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Eheim 1212 Aquaball Powerhead
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Eheim 1212 Aquaball Powerhead

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Item #: EH1212

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When it comes to aquarium supplies , Eheim is a well-known and respected brand name. Professional aquarists recommend Eheim, and for a good reason - the brand's reputation dates back to decades ago when it all began. Throughout a...

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Part #: 1212090

When it comes to aquarium supplies, Eheim is a well-known and respected brand name. Professional aquarists recommend Eheim, and for a good reason - the brand's reputation dates back to decades ago when it all began. Throughout all these years, Eheim earned a very-well deserved large number of following. These patrons have proven to be very loyal, indeed. And why shouldn't they? Eheim produces affordable yet reliable products. The company's dedication to high quality is tanigble in all their products, including the Eheim 1212 Aquaball Powerhead from Pet Store.

The Eheim 1212 Aquaball Powerhead is a water pump shaped like a ball that fits into a socket. This design allows for easier installation because it attaches easily to the sides of a tank. It is compact, too, so it doesn't eat up a lot of space.

This pump has a built-in diffuser that can mix water and air. Because of this, it can be used for a variety of purposes, such as circulate water and operate a filter. The water flow can be adjusted to move in any direction you want. The rate of the water can be adjusted too, up until 172 gph.

The Eheim 1212 Aquaball Powerhead has a three-year warrantee from the date it is purchased. You aren't only getting a great pump, but you're getting excellent customer service, too.

Eheim Aquaball Powerhead 1212

Revolutionary ball in socket design allows you to adjust water flow in any direction. All-purpose pump for movement of water and operation of undergravel filter. Adjustable flow rate with maximum of 172 gph. Easily attaches to side of aquarium. Integrated diffuser mixes air with water.


  • 3D adjustment of the pump
  • Adjustable pump capacity
  • Clip-On rapid fixation
  • Integrated diffuser
  • Pump output: 210-650 l/h / 56-172 US gal/h
  • Deliv.head: 0,43 m / 1`5"
  • Power consumpt.: 6 W
  • Hose connection: 19/27 mm
  • Weight: 1 lb


3 year warranty

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Eheim 1212 Aquaball Powerhead Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Tough and reliable Product Review by HENRY LUCIANO (Posted on 7/27/13)

Comments: Decided to get back into the hobby, plugged it after 3+ years sitting in a box (probably not cleaned very well either) and works like the day I bought it. Bit larger than other powerheads but I like the easily adjustable flow and mounting.

e-heim products Product Review by STEVEN SMITH (Posted on 7/23/09)

Comments: I use 4 of these in my aquarium. Two have the spray bar attachment and tqo utilize aeriator tube. They do a fantastic job of aeriating the water and the spray bar attachments, complimented with the other two create just the right surface action and current. I would recommend these to anyone as well as any e-heim product. I swear by e-heim. incidentally, my aquarium is 300 gallons and 8 feet long. That is why I need 4 to create all the surface action.

great Product Review by MANDIE CROSSMAN (Posted on 10/16/07)

Comments: This is realy the perfect powerhead for my tank i have a 40g and i have two of the aquaballs and i just love them. the ball design is great so easy to adjust to what you need.

power ball Product Review by Paul (Posted on 2/26/14)

Comments: great powerhead, wish they made more powerful models. great addition to any tank

Larger than I thought Product Review by AAAA AAAA (Posted on 7/23/09)

Comments: The product says 360 degree rotation, when in point of fact, with the length of the pick-up and it's base, really only has about 90 degree movement side-to-side, and about 45 degrees up and down. I bought this because I have a tall hexagon tank, and while the filtration is large enough to handle it, it does not have a very strong output. I used this to get some water-flow down to the bottom, and it has done so very nicely. Little bit larger than I thought, but overall, pretty good.