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Fiji Mud Refugium Booster 24oz
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Fiji Mud Refugium Booster 24oz

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Make your corals flourish and grow brightly with the Fiji Mud Refugium Booster from Pet Store . These special products are rare mud patches that have been discovered by scientists years ago in clear and uncontaminated seawater. F...
Product Description

Fiji Mud Refugium Booster 24oz Information

Part #: 100FJ

Make your corals flourish and grow brightly with the Fiji Mud Refugium Booster from Pet Store. These special products are rare mud patches that have been discovered by scientists years ago in clear and uncontaminated seawater. Further, these materials typically develop in 40-50 feet of clear, cool water that are just near coral reefs. The Fiji Mud has that unique ability to release essential nutrients and vital minerals to allow both soft and hard corals to grow. Moreover, it will work well whether you just bought your refugium or it is an old one.

The Fiji Mud Refugium Booster comes in a 24 oz pack size and contains all the minor and major trace elements which have the natural values needed to develop your corals well. Other than those remarkable qualities mentioned, it also has an elaborate network of microorganisms that have 5-100 micron size. These are critical for the life of many small polyp stony corals such as Acropora. Plus, this refugium booster is can be applied to the aquarium directly. Also, this booster is perfect for increasing the efficiency and quantity of original live sand bed because they naturally deplete over time.

Thus, with this product, your corals will surely live and develop well.

Fiji Mud is collected from rare mud patches, discovered by science years ago, which are found in clear uncontaminated seawater. These patches typically occur at 40 - 50 feet of cool, clear water just off the coral reef.

Fiji Mud is unique in its ability to release essential minerals and vital nutrients that will allow hard and soft corals to flourish whether you are starting a new refugium or topping up your existing one. This product contains all the major and minor trace elements as they naturally occur as well as an elaborate network of 5-100 micron size organisms that are critical for the success with Acropora and other small polyp stony corals.

Alternate use: this product can also be added directly to your aquarium at the rate of one teaspoon per 100 gallons twice weekly. Mix with tank water and pour directly into water flow, the water will become cloudy but will return crystal clear overnight. This will add the essentials nutrients when no refugium is available.

Fiji Mud comes in the following two sizes for your maximum convenience:
  • Refugium Starter comes in a 12lb bucket and is ideal for aquarists who are starting a new refugium system or have a large system and need to buy in bulk
  • Refugium Booster is the same product as Refugium Starter but comes in a smaller container of 24 ounces. This size is perfect for those that want to add live mud to their original live sand bed for increased results or to boost their refugium with additional mud as the refugium will naturally deplete over time.
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Fiji Mud Refugium Booster 24oz Reviews

Average Reviews

Customer Reviews

Brandoreefman Product Review by BRANDON THORPE (Posted on 12/13/13)

Comments: Works great!

fiji mud Product Review by LARRY BUMAN (Posted on 3/1/11)

Comments: This is an excellent product! Used in a small refugium along with live sand it really seems to bring nitrates down and more stability to entire system.

Good Mud Product Review by DANIEL NICLAS (Posted on 10/2/07)

Comments: My refugium is very healthy. I presume this mud has contributed to its healthy state.

Refugium Mud Product Review by STEVE CARTER (Posted on 10/18/07)

Comments: The product is easy to use because it is ready to go as is; no mixing required.
Using this product at the beginning of refugium set up would be most beneficial as it is actually a thick and sticky mud. The mud brings a more natural approach to refugium health.
Growth for both LPS and SPS Corals are awesome.

undesided Product Review by JEK NAN YAP (Posted on 5/31/08)

Comments: Just added 3 teaspoons to my 200 gallon reef aquarium. So far have not seen mych chances to the aquarium yet. Ofcourse this will take time. Will keep you up dated

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