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You will find a wide variety of dog and puppy toys from plush toys to rubber dog toys to latex toys. You can also find interactive toys like tennis ball launchers to help you get involved in their play time. For dogs that destroy any toy given to them in a matter of minutes, check out the Kong line of toys for almost indestructible dog toys.

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  1. Mammoth Tirebiter Mini Pawtrack

    Mammoth Tirebiter

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    If you are an owner of pet dogs, you are surely familiar with their natural desire to chew. If they have nothing to chew on, they will use anything just to satisfy their urge - even if it means tearing through your living room cou...
  2. Mammoth Tirebiter Large 10 in

    Mammoth Tirebiter Large 10 in

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    Are you tired of having to reprimand your canine verbally because it keeps on biting and gnawing at your furniture? Why not try a different approach to make it stop. Instead of telling it off, just focus its attention to the Mammo...

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