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Kent Marine Liquid Calcium Reactor 16 oz.
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Kent Marine Liquid Calcium Reactor 16 oz.

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Do you think you do not have the right amount of calcium present in your reef aquarium? Calcium is important in the growth of corals and other hard-shelled invertebrates which are living in your tank so if your aquarium does not h...
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Part #: 00667

Do you think you do not have the right amount of calcium present in your reef aquarium? Calcium is important in the growth of corals and other hard-shelled invertebrates which are living in your tank so if your aquarium does not have the right amount of this mineral, these animals tend to be less robust and will not grow as quickly. Owners of reef aquariums often make use of calcium reactor systems to maintain the right amount of this mineral in their tanks, but these systems can be costly since people also have to install and maintain other systems. To give you a more affordable alternative, check out Kent Marine Liquid Calcium Reactor Pet Store.

It is formulated to act as a calcium buffer in the tank and lessens the chances of you increasing the levels of carbon dioxide in the aquarium, one of the side effects of using a calcium reactor. The liquid reactor also increases the amount of magnesium and other carbonates in the system. It does not contain phosphates, chlorides, nitrates and gluconates which can cloudy up the aquarium's water. It is also formulated by Kent Marine, a trusted name in the manufacture of medications that would help take care of aquarium pets. To make sure that your reef aquarium has the right amount of calcium while not causing other harmful side effects, don't forget to use Kent Marine Liquid Calcium Reactor.

Liquid Reactor is a complete calcium buffer system designed to give the same results as costly calcium reactor systems without investing in a reactor, CO2 tank, solenoid, and pH controller; also, there is no risk of overdosing CO2 and causing subsequent problems with algae and/or pH. This product will raise the concentrations of calcium, magnesium, strontium, and carbonates (alkalinity) in the system, and is chloride, phosphate, nitrate, and gluconate free!  Each 16 oz. of Liquid Reactor will treat 5,000 gallons or 18,900 liters and contains 126,000 ppm of calcium and 193,000 ppm carbonates.

Shake vigorously for 5-10 seconds immediately before each use! Add 5-10 ml  (Cap on 16 oz. bottle equals 5 ml, Cap on 64 oz. and gallon equals 10 ml) per 55 gallons (200 L) aquarium capacity directly to an area of high water flow each day until target calcium level and alkalinity are reached. This product is intended to cloud the aquarium and any cloudiness observed (due to its highly-concentrated formula) will dissipate within an hour or so.  It is strongly recommended that Liquid Reactor be added to the system at night, in order to counter the natural tendency for pH to decrease during this time, and to allow time for the aquarium to clear. Each 1 ml of Liquid Reactor per gallon of purified water will increase the concentration of calcium by 33 ppm and carbonates by 51 ppm.

Considerations for use:
Kent Marine Liquid Reactor is an aqueous complex of calcium and carbonates; additionally, it provides magnesium, strontium and trace minerals.  This material originates from ancient marine deposits that are now terrestrial (not collected from current marine environments, and so does not contribute to reef-destructive collection practices).  Liquid Reactor is free of pollutants, and organics which may be present in aquatic muds of terrestrial origin.  This is a simple means to dose calcium, magnesium, and carbonates to reef aquariums without the high cost, maintenance, and potential for CO2 overdosing associated with calcium reactor systems.  Furthermore, hobbyists wishing to avoid addition of chloride ions to their reefs will benefit greatly from Liquid Reactor as it is chloride-free and will not cause ionic imbalance!

The rate of calcium and carbonate depletion within an aquarium will govern the rate at which the residual concentration of these ions is increased by Liquid Reactor. Liquid Reactor is designed to work well with all Kent products.  Hobbyists may choose to add other Kent Marine supplements to target specific ion deficiencies in their systems, revealed by testing or to raise levels more rapidly. Kalkwasser Mix or any Kent calcium product, or Tech CBTM and Tech MTM may be used simultaneously, if necessary or desired. If you choose to use these products, less will be required, so be conservative with dosing.  Use Kent Marine Essential ElementsTM, Coral-ViteTM, and Tech ITM, simultaneously to maintain proper water parameters between water changes with Kent Sea Salt, and add PhytoPlexTM, Coral AccelTM, and new ChromaPlexTM to provide optimal nutrition for filter-feeding marine invertebrates.

A pH of 8.0 to 8.3 and an alkalinity of 2.9 to 4.5 meq/L (8 to 12 dKH) is recommended.  Calcium level should be maintained between 400 and 450 ppm.   Test calcium & alkalinity and adjust the recommended dose for your particular system!  For additional information regarding use of Liquid Reactor and other Kent products, please visit our informative website at www.kentmarine.com.

Active Ingredients:
RO/DI water, chloride-free calcium, magnesium, and strontium salts from natural sources.

May cause eye or skin irritation.  If in eyes, flush with water for 15 minutes
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Kent Marine Liquid Calcium Reactor 16 oz. Reviews

Average Reviews

Customer Reviews

reactor Product Review by TODD POWELL (Posted on 2/21/08)

Comments: it's GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Best Calcium Product Product Review by BRAD COTE (Posted on 9/22/07)

Comments: I've used other calcium products in the past but this one shows the best results. Way more coraline algae growth and my clams, sps and other corals do much better.

This works Product Review by OregonSalt (Posted on 2/26/14)

Comments: I use this product at night when the lights are out. This product will cloud your tank but with the proper dose, should only last about an hour.

Good Product Product Review by NORMAN KENNEDY (Posted on 11/30/07)

Comments: If you have a reef tank and/or low Calcium, You need this! Will not take the place of an actual Calcium Reactor, but till I get one, this is in my Tank.

marine liquid reactor Product Review by edward (Posted on 12/7/07)

Comments: this product is not to shabby!!!! i have been using this product now for some time now!! keeps the calcium levels and alkaline levels pretty good if you follow directions!!!

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