gallons)

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Deltec External Protein Skimmer AP Series Reviews

Average Ratings:

Great Skimmer Product Review by CC (Posted on 2/26/14)

Comments: The simmer is big!!! I have on a 265 and it does a great job of pulling gunk.Does get a little sensitive after a water changes.The only reason I didnt rate it a 5 is power consumption..104 watts!!!

AP 600 Product Review by MIKE MARTIN (Posted on 3/23/12)

Comments: This is a great skimmer. Like the size and footprint. A powerhead that pushes 300 gph at 1ft. head pressure works great. Did not have to use ball valves I put inline with this amount of waterflow. The only issue I had was the construction of the air inlet valve and how it was mounted. I have had no problems and works fine, but for the money I would expect the valve to be more secure so nothing breaks.

love this skimmer Product Review by MARLON BRAVO (Posted on 9/10/10)

Comments: For the Deltec APH525. Sure, there are plenty of great skimmers out there but find me one small enough to fit in an undersized cabinet with barely any space left that won't sacrifice the same performance you'd expect out of a larger skimmer. Hands down, it works and it works great. I'd like to say it works right out of the box but if there's anything keeping this from 10 stars, this is it. You absolutely need a ball valve on the return outlet to achieve the optimal water level required to get this skimmer to work effectively. I'm using two little fishes 3/4". Fortunately, the higher end models come equipped with return ball valves.

Poor Quality over time Product Review by Mike K (Posted on 3/28/10)

Comments: I purchased one of these a while back before Deltec had a wide distribution system in the US. It worked wonderfully for about two years, but eventually started to become troublesome. Skimmer output slowly dropped over time and it required frequent cleaning to keep the skimmer operating (the little needlewheel pump would stop spinning; a bath of warm water would revive it). One day I came home to find a small puddle of water on the floor - I noticed the acrylic weld that joined the pump bulkhead to the body of the skimmer had developed extremely fine cracks and water was seeping out in small drops. I tried to seal the cracks with some silicone as a stop-gap, but more cracks formed over time. Maybe the little pump caused too much vibration and broke the weld, I don't know, but one day enough water leaked out that the pump ran dry and stopped working altogether... and thus died the Deltec.

Extremely disappointed with the construction of this skimmer and its unfortunate demise, especially given the money spent on it. I am now running the older skimmer it replaced, which has outlasted it by several years...

Good product Product Review by TERRY SIMMS (Posted on 4/24/09)

Comments: Well built, good construction. Skims well. So far so good, no issues.

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