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Four Paws Scoop Plain Wood Handle
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Four Paws Scoop Plain Wood Handle

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Item #: FW18200

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Quick Overview

Tired of using your hands and some tissue paper to dispose of your pet's waste? If so, then you should try the Four Paws Scoop Plain Wood Handle from Pet Store . This device allows you to pick up your dog's mess in public places ...

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Product Description

Four Paws Scoop Plain Wood Handle Information

Part #: 18200

Tired of using your hands and some tissue paper to dispose of your pet's waste? If so, then you should try the Four Paws Scoop Plain Wood Handle from Pet Store. This device allows you to pick up your dog's mess in public places without the hassle of bending over or touching and feeling the waste with your bare hand. This is lightweight, so you can easily bring this with you when you go out with your dog. It is built and operated in the same way that a regular pair of tongs is, which means that you can use this with only one hand. This pooper scooper is available at an affordable price in any of your pet supply store.

The Four Paws Scoop Plain Wood Handle, as the name says, has a wooden handle, which you can easily grasp to control the opening and closing of the mouth of the pooper scooper. The rest of the scooper's body, on the other hand, is made from pure steel, making it very durable and rust-proof. This device is also easy to clean. Since it is rust-proof, you can wash the product thoroughly with water and soap.

With the Four Paws Scoop Plain Wood Handle, disposing of your pet's waste is easier and hassle-free.

For use in the removal of animal waste around garden, yards and streets. Two wrap around scoops made of aluminum to resist rust. Treated wooden handles with hang up loop. 32" high

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Four Paws Scoop Plain Wood Handle Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Best Scoop Product Review by KAREN ROYAL (Posted on 3/21/11)

Comments: This is the only kind I will buy. It works so much better then any other scoop I have tried.

Simple=Best Product Review by Texcat (Posted on 1/4/10)

Comments: Simple, functional, practical--what's not to like? Really, this is the best scooper, or should I say, picker-upper, out there for hard surfaces or soft. Even my 4 yr old grandchild can use it and get the job done. Doesn't rust, all one piece, durable and easy to clean. And I have 3 large dogs, so it gets a workout.

I ordered a replacement (for my 15-20 yr old scooper, same style) during the recent holidays and the shipping was incredible: ordered and shipped the same day, arrived 2 days later! And even with the cost of shipping, it's still cheaper and better than anything I saw at the big box pet stores.

This is the scooper and this is the place to buy it!

My most-used garden tool! Product Review by BAMBI (Posted on 11/3/08)

Comments: I still have my "pooper scooper" purchased in '82-83, and I love it! For years, in pet stores and on the Internet, I have tried to find this product because only having one has been a problem. (I have even considered going to a welding shop and having more made.) I have lower back problems so my PS is not only used for dogs. I use it to "shovel" snow, clearing sidewalks and decks. After raking up leaves into piles (in the fall), it "grabs" huge clumps of leaves for easy cleanup. I use mine to turn my compost (2 large compost enclosures & 4 bins) because using my compost fork hurts my back. Mine is used to spread compost around plants in the spring, and it's great for scooping up the gunk when cleaning a fish pond. I just bot 3 (after finding them on PetStore.com), so now I have 4--- the original one for my dogs, 2 for garden & snow, and 1 for my sister for Christmas! She had one years ago and has been looking for another one, unsucessfully. She has 3 or 4 of the kinds found in pet stores and doesn't like any of them. (This is a great garden/snow removal tool for someone with back problems, and dogs!!! I hope others think about giving this as a Christmas gift!) Thanks to Four-Paws for their wonderful multi-purpose Pooper Scooper!

This Scooper!!! Product Review by James (Posted on 9/19/08)

Comments: Working as intended! To be clear...

Most pooper scoopers are made from cheap plastic which in the arid weather of Arizona tend to dry out over months of use, crack and fail.

Additionally, the brands that try too hard to accommodate ease of use by manufacturing one-handed spring-loaded action like a child's toy are missing the point of everyday domestic use. They're great for small dogs and single use along a walking path. But what about the back yard? Not enough durability or utility.

The scoop-rake with the scissors handle allows precision, separation of material from waste, and long-term durability. I highly recommend this product for those who wish to keep their yards as clean as possible.