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Dolphin Marine Bio Booster 18 oz.
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Dolphin Marine Bio Booster

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Item #: DP6111P

Quick Overview

Contains live cultures
Pure microorganisms preserved for long shelf life
A balanced blend of seven strains of complimentary nitrifiers with enhanced reproduction rates
Super Max concentrate
Rapidly establishes new ...
Product Description

Dolphin Marine Bio Booster Information

  • Contains live cultures
  • Pure microorganisms preserved for long shelf life
  • A balanced blend of seven strains of complimentary nitrifiers with enhanced reproduction rates
  • Super Max concentrate
  • Rapidly establishes new systems and controls buildup of many harmful organic wastes
  • Dosage: one teaspoon per 25–50 gallon of water weekly.
  • 18oz.
Marine Bio Booster is a liquid bacterial preparations unlike any other formulations on the market. Bio Booster is a blend of multiple strains of laboratory pure bacteria. This blend is comprised of the bacteria responsible for the nitrification process. These strains have been genetically enhanced through natural mutation in the laboratory. The bacteria in Bio Booster have been refined and cultivated for over fifteen years. Bio Booster is used by Woods Hole Marine Biological Labs for maintaining aquariums used in genetic research and by large chain stores like Pet Supermarket & Rainforest Cafe for maintaining store systems.

The bacterial strains found in Bio Booster come from both tropical and temperate environments from around the world. This gives Bio Booster the ability to perform in both warm and cold water environments. Special culturing methods employed by Dolphin Pharmaceuticals provides the hobbyist with a bacterial preparation that has the utmost nitrifying capabilities available. Bio Booster will "cycle" systems and maintain a balanced bacterial bed of various nitrifiers that assure rapid removal of ammonia and nitrites. Bio Booster has bacterial strains to combat organic amines and toxic mercaptans. These little known toxins are by products of incomplete organic decomposition and are responsible for many inexplicable and costly "system crashes". Bio Booster also contains bacteria that help combat pathogenic outbreaks that are common found in newer systems. Using Bio Booster, specimens can be introduced to a prepared new system in as little as four hours, without harm from ammonia.

The stabilization process incorporated in Bio Booster keeps the bacterial strains in Bio Booster active for long periods of time extending shelf life. These methods employ ultra filtration, cell washing, and a proprietary nutrient/oxygen release system. Denitrifiers and other organisms found in competitive products are deliberately left out of Bio Booster. We found that enzymes secreted by these organisms rapidly deactivate the nitrifiers in a process called cell lysis. This renders these other products useless in a very short period of time. Dolphin recommends and offers a separate product called Bio Denitrator to finish the nitrogen cycle and complete the bacterial colonization of the aquarium.

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Dolphin Marine Bio Booster Reviews

Average Ratings:

Outstanding Product Review by JOSH (Posted on 2/26/14)

Comments: This additive does what it says it will. Definitly buy this product. Well worth the money.

Another Great Product Product Review by BRENT BRYAN (Posted on 5/8/09)

Comments: Had nitrate issues and Dinoflagellates.....added this to my aquarium along with Dolphin Bio-Denitrator and both are nearly gone after only about a week of treatment. Dolphins customer service is TOP NOTCH and they are very knowledgible! Only problem is that Marine Depot should stock Bio-Denitrator because these products go hand in hand for nitrate cycling and removal. BEST PRODUCT FOR BIOLOADING BAR NONE!!

Booster Product Review by SEAN SPARGUR (Posted on 5/9/08)

Comments: Seems to have made my cycle progress much quicker than normal.

Not sure Product Review by ROGER BECKMAN (Posted on 3/18/08)

Comments: I used this in starting my Reef and its 370 gallons with 285 pounds of live rock flown in from the islands. Not sure how it helped but all is working and doing good!

Marine Bio Booster Product Review by DIANA SILVA (Posted on 2/13/08)

Comments: I have a 6 week old new salt water setup. Having some cloudy water issues while Live rock was curing. This product helped cean things up nicely, and seems to be speeding up the nitrification cycle. Great product!

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