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Kent Marine Zoecon 4 oz.
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Kent Marine Zoecon 4 oz.

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If you love breeding fish, then you know that avoiding unwanted traits and defects is a must. To avoid certain diseases like the omega-3-fatty acid deficiency head and lateral line erosion, you can supply your fish with meals fort...
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Part #: 00604

If you love breeding fish, then you know that avoiding unwanted traits and defects is a must. To avoid certain diseases like the omega-3-fatty acid deficiency head and lateral line erosion, you can supply your fish with meals fortified with essential fatty acids such as DHA and EPA. One of the best supplements available is Kent Marine Zoecon Pet Store, and this formula is made with shark liver oil. This supplement is suitable for freshwater and saltwater fishes and has high levels of immune system stimulants.

It is perfect for providing your young fish and invertebrates with the tender love and care they need to grow wonderfully. This special blend does not contain phosphates and nitrates, as well as sugar and yeast extracts, which can promote growth of algae while polluting the tank. You can use it as food soak, wherein you soak dried or frozen fish food in the product and transfer the mixture directly into the aquarium. You can also use it to grow live aquatic food like brine shrimps.

Kent Marine Zoecon is an efficient essential fatty acid supplement for any type of fish. It can be administered to your fish through various ways. It can also be used to treat wounded fish and avoid infection because it is a proven immune system booster. With all the benefits you can get from this product, your money is well spent.

Diets deficient in omega-3 fatty acids can promote head and lateral line erosion (HLLE) syndrome in freshwater and marine fishes. Zoecon provides essential marine omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA. Enriches foods for saltwater and freshwater fishes. Contains shark liver oil, which contains natural immune system stimulants. Useful in raising fish and invertebrate larvae, as well as fortifying live food for juvenile and adult fishes and invertebrates. Phosphate and nitrate free, and contains no yeast or sugars!

Shake well before using. To use as a food soak, in a small container add 1 drop (0.5 ml) Zoecon and 4 drops (2 ml) Zoe to dry or frozen food, and soak for 5-10 minutes. Then add the contents of the container to the aquarium. When raising brine shrimp and other live aquatic foods, add 2 drops (1 ml) Zoecon and 8 drops (4 ml) Zoe per liter water to the rearing container, and allow 12-16 hours for maximum nutritional enrichment. To benefit invertebrates, Zoecon can also be added directly to an aquarium at the dosage of 1 drop per 50 gallons water daily.

Considerations for use:
Kent Zoecon is a properly preserved food enrichment product designed to provide freshwater and saltwater fishes with essential marine lipids and the omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA. Zoecon will benefit fishes that have a diet deficient in lipids, and in which signs of head and lateral line erosion are present (pitting of the skin in the facial region and lateral line). Using Zoecon as a food soak and fortifier of live foods increases the portion of lipids and highly unsaturated fatty acids (HUFAs) in the fishs diet. Also, the addition of deepwater shark liver oil containing alcoxyglycerols enhances fishes immune systems, and is useful in treating fish with injuries caused by rough handling and fighting with other aquarium inhabitants. Regular use of Zoecon can help prevent nutritional imbalances in fishes and invertebrates (both passive filter-feeders and active foragers). When used in conjunction with Kent Zoe Freshwater or Zoe Marine, fishes and invertebrates are provided with sources of marine lipids, omega-3 fatty acids, bio-available vitamins, and minerals.

Active Ingredients:
Deionized water, marine lipids, ascorbic acid, thiamine, niacin, tocopherol, vitamin B12.

Not for human consumption. Keep out of reach of children!

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Kent Marine Zoecon 4 oz. Reviews

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Customer Reviews

We Love it! Product Review by HOLLY (Posted on 2/26/14)

Comments: I have been using zoecon for many years and it sustains the food value for my filter feeders and SPS in a closed system. Your skimmer will go crazy...may want to turn it off...I dose zoecon 3 times a week on my 72gal.
Thank You.

Amazing! Product Review by STEPHANIE (Posted on 1/17/10)

Comments: I rarely if ever write reviews, but feel that this product warrants it. In a desperate attempt to heal up a coral beauty with HLLE, I ordered this product. A massive hole centered on her head was gone in a week. the color came back within days, and in under two weeks, you would have never known she had HLLE! I now use Zoecon several times a week as a food soak, and will continue to swear by it!

Kent Marine Zoecon Product Review by SIDEK AWANG (Posted on 2/11/08)

Comments: This is my third order of Kent Marine Zoecon & Zoe from
MarineDepot i.e the first one in 2006 & the second in 2007. I use these products together as a food soaks . My
20 angelfish in 400 gls. aquarium are growing , healthy and fat.I am very lucky that I discovered these products 2 years ago.I will continue using these products & strongly recommend other fish hobyist using them and get
them from MarineDepot. TQ

Dato Sidek Awang

Zoecon Product Review by KEVIN CLIFTON (Posted on 2/1/08)

Comments: Keeps your fish Healthy.

Too soon to tell but Product Review by JOEY HOOVER (Posted on 10/16/08)

Comments: My powder blue tang has massive damaged by head and lateral line erosion brought on by the stress of electric shock therapy (an ungrounded chiller plugged in to a ungrounded outlet) which until I actually had hands in the tank when the chiller cycled. Regular use of vitamin C has not really helped, but a week of using Zoecon I am starting to slowly see color coming back to some of the more damaged areas...skimmer does go a little nuts however...and the fish also go crazy, darting around more and even damage the tips of my acros during their feeding frenzy.

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