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Aquarium Heaters

A quality heater is necessary if you intend to maintain a successful tropical freshwater, marine fish or reef system. Temperature fluctuations often go unnoticed by aquarists and can cause stress to fish and corals. Most heaters include a built-in thermostat to select the optimal temperature for your aquarium.

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  1. Aqueon Pro 250 Watt Heater

    Aqueon Pro 250 Watt Heater

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    AQUEON PRO HEATER 250 WATT Pro Heaters are precision calibrated aquarium heaters that are full submersible Power Monitor light (Green – Heating ; Red – Aquarium at set temperature) Shatterproof and Nearly Indestructibl...
  2. Aqueon Pro 50 Watt Heater

    Aqueon Pro Heater

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    If you live in a place that gets very cold during the winter season, chances are you are concerned of what the outdoor weather can do to your aquarium pets. Cold weather can affect many animals, and this cannot be more true with r...

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