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Kent Marine Ammonia Detox 16 oz.
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Kent Marine Ammonia Detox 16 oz.

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Ammonia could very well be one of the biggest problems you'll ever encounter in your aquarium . Ammonia forms when there is too much waste from living animals - fish included - inside the tank. When ammonia levels are too high, f...
Product Description

Kent Marine Ammonia Detox 16 oz. Information

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Ammonia could very well be one of the biggest problems you'll ever encounter in your aquarium. Ammonia forms when there is too much waste from living animals - fish included - inside the tank. When ammonia levels are too high, fish will have a hard time breathing. This will make them swim further up the tank and draw more water in through the their gills, an action that could damage their respiratory system. Also, parasitic algae will grow in the presence of ammonia. These organisms will take all the nutrition intended for your fish and corals, leaving them malnourished.

Given all the harmful effects of ammonia, make sure that you get rid of it using the Kent Marine Ammonia Detox from Pet Store. This detoxifier is perfectly safe to use, even when you accidentally make an overdose. It can be used for all types of corals, even the sensitive ones with soft exoskeletons. It can also be used with freshwater or saltwater fish and plants. It doesn't have formaldehyde, which other detoxifiers have. Formaldehyde is a chemical far more dangerous than ammonia, so it doesn't make sense that you expose your aquarium to it.

The Kent Marine Ammonia Detox works by neutralizing chloramine, chrlorine, and of course, ammonia.

Ammonia Detox is the premier product for ammonia removal for tap or aquarium water! It is much stronger than competing products and is safer too. Some competing products contain toxic formaldehyde. Formaldehyde is more toxic than ammonia, and if too much is used, the results can be disastrous. Ammonia Detox is safe, even when overdosed! It neutralizes ammonia, chlorine and chloramine, instantly preparing tap water for immediate addition to the aquarium. Unlike some similar products, Ammonia Detox is even safe for sensitive hard and soft corals, anemones and other invertebrates, as well as freshwater and marine fish and plants. Use when preparing tap water for new aquariums, making water changes, or adding water to make up for evaporation. Ammonia Detox is safe to use directly in all freshwater and marine aquariums, including coral mini-reefs and also water gardens to neutralize toxic ammonia, as well. If the bacteria bed of an aquarium is accidentally killed by overuse of antibiotics, or other factors, Ammonia Detox will bind toxic ammonia, providing time to relocate the fish and invertebrates or to obtain other filtration media. In cases where too many fish are added too quickly, Ammonia Detox will bind ammonia until the existing bacteria multiply sufficiently to handle the ammonia. Ammonia Detox is also valuable for binding nitrites in fry rearing systems, where filtration cannot be used.

Add one teaspoon (1 capful or 5ml) per 20 gallons (40 liters) of tap water to remove chloramine, ammonia, and chlorine. Allow ten minutes, before testing for ammonia.

Considerations for use:
In many areas, water departments are using chloramines, a complex of chlorine and ammonia to prolong the chlorine action in killing bacteria. If chloramine is present, Ammonia Detox will neutralize it, making the water safe for aquatic animals. No other treatment is required. If your tap water only contains chlorine (not chloramine), you can use Kent Chlorinex at a lower cost, instead of this product.Ammonia Detox is designed to treat up to 6 ppm of chlorine or 3 ppm chloramines. This is equivalent to 1 ppm ammonia, as read on an ammonia salicylate test kit. Some small amount of ammonia (i.e. .2 to .3 ppm) may still be read on the test kit even though it is all bound up, and the water is safe (Test kits based on Nessler`s reagent will give a false positive reading, do not use these). It is possible that your municipality puts more than 3 ppm chloramines into the water. If this is the case, simply increase the dosage. If you are in doubt, it is a good idea to test the ammonia level, prior to introducing animals into the water.

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Kent Marine Ammonia Detox 16 oz. Reviews

Average Reviews

Customer Reviews

excellent Product Review by JOHN DELLAMANNA (Posted on 2/26/14)

Comments: the best

excellent product Product Review by LOY Garcia (Posted on 4/5/09)

Comments: Incleible!!good product,i put one capfull every 20g on fresh water before water change and one capfull every 5g for refill and no more algae and no more red sand and nothing,absulete clean sand,no more algae on glas and the tank look really clean.

THE BEST Product Review by JOHN DELLAMANNA (Posted on 6/4/08)

Comments: This is the best product on the market for fresh or salt water tanks. Binds the ammonia and chlorides on contact.
If you ever get an ammonia spike , and we all do, you add it immediately and the situation gets under control and gives you more than enough time to begin those water changes. You cannot overdose with this product. I also use it with every water change .

Works great! Product Review by PAULA (Posted on 3/18/08)

Comments: I've been using this product to condition my tap water for many months. My tap water has chlorine, chloramide, and ammonia in it. (I don't know if it contains heavy metals or not.) I haven't had a single fish death due to water quality. In addition, although my tanks are fully cycled, occasional disequilibria resulting in the presence of ammonia and nitrite and surges in nitrate undoubtedly occur. I credit frequent partial water changes with this product with neutralizing potential toxins. I use a capful per 5 gallons (20 liters).

Great stuff Product Review by ANNIE VERPOEST (Posted on 8/26/07)

Comments: THE best so far i have come across on the market. Great value.
But we could do with larger size , 32 oz maybe

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