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Kent Marine Super Iodide 64 oz.
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Kent Marine Super Iodide 64 oz.

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Maintain a fresher and healthier aquatic environment by treating your water with the Kent Marine Super Iodide from Pet Store . This acts as a supplement that will allow you to clean your tank without using much energy and elect...
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Kent Marine Super Iodide 64 oz. Information

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Part #: 00009

Maintain a fresher and healthier aquatic environment by treating your water with the Kent Marine Super Iodide from Pet Store. This acts as a supplement that will allow you to clean your tank without using much energy and electricity. This works well with your other filtration devices, especially your refugiums and de-nitrifiers. It is available in a 64-ounce pack that makes it easier for you to pour an ample amount of this product, depending on the dosage that is appropriate for your fishes' home.

The Kent Marine Super Iodide gives you two benefits at the price of one. First of all, it helps your cleaning devices to keep your water fresh and free from all impurities. This is done by effectively gathering these microorganisms until they form a ball that is simply filtered by your protein skimmer, paving the way for an increase in beneficial substances like Magnesium and Calcium. Secondly, it is a good source of food to your carnivores, as well as to your reef life. It contains the nutrients that they need from the substance, as well as from the algae and bacteria that have built up inside it.

Your aquarium water will always stay clean and clear with a regular dose of the Kent Marine Super Iodide. This is the perfect solution to maintain the clarity and cleanliness of your tank for a long time without using electricity. This is especially useful for heavy-duty tanks, as well as for fish keepers who take care of reef life.

Kent Marine Super Iodine Supplement provides bio-available iodine to reef inhabitants. Although present in salt mixes, iodine is rapidly used up in the system, and removed through protein skimming, ozone and filtration. Super Iodine Supplement supplies iodine needed for proper growth and health of invertebrates and algae. It contains a safe, stabilized form of iodine which will not destroy system bacteria, as some competing products will. It contains no organic forms of iodine which can pollute the system. Kent Marine Super Iodine Supplement is a proven performer!

Add 1 teaspoon (1 capful or 5 ml) per 50 gallons (190 l) every week or 8 drops each day.

Considerations for use:
1) First use an excellent grade of synthetic marine salt (of course Kent Sea Salt is the finest available, but there are some other excellent salts on the market). Some salts are made from evaporated seawater and contain dead plankton and other heavy organics that will foul the water from the beginning. Cheap salt is no bargain! For optimum results, use water prepared by reverse osmosis (particularly in mini-reefs), however dechlorinated tap water will work.

2) Use Kent Marine Aquarium pH BUFFER or Superbuffer-dKH to maintain alkalinity at about 10 dKH (do not allow it to go below 8 and dont exceed 12). This will provide proper pH stability, and still not cause heavy precipitation of important minerals, such as calcium and strontium.

3) Use Kent Kalkwasser Mix, Concentrated Liquid Calcium, or Turbo-Calcium to supply needed calcium. Use Strontium and Molybdenum or Turbo-Strontium to provide heavy amounts of strontium. Kent Coral-Vite will supply rubidium, lithium, barium and other important minerals as well as essential vitamins to the reef. Coral-Vite, Essential Elements and this product are designed to work together in a reef environment.

4) Use reverse osmosis water for topping off for evaporation.

5) Use this product regularly to maintain proper iodine levels, to replace that which will be used by fish and algae and removed by skimming, ozone, and filtration.

Deionized water, iodide salts, stabilizers.

Not for human consumption. For Aquarium/Ornamental fish use only! Not for fish used for human consumption. Keep out of reach of children!

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