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ELOS Coral Integrators Pack
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ELOS Coral Integrators Pack

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Item #: EO21911

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The Elos Coral Integrators Pack from Pet Store is a three-part merchandise that gives one’s aquarium the best possible care and nourishment needed by its diverse inhabitants. These three components are the Pro Skimmer (a carbohy...
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ELOS Coral Integrators Pack Information

Part #: EO21911

The Elos Coral Integrators Pack from Pet Store is a three-part merchandise that gives ones aquarium the best possible care and nourishment needed by its diverse inhabitants. These three components are the Pro Skimmer (a carbohydrate-based formula), the Omega (an amino-acid-based formula), and the SVC (a plankton supplement). All of these are essential for establishing a healthy environment for your reef life.

The Pro Skimmer reproduces the friendly particles present in seawater without making any preservatives that are phosphate-based. The Omega provides amino acids needed by many corals and other rocks and reefs, as well as reducing dissolved organic particles. Lastly, the SVC provides many vitamins and nutrients needed to sustain marine life within the aquarium. The product should be used together rather than separately to produce the best result. Like it or not, taking care of marine life is not as simple as it once was.

Tools and accessories that are using the latest technologies are needed to barely make the aquariums inhabitants thrive. And they must be provided with their daily natural nutrients. This provision is a job for the Elos Coral Integrators Pack. With its three packages, one will be given complete peace of mind regarding the marine lifes health and welfare. And all three benefits are provided at the price of one.

Elos Coral Integrators

With the ever improving use of powerful filtration (protein skimmers), high intensity lighting systems (HID, T5, LED) and powerful water movement the modern reef aquarium can now handle a more diverse range of animal life and this range of animals needs the proper nourishment in order to thrive. The Elos line of Coral Integrators consist of three products; Pro Skimmer Coral Nourishment SPS Food (EO2181), Omega Amino Acid Coral Food (EO2191), and SvC Zooplankton Coral Food for Filter Feeders (EO2171).

    Elos Pro Skimmer (Complex Carbohydrate Formula)
    Elos Pro Skimmer is a complex carbohydrate formula based on pure carbohydrate sources designed to reproduce the suspended colloidal matter found in natural seawater in a highly bio-available formula. Does not contain phosphate based preservatives. Ideal for Soft, LPS and SPS corals. To recreate conditions in a healthy natural coral reef this product is best used with Elos Omega which will significantly reduce the need for live food and DOM (Dissolved Organic Matter). This is a key step in the reduction of dissolved organics and nitrogenous waste in a heavily stocked SPS aquarium.

    Elos Omega (Amino Acid)
    Elos Omega was the first amino acid integrator available to the market. Does not contain phosphate based preservatives. Normally amino acids are supplied to corals by feeding on plankton, bacterial plankton and micro plankton that is usually absent in an aquarium. Amino acids are also supplied by the zooxantellae, mono-cellular algae, which is included in the endoderm cells of the corals and lives symbiotically with many coral species. This provides the coral with glycerin, amino acids and carbohydrates. Unfortunately in some aquariums this activity is reduced, sometimes intentionally. In our original studies we observed that the use of selected amino acids and vitamins is a much more effective and convenient way of replicating the function of zoo-plankton in the aquarium. Certain corals, mainly SPS, respond very quickly to the combination of Omega and Pro Skimmer.

    Elos SvC (Plankton Supplement)
    Contains a multitude of organic nutrients, as well as vitamins and other benefical ingredients including omega 3, omega 6 oils selenium, anti-oxidants, etc. Ideally suited for target feeding with a pippette filter feeders, soft corals and LPS.

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excellent Product Review by IRENE KLAUBER (Posted on 1/22/11)

Comments: I have used the amino acid and pro skimmer in the blend that I use to direct feed my gonioporas and blastomussas with great results.

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