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Kessil A360W Controllable LED Aquarium Light - Tuna Blue
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Kessil A360 Controllable LED Aquarium Light - Tuna Blue

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Quick Overview

The A360 features Kessil`s new proprietary Kessil Logic™, a unique form of spectral intelligence developed for precise color blending and optimal coral growth. In this new design, instead of varying the light intensity of two diff...
Product Description

Kessil A360 Controllable LED Aquarium Light - Tuna Blue Information

The A360 features Kessil`s new proprietary Kessil Logic™, a unique form of spectral intelligence developed for precise color blending and optimal coral growth. In this new design, instead of varying the light intensity of two different channels to find the desired color and intensity mix, users can select the perfect spectrum and color with one knob and then adjust the intensity with the other. Kessil Logic™ will not only dramatically improve the user experience, it will also boost the light output at both ends of the spectral tuning range by as much as 30%.

External ControllabilityIn addition to its enhanced manual controllability, the A360 comes with a pair of ports that allows the fixture to be governed by external devices. This new control interface operates within a 0-10Vdc 10VDC range, making it compatible with several popular aquarium external controllers. When daisy-chained in series without an external controller, the first A360 acts as the master unit propagating its settings to all other lights in the chain.

ShimmerBeautiful shimmering effect gives your tank a natural, sunlit look rivaling MH. It`s like connecting with your own piece of the ocean.

Tunable SpectrumIndependently adjustable color channels enables tuning a preferred color within the spectral range thousands of research and testing hours determined to be the optimal spectral points for coral growth and color.

Dense Matrix LED™ technology blends different light wavelengths before they leave the light, providing uniform color throughout the tank. Single light source eliminates spotlight effect, spreading powerful light over a wide area.

UV No matter which spectral point is chosen with the tunable spectrum, proprietary blend of precision UV light encourages coral color.

Design Different lens options let you decide between maximum penetration or maximum coverage area. Engineered for long life, quiet operation, efficient cooling and maximum performance, all in a compact, low maintenance and attractive design.

  • LED:90W DEX 5000 LED
  • Fixture Dimensions:3.8" x 4" (Length x Diameter)
  • Coverage Area: A360W: 24" surface radius by 3` penetration (on average)
  • Power Supply:100-240 VAC (Input), 48 VDC, 1.87A (Output)
  • Power Usage:90W
* Please note: Controller/DaisyChain cables are sold separately. They are NOT included.


Kessil A360W Spec Chart
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Kessil A360 Controllable LED Aquarium Light - Tuna Blue Reviews

Average Ratings:

Great Product Great Service Product Review by ADAM FENSTEMAKER (Posted on 3/25/14)

Comments: Shipping was very fast and product is excellent. The color and shimmer of the kessil is awesome.

Kessil a360we Product Review by DAVID MACWILLIAMS (Posted on 2/22/14)

Comments: Initially the light wouldn't turn on so I didn't know if there was a switch somewhere or what was going on. I didn't find one after reading the instructions again so I disconnected and reconnected everything to try that and it flickered a little and came on. The light looks amazing. Compact and very bright. Corals reacted almost instantly by opening up and seemed to translation really well. Came home one day to find my lights off for whatever reason. So I disconnected and reconnected the power supply a few times then it started flashing and not remaining on. I luckily have a laptop power supply with the same specs and plugs. So I put that on there to try to see if it was the light or that. After less than a week of having the light the power supply was done. I think it was faulty from the factory because if my initial problems getting the light to turn on. Overall a great light. I understand things just go wrong sometimes so I'm not holding anything against kessil.

Great light Product Review by KENNY WILLIAMS (Posted on 1/15/14)

Comments: I researched the different Led's and I decided to pull the trigger on the Kessil A360WE. I purchased two of them for my 70 gallon mixed reef. They look awesome on my tank! I've only had them on the tank for a day, but I can't believe how they make my corals pop! The shimmer is incredible too and that was a big reason why I purchased the Kessil brand! I have them linked to my Apex and can't wait to experiment with programming them soon! If you are looking for a beautiful with great shimmer then this lights the one for you...the gooseneck's are a great addition to the lights as well....

I would not buy them again Product Review by THOMAS SPETRINI (Posted on 11/20/13)
Below Average

Comments: The reason I would not buy them again is the way they are supported to the tank. I have my tank open and when I bought these lights I bought the gooseneck holders with them, on my particular tank they did not hold that well after about three weeks with them one of them fell into my tank, I bumped it with my elbow and it fell in.
I called Kessil and told them what happened and they told me to send the light to them they would see if they could fix it, when I talked to the rep he said "IT HAPPENS ALL THE TIME,YOU ARE NOT THE FIRST NOR WILL YOU BE THE LAST"
Hmm to me that is not good, well the end result was they could not fix it, they said they could but they did not feel it would last to long and told me they had a refurbished one I could buy.I said fix mine and I would buy a refub too , they said if I buy a refurb they would have to keep mine...Hmm
At that point I said it's time for a Hydra!

Kessil A360 Product Review by SABRINA FRITZ (Posted on 6/7/13)

Comments: Crisp clean lighting. Easy to install and the corals love it.

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