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Iwaki WMD20RLT Water Pump - (American Motor)
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Iwaki Water Pump - (American Motor)

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Item #: IK1223P

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Searching for the perfect saltwater or fresh water aquarium water pump? Iwaki WMD20RLT Water Pump from Pet Store is made perfectly to suit your standards! Designed for larger aquariums, Iwaki WMD20RLT Water Pump is a magnetic pu...
Product Description

Iwaki Water Pump - (American Motor) Information

Part #: WMD-20RLT-115

Searching for the perfect saltwater or fresh water aquarium water pump? Iwaki WMD20RLT Water Pump from Pet Store is made perfectly to suit your standards! Designed for larger aquariums, Iwaki WMD20RLT Water Pump is a magnetic pump. It has low heat exchange making it cooler than other magnetic driven pumps. It has reduced hydraulic noise which makes it very quiet when you are using it. You will not get annoyed because it is indeed noiseless. The Iwaki WMD20RLT Water Pump is an American made motor. You'll find no problems when it comes to its durability because magnetic water pumps last for years, no repairs, and very little maintenance. Isn't it a smart choice to save your money?

Iwaki WMD20RLT Water Pump is really a clear choice in almost every process, recirculation or transfer application, when it comes to water pumps. It is complete with an easy to understand user's manual guide making it easy to set up and install. Iwaki WMD20RLT Water Pump is powerful making it a really great help for your aquarium. This is something worth buying to complete your tank's essential needs. Have no regrets buying Iwaki WMD20RLT Water Pump. So what are you waiting for? Grab one now and love this amazingly incredible saltwater/ freshwater aquarium waterpump.

Magnetic water pumps. Magnetic driven. Sealess pumps for use on fresh or saltwater aquariums. Low heat exchange and quiet in operation. Highly durable design. WMD pumps have American Made Motors. MD pumps have Japanese Made Motors. RLT pumps are for pressure applications. RLXT pumps are for circulation and wet/dry return.

Iwaki Walchem magnetic drive pumps will run longer, quieter and cooler than any traditional mag drive. Extraordinarily high efficiencies make WMD & MD the clear choice in almost every process, recirculation or transfer application.

Unique internal Cooling Circuit
Creates a positive, forced cooling path, lubricating bearing surfaces and actively purging gases & heat. Unique double bearing system allows cooling circuit liquid to continually "wash" front and rear radial bearings, extending bearing life.

Precision Tolerances
Pumps can be supplied with alumina ceramic or SiC spindles, bored, turned and highly polished. This precision machined spindle forms the center of the driven magnet. Substantially reduced hydraulic noise is a major feature of all WMD/MD impellers. Great pains are taken in the molding/finishing process to eliminate tangential misalignment.

Bearings/Thrust surfaces
High lubricity fluoropolymer bearings minimize mechanical losses typical of conventional mag drive pumps. High purity SiC radial bearings handle the most aggressive ultrapure chemistries. PTFE front thrust surface aids hydraulic balance and minimizes flashing. Large rear thrust surface guards against axial forces caused by cavitation or gas entrapment.

Drive magnet
Dynamically balanced barium ferrite drive magnets provide best magnet torque. Die cast magnet carrier creates a flywheel effect, which adds to the magnet safety factor.

Motor matching
Offering more standard motor/pump configurations than other manufacturers offer for tailored pump applications. Premium, high efficiency motors are used throughout the line. Totally enclosed, permanent split capacitor motors are compact, cool and economical. Tolerance to voltage variation without overheating and 50/60 Hz operation allow the product to be used in a worldwide market.

Model: WMD20RLT*
Inlet(MPT)/Outlet(MPT): 3/4"/3/4"
Flow Rate @ 4` Head: 420 GPH
Max Head ft: 14.1

In the unlikely event there are any problems with Iwaki water pumps or warranty work is needed at some point, please contact Iwaki directly at 508.429.1440 for an RGA. Do NOT send a pump back to Iwaki without an RGA number. Please contact us for any assistance you may need in this unlikely situation.

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Iwaki Water Pump - (American Motor) Reviews

Average Ratings:

Great pump Product Review by GREGG (Posted on 2/26/14)

Comments: but I hate the short plug

Magnetic Drive Water Pump Product Review by MARTY DRENNEN (Posted on 2/26/14)

Comments: This is the second one I have owned for a 1000g pond. The first one lasted 10 years of non-stop operation through all seasons . . . and it quit because it ran dry when the pond filter became clogged. A very impressive unit!

Great pump at great price Product Review by RICH (Posted on 2/26/14)

Comments: Ran one for 2 years and only cleaned a couple times. It always started ran quiet and was perfect for a retrun pump. Sold that system and jst bought another. I love these pumps.

First time Iwaki owner Product Review by ERIK PRZYBYLA (Posted on 9/6/12)

Comments: I have used Little Giant in the past to run my canister filter and was happy with them. This Iwaki seems to be a great alternative, its quiet, provides good power and runs cool.

Solid as a rock. Product Review by RONALD PHILLIPS (Posted on 9/30/11)

Comments: This is one well made pump. No plastic here. Nylon connection fittings, metal housing. I have not had it long but am very impressed with the construction and performance at this point.