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JBJ Reaction 4-Stage Canister Filter + UV EFU-25
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JBJ Reaction 4-Stage Canister Filter + UV EFU-25

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Item #: JB4315

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REACTION 4-STAGE Mechanical + Chemical + Biological + UV Sterilization Reaction 4 stage canisters are the latest innovation in high capacity filtration systems. This revolutionary canister filter incorporates high media storing...
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JBJ Reaction 4-Stage Canister Filter + UV EFU-25 Information

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Mechanical + Chemical + Biological + UV Sterilization

Reaction 4 stage canisters are the latest innovation in high capacity filtration systems. This revolutionary canister filter incorporates high media storing capacity with easy to remove basket trays, self priming lever, quick disconnect shut off valve for convenient media replacement, and an intergraded IV sterilizer with On/Off witch that polishes water to crystal clarity while keeping pathogens at bay.

Reaction 4 Stage Canister filters utilize mechanical, chemical, biological, filtration, and IV sterilization for a balanced aquarium. Filtration media is included.

Water enters the canister via the intake strainer and is guided through a large sponge to trap particulate matter.

The water then reaches 500g of activated carbon to remove harmful dissolved organic compounds.

Water is directed over the ceramic rings that offer a tremendous amount of surface are internally and externally to grow beneficial aerobic bacteria that break down harmful ammonia and nitrate and nitrite.

All filtered water then passes through our powerful UV-C lamp for pathogen and green water elimination.

Reaction 4 Stage Canister Filters are equipped with the most advanced features to provide high performance and make routine maintenance quick and easy.

  • Integrated Self Priming Lever
  • Quick Disconnect Shut Off Valve
  • On/Off Switch for UV-C Germicidal Lamp
  • High Capacity Media Storage

  • INTEGRATED SELF PRIMING LEVER Our innovated self priming lever eliminates the need for manual siphoning. Simply, pump the lever up and down vigorously until the water enters the inlet and the remaining air bubbles leave the outlet.

    Definitely the most useful feature to keep floors dry when carrying out routine monthly maintenance

    The Quick Disconnect Shut Off Valve is an integrated tool that instantly creates a watertight seal that stops water from entering or exiting the filter.

    Simply lift the SHUT OFF VALVE handle to the vertical position to stop water flow.

    Grab the handle and detach and take the canister filter for convenient media replacement.

    This revolutionary concept integrates a special UV-C lamp to destroy green water and polish water to crystal clarity.

    The accessible ON/OFF switch allows for complete user control

    The new trend in canister filters is to increase the filter storing capacity for larger amounts of chemical and biological medias.

    This allows for higher water quality due to more media contact through the initial pass. All filter baskets have convenient handles for removing and loading up all types of media that can be easily customized.


    Model: EFU-25
    GPH: 198
    Tank Rating: 100g
    Filter Height: 15.24"
    Diameter: 11.41"x11.41"
    Media Capacity: 4 liters
    Inlet Hose: 5/8"
    Outlet Hose: 5/8"
    Watts: 23
    UV Wattage: 5W

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    JBJ Reaction 4-Stage Canister Filter + UV EFU-25 Reviews

    Average Reviews

    Customer Reviews

    EFU-45 - Great filter!! Product Review by JAY YORK (Posted on 4/3/14)

    Comments: I am pleased say that this is an awesome filter! I was having all kinds of algae problems due to a failed conversion to live plants as well as new lighting when I decided to switch filtration systems. I was running two Magnum 350's Pro's on my 75 g freshwater tank when a local pet store mentioned that JBJ was coming out with a new line of canister filters. I had been looking @ the UniMax Pro w/ UV Sterilizer but the pet store didn't have any larger models left. Once he mentioned the JBJ model I went home &amp, did some research and found it for sale online. The JBJ model is very similar to the UniMax Pro but its &#189, the price. Since I never owned the UniMax I cannot say how it performs but the Reaction 4-stage is doing a great job on my tank. I bought the largest model since it wasn't much more than the EFU-35, which might be too much for my size of tank but I've always heard that you can never have enough filtration. Anyway right out of the box I realized this baby was huge! Almost 21 inches high. I was concerned that it would not fit under my tank &amp, stand but it did with an inch or two to spare. The media trays are equally as huge so it can store a ton of carbon or whatever else you wish to add. It comes with everything you need but I added some phosphate remover just to help with the algae. Hooked it up and it's been kicking butt ever since. Algae is way down. Only a little hear and there on the glass that is easily scrapped off. My rocks, driftwood and plants all remain algae free and its been over two weeks. I recommend this to anyone what is looking for a new filter, especially one with UV.
    However some notes - Canister is very large &amp, is very heavy when filled w/ water. Directions are terrible, they assume that you know what you're doing so they leave a lot of the set up work up to you to figure out. No big deal but some beginners might have some issues. Also not real plesed w/ the spray bar / outtake &amp, intake mechanisms.

    Now Clean Tank Product Review by MIKE M (Posted on 2/26/14)

    Comments: I was battling with my water for a while and losing fish. This filter made it all easy. I'm using it in my 20 gallon long tank. It is actually way oversized for this tank but thats okay. I have good clean water and happy fish. I did need to add an air stone as this filter does not bring any air into the water.I think it is worth the peace of mind of having a tank that gives me no problems. I have ordered the 25 model for my 10 gallon tank as well.

    works great Product Review by DANIEL GREENE (Posted on 1/25/13)

    Comments: I have had no issues or problems, it has performed flawlesly.

    jbj Reaction 4 stage filter Product Review by JOSEPH LASPINA (Posted on 12/23/11)

    Comments: Filter has been running for 5 days.I am waiting for the biologigical system to colinize before using the UV.So far the filter is running well,the water is crystal clear and all the fish are happy,I think. Great Filter to start with,easy to set up,lots of media room.

    wonderful Product Review by TY HOLDEN (Posted on 10/30/11)

    Comments: wonderful

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