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JBJ Cubey 3 Gallon Pico LED Aquarium
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JBJ Cubey 3 Gallon Pico LED Aquarium

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This product has been discontinued

Item #: JB01172P

Quick Overview

3 GALLON JBJ CUBEY COMPLETE DESKTOP AQUARIUM SYSTEM. Features High output, low temperature Long-lasting integrated LED lighting System 24 cool-white LED`s (10,000K) 24 blue LED`s (20,000K) 6 red night-time viewing L...
Product Description

JBJ Cubey 3 Gallon Pico LED Aquarium Information


  • High output, low temperature
  • Long-lasting integrated LED lighting System
  • 24 cool-white LED`s (10,000K)
  • 24 blue LED`s (20,000K)
  • 6 red night-time viewing LEDs
  • Three stage filtration system.
  • High quality, polished ABS plastic hood and trim
  • Ultra Modern style mini tank
  • Excellent for home or office decor
  • Dimensions: 8" x 10.75" x 11"
This is JBJ-USA Aquariums CUBEY™ the premier 3 gallon desktop All-In-One biotope. JBJ Lighting is extremely proud to announce that the Nano Cube family has just gotten a little bigger, by adding something a little smaller. The newest edition is the most compact Nano Cube to date, and will virtually fit on any desktop or counter area to add a contemporary look & feel of a BIG TANK performance in a Nano Cube environment. Don`t be mislead by its small size.

Whether you’re a family looking for an entry level freshwater aquarium or a moderate to advanced marine aquarist looking for the challenge of a nanoreef, the CUBEY is truly the one size that fits all.
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JBJ Cubey 3 Gallon Pico LED Aquarium Reviews

Average Ratings:

just perfect Product Review by NICOLE JENKINS (Posted on 5/26/13)

Comments: This is by far the smallest self contained tank. Its easy to set up and everything worked on it. The pump is super quiet as well. You will need to replace some screws in the back of the lid with some stainless but other than that its perfect. It will fit anywhere! For the money id say this is the best purchase ever for a tank. The leds are amazing!

Another good idea gone bad Product Review by STEVEN VERES (Posted on 3/3/13)

Comments: With high hopes for the Cubey from JBJ I expected this to be the one. The idea is great but unfortunately like many JBJ products before it, they failed in the execution. The PLASTIC latches that hood pivots on snapped cleared off due to it's own weight. The tanks lighting was rendered useless in about 5 minutes upon unboxing. A shame really. Cutting corners for the sake of costs. This could have been a good design if it wasn't flimsy plastic.

bad Product Review by LYNHAN TRAN (Posted on 2/3/13)

Comments: The led light look great but technicall is bad..some of them went off

Nice Little AIO Product Review by nanoreefR (Posted on 1/11/13)

Comments: This little JBJ Cubey is great for anyone whose looking for a fully functioning AIO pico. The rear chambers are simple. The first fits just about any heater; the second comes with some sort of media "rack" that allows you run mechanical and chemical filtration and maybe even a refugium, time will tell. The third chamber houses the 60 GPH return pump.

In terms of design, the Cubey is fine. The only significant problem is that there are two intakes for the rear chambers, one near the bottom of the tank and one about one inch from the surface of the water level. This means it's impossible for the intake to skim the surface.

The LED light closely ressembles 14K light when all LEDs are turned on and should be more than enough for LPS and softies.

Overall happy with the purchase and looking forward to continuing this tank.

Expected more Product Review by RAMSEY (Posted on 1/10/13)
Below Average

Comments: I expected much more with this tank. It's a bit of a disappointment. I was expecting a high end Elos style tank for $100, but I also wasn't expecting something this cheap. The tank itself is not bad, though there were some blemishes on the finishing touches (poor paint on the plastic, etc). The most disappointing thing is the hood. It's made from very cheap and flimsy plastic. The lid does not close properly. The LED enclosure inside the hood is not sealed. Finally, there is not independent power cords for each LED set. This makes it impossible to run your moonlights on a separate timer.There are a few positives. The tank looks pretty slick, the LEDs add a nice shimmer effect (they are a little spotty though) and they seem to be powerful enough for easier SPS though I haven't verified this with a PAR meter yet.The flow with the stock pump is decent and would work for corals that don't need high flow.

All in all, I was torn between this and the Innovative Marine 4G nano. If I had it to do over, I would have gone with the Innovative Marine.

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