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Hydra Aquatics BioPellet Reactor
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Hydra Aquatics BioPellet Reactor FR-30

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The Hydra Aquatics Biopellet Reactor is a great piece of equipment used to boost biological activity in an aquarium with the use of biopellet media. The reactor works by pushing a stream of water through an accelerator which agita...
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The Hydra Aquatics Biopellet Reactor is a great piece of equipment used to boost biological activity in an aquarium with the use of biopellet media. The reactor works by pushing a stream of water through an accelerator which agitates the media and puts it in motion within the reactor. This process is called fluidization. The efficiency of the media is increased it churns inside the reactor. The filtered water is then returned to your aquarium.

One of the greatest advantages the Hydra Aquatics Biopellet Reactor has over its competitors lies in its innovative design. Hydra Aquatics has solved the two most common problems that plague standard media reactors by incorporating an inverted conical bottom and a top-fed flow accelerator.

Most media reactors use a bottom-fed flow diffusion method through a plate. This smooth, constant flow is typically referred to as up-flow or reverse flow. Unfortunately, using this type of flow inside a media reactor usually causes lighter filter media to clump at the top and denser media to settle at the bottom. Using Hydra Aquatics inverted conical bottom and top-fed flow accelerator design, it is impossible for the media to clump together or settle completely at the bottom.

Using our flow accelerator technology combined with an inverted conical bottom we are able to create specific internal flow patterns. The flow within the reactor keeps media suspended at all times. We guarantee the best water-to-media contact as your media of choice is circulated for 100% full saturation. Flow can easily be controlled using a gate valve or at the pump.

Having proper media saturation and keeping media in suspension will greatly increase contact time of water-to-media. Reactor media that is at a standstill is less efficient as the saturation levels are lowered. With reactor media in full suspension, you are increasing surface area to water contact time which in turn gives you the best results for whatever media you are using. Hydra Aquatics Biopellet Media Reactor is efficiently designed to give you the most out of your choice of media.

  • Recommended Feed Pump: 600-1500 L/H
  • Media: 50-600ml
  • Dimensions: Base diameter: 5.5" Overall Height: 15.5".
  • Inlet Uses 1/2" or 3/4" ID vinyl tubing. (Pump and tubing are not included).
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Hydra Aquatics BioPellet Reactor FR-30 Reviews

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Customer Reviews

Hydra Azuatics BioPellet React Product Review by JAY HINTZE (Posted on 2/26/14)

Comments: Although no instructions are included, set-up and operation are very straight forward and simple. First thing I always do is disassemble all factory assembled parts and use teflon tape on threaded parts, and silicon grease on o-rings ect. I plumbed the reactor between my chiller and return line and after installing the media, I turned it on. The media really churns nicely with no clumping. Seems to be working reducing nitrate levels.

Reactor Product Review by GREG HARDEN (Posted on 2/26/14)

Comments: I'm impressed with the power & performance! There's a cap on top to add more pellets so no need to take it apart. This is definately the one to use. It doesnt hang on our 40-gal breeder sump( acrylic sumps should hang fine). We stood ours beside the sump on small box. We love the reactor & plan to purchase more. Thanks Customer Service.

Media reactor Product Review by MALCOLM MACGREGOR (Posted on 11/9/13)

Comments: I am very pleased with the excellent flow of the bio-pellets in my new Hydra Aquatics reactor. I would recommend this product to anyone.

This do good job. Product Review by BILL BUI (Posted on 9/26/13)

Comments: This do good job.

Hydra Aquatics reactor Product Review by MARC STUART (Posted on 5/19/13)

Comments: This reactor is awesome. It really creates a tremedous amount of movement for the bio plastics media that I have in there. I have heard of a lot of people complaining about there bio media sticking together because they were not able to tumble it enough in their reactors. Totally not the case with this reactor. I would highly recommend it to anybody that wants to use bio plastics.

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