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Deltec Internal Protein Skimmer MC500
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Deltec Internal Protein Skimmer MC500

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Quick Overview

Tank mounted Installation . The MC500 fits tidily inside the aquarium against either the back or side wall and normally can be fitted using the bracket supplied, (either clear front face or black back face forwards). As long ...
Product Description

Deltec Internal Protein Skimmer MC500 Information

Part #: 31116000

Tank mounted Installation.

The MC500 fits tidily inside the aquarium against either the back or side wall and normally can be fitted using the bracket supplied, (either clear front face or black back face forwards). As long as the water level does not exceed the maximum shown on the body then the unit will operate.

Sump Mounted Installation

The skimmer can be used in any sump as long as the water depth is greater than 125mm and does not exceed the max level shown on the body. An adjustable weir plate is provided which raises the water level to the correct height for any depth of water.

Technical Data
  • MC500 Skimmer : Article No. 31116
  • Can be used either in a sump or inside an aquarium.
  • Minimum water level when used within a sump is 5".
  • The skimmer does not require any form of additional feed pump.
  • 250 litres of air are produced at the venturi.
  • L 8.25" W 3.55" H 20.9" (allowing for removal of the cup).
  • The minimum sump water level is 5".
  • The body of the unit sits 3.25" out of the water plus the height of the collection cup.
  • Normal Stocking 175 US gallons
  • Heavy Stocking 120 US gallons
Electrical Consumption:
  • Pump - Aquabee 2000AS with Deltec Pinwheel - 10W for 110V version
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Deltec Internal Protein Skimmer MC500 Reviews

Average Reviews

Customer Reviews

Awesome Skimmer Product Review by ANNE ALLDREDGE (Posted on 12/15/13)

Comments: I've been running a Red Sea Max 250 for almost three years now and have never been happy with the skimmer it came with but couldn't bring myself to upgrade. I finally bought this skimmer a few weeks ago and now I'm wishing I'd bought it much sooner.

Compared to the old skimmer this one is dead silent. It was a little noisy the first week or so while it was breaking in and I was making fine adjustments, but now that it's pretty well adjusted and broken in I really have to listen hard to hear it at all. There are also no micro bubbles in my display anymore which was one of many problems with the old skimmer.

The construction of the skimmer is high quality with nice finishing on the small details (beveled edges, filed down edges of screw holes, etc.). The only problem I had was that one of the screws stripped out when I was putting it on my tank (that was probably my fault for over tightening it though). Other than that I haven't had any problems and it's been pulling much more and much darker skimmate than my old skimmer.

I gave it 4.5 stars instead of 5 because the collection cup is a little small in my opinion, and only the front of the cup is clear which makes it hard to see if/when I need to empty it. If it were clear on the top I would be able to look at it from the access flap on the RSM hood instead of lifting the entire hood up.

Overall this is a great skimmer and I highly recommend it to anyone with a Red Sea Max or anyone looking for a good skimmer for a tank around 50-75 gallons.

Awesome!! Product Review by CHRISTINE (Posted on 11/4/10)

Comments: Got this for my RSM 250. Couldn't be happier with it's performance. Easy to fit, easy to run, easy to clean. Increase in water clarity, decrease in green algae on the glass and quiet! Never any microbubbles in the tank, not even from the start. My tank is pretty heavily stocked and this skimmer handles it with ease...highly recommend!

Deltec MC500 Product Review by RedSea 250 (Posted on 5/7/10)

Comments: I'm definetely a satisfied customer, very happy with the skimmer.I have a RedSea250 that is stocked heavily,the skimmer pulls some "stinky water" that my old skimmer wouldn't.
I recommend this little monster to my friends.

Amazing skimmer! Product Review by ERIC (Posted on 1/23/10)

Comments: Just got this skimmer to replace the one that came with my elos mini, which was impossible to adjust. It fits perfectly and was truly plug and play. Haven't gotten it fully broken in yet but this skimmer is amazing!!! Was pulling dark gunk out of the water within two hours. I've used several skimmers over the years and I've seen nothing like this before. Definitely recommend!

the best Product Review by TONY YAMMINE (Posted on 11/25/09)

Comments: i had to sell this skimmer because i needed a hob big mistake i made..ultra quality performance very well build beleive me well worth the money for this.

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