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Kent Marine Phosphate Sponge 1 Qt
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Kent Marine Phosphate Sponge

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Aquarium filters have been proven effective in cleaning out your fish tank. However, there are certain organic particles that clog onto your filter leading to damage or even death of your fishes! One of these elements that get stu...
Product Description

Kent Marine Phosphate Sponge Information

Part #: 00021

Aquarium filters have been proven effective in cleaning out your fish tank. However, there are certain organic particles that clog onto your filter leading to damage or even death of your fishes! One of these elements that get stuck on your fish tank filter is phosphates. Phosphates are substances that come from the accumulation of dead plant, animal material or even from frozen fish food. Too much phosphate build up can no longer be filtered and are trapped on the filter itself. If this process goes on, the filter might break down and this would lead to a greater expense.

The Kent Marine Phosphate Sponge from Pet Store prevents this from happening. This product is a sponge-like ceramic substance that absorbs phosphates within hours of placement inside the aquarium. Unlike other products, Kent Marine Phosphate Sponge is not an algaecide. Algaecides are known to inhibit the growth of algae in the fish tank. This is inefficient if the fish you own eats algae. Therefore, using a ceramic phosphate sponge is definitely a better choice. Remember however that proper handling of the phosphate product- like wearing of plastic gloves must be done in order to avoid unwanted accidents. Although it is safe to use, it is still a chemical that can harm our skin when it is placed in the water.
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Kent Marine Phosphate Sponge Reviews

Average Ratings:

Phosphate Product Review by GEORGE WENTLAND (Posted on 2/26/14)

Comments: Brought my phosphate down from .5 to 0 in a day. Works as advertised.

Super Sponge Product Review by ANDREW BURKERT (Posted on 5/28/13)

Comments: I have a 210 with a 35 gal sump/ref. 14 large fish and lots of corals and inverts. My Phosphates were out of range 2.5+++ I purchased 2 - large jars of Kent Marine Phosphate Sponge and put the product into my reactor and changed it every 24 hours. I cooked as described. Currently on my 2nd cook. I noticed a difference after the 1st treatment. I am on my 4th day and Phosphates are down to .54 the water is clear and all inhabitants look happy. I have tried other products over the years but this one really works as stated.

Great Product Product Review by PIOTR KULESZA (Posted on 5/20/13)

Comments: Great Product, I use it in the CPR tumbler and it works great, as many have said before use according to the directions. If you have really high phosphates take it out closer to the 8 hour min. and if lower then you should leave about 24 hours.

Does what is says Product Review by RAJ C (Posted on 4/21/13)

Comments: Have a 120 gallon reef tank that had .25 ppm phosphate reading using API's test kit. Put the product in an 800 micron bag in my sump, right after the filter sock on the intake, left it in for 24 hours, reading the next day was about .05 ppm on phosphates. I have a feeling this would work even better in a reactor, but it did it's job just in the media bag. One note though, I rinsed this thing for a while in some RO water, it still clouded up my tank for a few hours, not that big of a deal but worth noting.

OMG!!! Product Review by JOE FOSTER (Posted on 12/11/12)

Comments: I have NEVER had a product work as stated before. This phosphate sponge is AMAZING!!! After 8hrs of tumbling in my reactor my green hair algae started turning white. I swapped the first batch out after 13hrs and added a second batch that ran over night. The next morning ALL GHA was DEAD!!! I did a 10G WC and the tank has never looked so clean, I mean CRYSTAL CLEAR. This product is shockingly amazing and I will continue to use as needed. Please keep in mind that it needs to be rinsed VERY VERY well before adding to the tank. Even with a heavy rinse I still found that it made my tank cloudy. But nothing some filter floss and a water change didn't clear up. I also would like to mention that I saw no negative effects on corals or live stock while using this product, which is always a plus. A+++ for a great product.

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