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Elos Natural Skimmer NS500 Protein Skimmer without Pump
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Elos Natural Skimmer NS500 Protein Skimmer without Pump

This product has been discontinued

Item #: EO5551

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The heart of the modern reef external filter systems is the protein skimmer. Protein skimmers are used to remove dissolved organic carbons (DOCs), soluble proteins, peptides, complex carbohydrates, lipids, pigments and myriad of o...
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Elos Natural Skimmer NS500 Protein Skimmer without Pump Information

Part #: TNS500NP

The heart of the modern reef external filter systems is the protein skimmer. Protein skimmers are used to remove dissolved organic carbons (DOCs), soluble proteins, peptides, complex carbohydrates, lipids, pigments and myriad of other substances released by the livestock. The chemical process that make it effective is based on the principle that certain molecules (organics & various pollutants) in the marine aquarium water are attracted to the surface of air-bubbles. Many are the differences between commercial skimmer but, the key one is for sure the air injection system.
Traditional Venturi skimmers operate by pushing water at high velocity into a reaction chamber through a "Venturi injector", they usually require a big water pump to provide the volume and flow rate necessary for drawing air into the water stream and they produces quite large bubbles. Shredding impeller protein skimmers use smaller pumps fitted with a special air-shredding impeller to mix air and water. They normally produce smaller bubbles size than Venturi thus favoring a "larger surface area to volume ratio", to maximize protein adsorption but, with a significantly reduced water circulation due to the use of less efficient impellers.

After intensive test we introduce on the market a series of skimmers which set-up a completely new standard in protein skimming.
Elos Natural Skimmer is our interpretation of the Venturi-driven protein skimmer, with some modifications to drastically improve its efficiency thanks to the reduced size of bubbles, the significant increased contact time, a better water circulation and the implementation of the double counter-current chamber.

We have defined it "Top Down Injection System" (TDJ®), a patent of our company that have permitted us to achieve far better results than model with similar size available on the market.

TDJ® system base its superior efficiency on four key different moments:

Injection: polluted water is mixed with air though the special “variable geometry injector”. This is a calibrated injector specifically design to maximize the incorporation of the air into the water. So treated the water is than injected, from the top of the reaction chamber (not from the bottom as on conventional skimmers) in the Main Reaction Chamber where the reaction take place.
Secondary injection: thanks to the Top Down Injection, the pump generates an high pressure stream of water, injected downward into the Main reaction chamber where, again, it sucks air into the water and break the air up into thiner bubbles causing extra turbulence and, again inducing extra mixing of water and extra thiner bubbles like having a second injection.
Counter-reaction: proteins with lower specific weight than water are the first to flow upwards through the internal chamber. Solids become attached to the already protein-loaded gas bubbles and also flow upwards. Where, again, they encounter the water flowing from the Top Injector and so they can be picked up again and again by the gas bubbles and broken into smaller bubbles.
Expulsion: only after several contacts with air finally pollutants are passed into the collecting cup, as a highly concentrated foam.

This principle is much more effective than Venturi double chamber skimmers as well as modified impeller skimmers (of bigger size) not only for the protein expulsion but also due to the long remaining time of the substances and protein inside the skimmer which get faster oxidate.


Small size: if compared with competitor products
High oxidation capacity: thanks to longer bubble contact time
Practical: thanks to the possibility to position the pump and the exit as preferred
High efficiency: skim off more protein than any similar skimmer available on the market
Small consumption: thanks to the use of small pumps
Ozone safe: completely build up with acrylic
Easy to service: in contrast to needle wheel impeller models, it uses a commercial pump much easier to repair
Easy to clean: the collection cup can be removed with one hand
Easy to regulate: non need to carefully regulate the water/air flow

ELOS NS 500:

Filtering capacity : 300-500 Lt (80-130 gallons)


Height 530 mm (20.86 in)
Diameter Ø ext.chamber 120 mm (4.73 in)
Diameter Ø int. chamber 60 mm (2.75 in)
Base 140 x140 mm (5.51 X 5.51 in)
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Elos Natural Skimmer NS500 Protein Skimmer without Pump Reviews

Average Reviews

Customer Reviews

Number one skimmer Product Review by BRIAN J GUSEK (Posted on 2/26/14)

Comments: this skimmer is very well made. skims very well. price is a little high but well worth the price. i hesitated at first but once i bought it now i'm nothing less then happy! i have it on a 75 fish only inside the sump. go for it and buy this skimmer you will not go wrong with this one!

Killer Skimmer Product Review by FishGuy (Posted on 7/15/10)

Comments: This unit skims like a beast and is probably the best manufactured skimmer on the market. I've owned a hand full of skimmers (Euroreef, AquaC, ATB Cone) and the craftsmanship on this Elos is second to none! Very good footprint and will not take up a lot of room in your sump. Highly recommend the purchase!

NS500 Review Product Review by Scoop (Posted on 9/8/10)
Below Average

Comments: First the good: The NS500, is clinically handsome, constructed extremely well. and is easy to clean (cup is quickly cleaned with an OXO bottle brush and the main chamber fully accessible when disassembled - not common). The pump (eheim 1250) is also a quality pump, and inexpensive to replace compared to a pinwheel pump. The inlet and outlet can be reconfigured to make best use of the sump, which is pretty unique compared to other skimmers. T

Now the bad: The NS500 does not skim as well as most other skimmers I have tried. Skim tends to be more watery and performance is less consistent. Reasons? The Venturi's bubbles are much larger than a pinwheel based skimmer, the reaction chamber (the inner tube) is very small in diameter, and there is a great amount of turbulence just below the collection cup neck. I have tried several times over the past 3 years to get the NS500 to skim on my maturing tank, and I have not yet been pleased with the results.

I would probably give this skimmer 3 stars if it were not so expensive, but for the money - the NS500 should not be a compromised design. FWIW, Elos seems to be modifying their skimmer designin 2010 with the PS1000, complete with a pinwheel pump, a bubble plate diffuser, and a larger (better utilized) reaction chamber.

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